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    Post by Rio on Fri Nov 23, 2012 8:12 pm


    A young girl sat on the box, obviously shunned away by the world and needed something to ignite that spark in her, a spark she had already lost. Her name was Ao and she was aloned.

    So it was until she heard a voice calling out to her.She looked around and saw no one.

    "Over here." the voice whispered.

    Ai walked in the direction of the voice and saw a card lying on the ground. The voice was obviously the card speaking.

    "I must be going crazy or something.

    "No, you're not crazy." the voice sounded in her head "I am real."

    The form of a very young magician began to take shape.

    "Hi." it chirped "I am known as Hoop Magician. My clan and I chose you. We feel you have the potential to be our ringmaster."


    "Yes. We are a circus.: Hoop Magician explained. "And you are our chosen one."

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