[Tachikaze] Blast Furnace

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    [Tachikaze] Blast Furnace

    Post by Kyousuke Kousaka on Wed Jul 23, 2014 11:35 pm

    Grade 0:
    1x Baby Ptera
    4x Ancient Dragon, Dinodile (Crit)
    3x Black Cannon Tiger (Crit)
    4x Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledgeankylo (Draw)
    1x Ancient Dragon, Titanocargo (Draw)
    4x Ironclad Dragon, Steelsaurus (Heal)

    Grade 1:
    4x Ancient Dragon, Palace Wall
    4x Ancient Dragon, Gatling Arrow
    4x Ancient Dragon, Iguano Corg
    2x Ancient Dragon, Gioconda

    Grade 2:
    4x Ancient Dragon, Night Armor
    4x Ancient Dragon, Tyrannobite
    3x Ancient Dragon, Beamankylo

    Grade 3:
    4x Ancient Dragon, Magma Armor
    4x Ancient Dragon, Spino Driver

    As a tangent, I'm not a big fan of SFxT whatsoever outside of the music, but that's just me being salty about what they did to Megaman.


    As great as Tyrannoquake is, which is quite reasonable alongside Spino Driver, I actually don't like running him nearly as much as I like running Magma Armor, simply because Magma Armor can bring back absolutely everything, whereas Tyrannoquake can only bring back his mate for effective value. Of course, the mate is still in this deck because it's absolutely amazing alongside most of the Ancient Dragon attackers, since you get another 9k swing on its return, pending triggers. Magma Armor can bring back a 9+3 or an 11k for the same overall value, plus set up for a re-legion if needed.

    Gioconda's for damage fixing alongside Dinodile. Doesn't usually mess up columns that much, especially if I just put it behind Vanguard, since Legion swings force guards to begin with. 5 draws because consistency is good for this deck, and Sledgeankylo is free soul. Black Cannon Tiger puts itself back in deck upon successful boost while also adding to soul, which is really good for Magma Armor to start popping off.

    As it stands, the list is pretty solid, although I wish there was another starter to use besides Baby Ptera. S'okay, though. You're a lot better off with a card that adds itself to soul to fetch in Tachikaze, anyway.

    Rate/discuss or whatever. Idk if Tachis are likely to get a QW or anything, but if they do, I'll probably tech it at 1 for the sake of Legion.


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