Card of the Day 1/21/14 - Revengers: Luther and Lucia


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    Card of the Day 1/21/14 - Revengers: Luther and Lucia

    Post by Ruby on Tue Jan 21, 2014 3:48 am

    [AUTO](RC):When a grade 0 or less «Shadow Paladin» is placed on your (RC), if you have a vanguard with "Revenger" in its card name, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.

    [AUTO](RC):When a grade 1 or less «Shadow Paladin» is placed on your (RC), if you have a vanguard with "Revenger" in its card name, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.

    超克の撃退者 ルケア / 克己の撃退者 ラキア Conquering Revenger, Luther / Self-Control Revenger, Lucia
    Conquering Revenger, Luther: "Hey hey, my name is known far and wide!"
    Self-Control Revenger, Lucia: "And! Feast upon me with your eyes!"

    侵略者の魔手より聖域を守護する事を誓った戦士「撃退者」。 独特の美学を持つ“シャドウパラディン”の変わり種であり、戦の前には必ず二人で示し合わせたように息の合った名乗り口上をあげる。 末席ながらも騎士の家に生まれた「ルケア」と、学者の家に生まれた「ラキア」。 幼い頃から気が合っていた二人は、本で見た星を守る戦士達に憧れ、いつか彼らのようになりたいと願っていた。 しかし、そんな彼らを襲ったのは世界の危機では無く、他国の盗賊という身勝手な人災だった。 故郷を焼かれ、親族の安否も知れず逃げる二人。 そんな折、迫り来る盗賊から彼らを救ってくれたのは、黒い鎧をまとった騎士だったという。 礼を言う間も無く姿を消したその騎士を何年も追い続け、彼らはついに騎士の所属する“シャドウパラディン”へと行き着いた。 いまだその騎士が誰なのかは判明していない。 顔もほとんど覚えてないのだから当然と言えば当然である。 恩人に礼を言えない程、心苦しい事は無い。 その苦しみを知っているからこそ、彼らは高らかに名乗るのだ。

    Warriors of the “Revengers” who have sworn an oath to protect the Sanctuary from the clutches of the Invaders. They’re a pair of oddballs among the Shadow Paladins who have a unique sense of aesthetics, who always introduce themselves with a perfectly synced speech, and have been getting along long since before the war. Luther is the son of a knight’s family, despite being the child at the foot of the table, while Lucia is the son of a family of scholars. However, the two of them have been the best of friends since they were young, and yearned to protect Cray just like the heroes from their storybooks, wishing to become just like them one day. However, when the world wasn’t in the middle of a crisis, they self-centeredly started their own disasters and ended up being the victims of robbers from lands beyond the Sanctuary. They long since burnt the bridges with their hometowns and could no longer ask their families for help. But at their time, they were saved from the robbers by a knight dressed in black armor. After that, they chased after the mysterious knight who disappeared before they had a chance to thank him, in vain for years. But eventually they ended up in the “Shadow Paladins” that the knight belonged to. But they still do not know who that knight was. Of course that’s naturally as they didn’t have a chance to remember the knight’s face. But they’re not terribly upset over not being able to thank the one that saved them. Because when they feel sad, they just introduce themselves in a ridiculously pretentious manner.


    神聖国家ユナイテッドサンクチュアリの裏舞台で暗躍する影の騎士団“シャドウパラディン”の中でも、強い覚悟を持って侵略者から国を守る事を決意した者達によって構成された部隊。 名誉も武勲も表沙汰にならず、おのずと危険な任務も増えていく為、構成員は少ない。 しかし、その全てが比類なき意志と信念を掲げる精鋭である為、統率の取れた完成度の高い部隊となっている。

    The Revengers

    Among the ranks of the “Shadow Paladins”, who work behind the scenes in the unseen side of the holy nation of “United Sanctuary”, the Revengers are a unit composed of those with incredible determination to protect their country from invaders by any means necessary. Their numbers are few, since they deal with incredibly dangerous missions that are only likely to increase, and their honor nor distinguished services for their country will never be known to the people. However, because all of them are elites carrying unparalleled determination and conviction, they have become a nearly complete fighting force under the proper leadership.


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