Card of the Day 2/6/14 - Collapsing Starry Star-vader, Erbium


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    Card of the Day 2/6/14 - Collapsing Starry Star-vader, Erbium

    Post by Ruby on Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:43 am

    [CONT](RC):During your turn, if you have a «Link Joker» vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+1000 for each different rear-guard you have with "Я" in its card name.

    滅星の星輝兵 エルビウム Ruined World Star-Vader, Erbium

    "The further the world is distorted, the more power they gain."

    侵略者“リンクジョーカー”の先兵「星輝兵」。 今回の侵略に参加している非量産型「サイバロイド」の中で最も古い兵士。 元は片刃の大刀を持つ人間の戦士だったが、「虚無(ヴォイド)」の侵蝕が進み過ぎた結果、人としての原型をとどめない無残な姿に成り果ててしまった。 彼ら非量産型の兵士は体内に「虚無」を埋め込まれた者達。 力を受け入れた後も、僅かに残された精神を蝕まれ、己を失っていく。 自分を認識できないほど精神の汚染が進んでしまえば、次は肉体。 歪んだ精神に相応しい攻撃的な形状へと急激に作り変えられていく。 皮肉にも、この段階に差し掛かかった兵士の力は飛躍的に向上する。 彼らは“Я(リバース)”の果て。 進化と言うにはおぞましく、退化と言うには強すぎる、生物とは言い難いなにかに変質した者達。 堕ちゆく兵士の誕生を、魂無き兵士が祝福する。

    A member of the vanguard fleet “Star-Vaders” of the invaders known as “Link Joker”. They are the oldest soldiers of the Non-Mass-Produced Cyberoids that participated in the invasion of Cray. Originally Erbium were human warriors with a single-edge sword, but due to a severely advanced corruption by “Void”, they were twisted into horrible, merciless beings without a trace of their former humanity. They are now just a Non-Mass-Produced Soldiers whose bodies contain “Void”. After accepting the power, the pieces of their souls that were left behind were corrupted and they completely lost themselves. Once the mental corruption gets so bad that their former self cannot be recognized, someone corrupted by “Void” has their bodies twisted next. Their bodies are suddenly changed into a far more violent and aggressive form befitting their new soul. Ironically, the power of a soldier who reaches this stage has their power skyrocket. They are result of Яeverse. It’s too horrifying to call this “evolution”, and too harsh to call it “corruption”, but those who have been changed can hardly be called “living things”. It is the birth of a corrupted warrior, the blessing to a soldier without a soul.


    「虚無(ヴォイド)」の化身にして惑星クレイを脅かす侵略者、“リンクジョーカー”の先兵。 原生生物を調査して強者のデータを収集、可能なら素体そのものを支配下に置く事を主目的とし、その過程で収集に値しないと判断された対象を消去しているとみられる。 クレイには存在しない数多の技術を保有し、「呪縛(ロック)」と呼ばれる未知の力を自在に操る。

    The Star-Vaders are…

    The vanguards of “Link Joker”, the invaders threatening the planet Cray who are the embodiment of “Void”. Protist-like micro-organisms collected and examined the data of the planet’s strongest, and were further programmed to take control of the bodies of worthwhile subjects, while those deemed useless or weak are to be erased. Among the various technologies and powers unknown to the planet of Cray, one of those is the strange, unknown power called “Lock”.


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