Detailed Rules and Regulations


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    Detailed Rules and Regulations Empty Detailed Rules and Regulations

    Post by Ruby on Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:31 pm

    We have enough active members now, so I think it matters to have these rules more thoroughly explained.

    Rules are subject to change and additions.

    Rule 1: Staff have the Final say

    Baka Head Admin wrote:This is not to say that you can't change things. If a general consensus is reached in that a staff member's decision was against better judgment, then that change may be overruled.

    This means that you have the power to object to unfair warnings. You have a voice, and everyone will listen to your side of the story.

    This also means that you should not mini-mod. Report the post and let us handle it, don't try to do our jobs, as you'll only fuel the fire.

    Rule 2: Inappropriate/Illegal Content is not allowed

    This goes from pornography to any sort of illegal website. Downloadable torrents purposefully filled with viruses, hacking devices, and the like. The punishment will depend on the content. We assure you, if it's illegal then you will be banned on sight.

    Rule 3: Spamming Limit

    Baka Head Admin wrote:Spam is okay up to a point. If it furthers discussion then it is allowed.

    It has come to our attention that with the increase of members, a bit of spam has broken out. We're reminding you to stay on topic and to not make joke threads or those that give that idea in the wrong section. Warns will be given out depending on the level of spam, and the thread will be locked or the posts will be deleted.

    @Games/Clubs and Organizations Section: We currently have no way to turn off posts there, so that is the only section where this rule becomes extremely loose.

    Rule 4: No Trolling

    People have a variety of definitions for this. I wanna bring up the terms "Flame-Baiting", "Flaming", and "Bullying/Harassing". Those can all count. We're a nice community, all that's asked is for it to stay that way. It shouldn't be too hard, given the members of this forum. Level of punishment will depend on how bad the trolling was and how it was handled before staff got involved.

    Rule 5: No Alts/Account Sharing/Hacking

    This is really simple. There isn't a reason for you to have an alternative account or be sharing one with another member. There's also zero tolerance for hacking. Alt'ing will result in the second account banned and the main account punished based on how much damage was done. Punishment for Sharing will depend on how much damage was done between the two. Hacking will result in immediate banning of the IP with no chance of appeal.

    Rule 6: No Advertising other Forums

    In a lot of places, this rule is unnecessary and usually, the mods really just stop caring. However, as a board trying to gain as much life as possible as it steadily rises, we do not want anything to lure people away from CGC. Maybe in the future, this won't be needed. But until this place flourishes completely with life, links to other forums will be removed immediately and the advertiser will be given a warn. If this act breaks Rule 2, the person will be banned immediately.

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