[CFV] For we are the Shadow, the true self!

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    [CFV] For we are the Shadow, the true self!

    Post by Lequier on Sat Jul 12, 2014 9:44 pm

    1 Witch of Banquets, Lir
    4 Red Lightning
    2 Meteoraizer
    4 Raizer Crew
    2 Three Minutes
    4 Raizer Girl, Kate
    4 Cat Butler

    4 Barrier Witch, Grainne
    4 Fighting Spirit Revenger, Lyfechure
    4 Witch of Nostrum, Arianrhod
    2 Energy Charger

    4 Phoenix Raizer, Flare Wing
    4 Ultimate Raizer, Dual Flare
    3 Street Bouncer

    4 Ultimate Raizer, Mega Flare

    Now let's have a little discussion into what this deck actually entails, shall we? One of the cards that caught the most interest from me from Extra Booster 11 was Witch of Banquets, Lir. She is an incredibly generic card, allowing you to boost any Unit while any Vanguard is in Legion to grab any 2 Grade 0s. This made me begin to think: Hm, well what Grade 0 is the most abusable to get off of her? That was when I remembered how rampant Raizers have been in recent times due to Cat Butler and then this idea was put into motion. When Lir boosts Mega Flare and the attack hits, you can grab 2 Cat Butler from your Deck. That's absolutely huge for a Raizer player, seeing as how this means they're getting 2 more 2 crit attacks with 2 more additional Drive Checks for literally no cost at all.

    But of course, this means that you have to begin thinking about ways to adapt the deck into being what Raizers used to be while also attempting to maintain enough Shadow Paladin to be able to call out Lir with her Forerunner skill. Grainne and Arianrhod are literally just Shadow Paladin versions of 2 cards that the deck was already playing, Shieldraizer and Shout. This makes it really easy to just switch the 2 out since you're not losing anything other than potential t1 trigger checks. However, Cannonraizer needed to be taken out to make space for something else. The loss of an attacker is something that could really put a dampening on the deck and there weren't really many more good Shadow Paladin cards, but then there was Lyfechure. Thankfully they're a generic 7+3 attacker while you have less units than your opponent. This makes it a pretty okay card for when you're in a losing position to start knocking some of your opponent's Rearguards out, while being able to slide back and prove to be a useful 7000 booster in the later portion of the game when Lir is putting in all of the work with her 2 Cat Butlers. Energy Charger remains to be the only Grade 1 Nova Grappler, however, as the draw power that he gives to the deck is absolutely crucial while he sets up for Legion incredibly well. If you ride him, then that just really sucks and is honestly just going to be an awful game for you to begin with. 

    Currently untested and this is purely theory, but I think it sounds pretty solid for a hybrid deck anyway. Thoughts?


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