Card of the Day 2/3/14 - Eloquence Revenger, Glonn


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    Card of the Day 2/3/14 - Eloquence Revenger, Glonn Empty Card of the Day 2/3/14 - Eloquence Revenger, Glonn

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    Card of the Day 2/3/14 - Eloquence Revenger, Glonn Tumblr_n0eggjLFK31r5s0e7o1_400

    [AUTO](RC):[Soul Blast (1)] When this unit boosts a unit with "Phantom" in its card name, you may pay the cost. If you do, the boosted unit gets [Power]+6000 until end of that battle.

    雄弁の撃退者 グロン Eloquent Revenger, Gurron

    "… … … Why not try and do your best?"

    侵略者の魔手より聖域を守護する事を誓った戦士「撃退者」。 以前は聖騎士団に所属しており、「雄弁の賢者」とも呼ばれた若き天才だったが、若くして優秀すぎた故に能率の悪い騎士王の理想――全ての民を等しく救うという考えに反発、内乱の折に離反して所属を“シャドウパラディン”に移した。 聖域を思っていたが為に、甘い膝元から離れた彼だったが、結果として国を戦禍に巻き込んでしまった事を後悔している。 しかし今でも、彼はかつての奈落竜や「ブラスター・ダーク」が語った理に適った理想を肯定していた。 今でも、聖騎士団のように理想ばかりを掲げる連中を見ると虫唾が走るのがその証拠。 彼らだけに任せれば、聖域は綻びを増やし続ける。 その綻びは……癪だが自分達が埋めねばならない。 その道の終着点が騎士王と同じである事に、無口になった「雄弁の賢者」は、まだ気付けない。

    A warrior of the “Revengers” who have sworn an oath to protect the Sanctuary from the clutches of the Invaders. Formerly, he was a member of the “Royal Paladins”, a young prodigy known as the “Eloquent Sage”, however his youth lead him to decide that the King of Knight’s ideals were too inefficient… … Opposed to the idea of saving everyone, equally, he deserted the Royal Paladins during the Sanctuary Civil War, and became one of the “Shadow Paladins”. Despite the fact he cared for the Sanctuary, he naively got drawn in by a strong will, and now regrets the damage his actions caused due to the war. But even now, he still follows and recites the ideals that “Blaster Dark” and the former Purgatory Dragon follow. He remains disgusted when he sees his colleagues advocate ideals like the Royal Paladins. If he leaves things up to him, as far as he’s concerned, the Sanctuary will just continue to rip apart at the seams. Those seams are… something they must fill. But the “Eloquent Sage” whose voice has fallen silent still hasn’t noticed that the end of the road he follows is the same as the King of Knight’s…


    神聖国家ユナイテッドサンクチュアリの裏舞台で暗躍する影の騎士団“シャドウパラディン”の中でも、強い覚悟を持って侵略者から国を守る事を決意した者達によって構成された部隊。 名誉も武勲も表沙汰にならず、おのずと危険な任務も増えていく為、構成員は少ない。 しかし、その全てが比類なき意志と信念を掲げる精鋭である為、統率の取れた完成度の高い部隊となっている。

    The Revengers

    Among the ranks of the “Shadow Paladins”, who work behind the scenes in the unseen side of the holy nation of “United Sanctuary”, the Revengers are a unit composed of those with incredible determination to protect their country from invaders by any means necessary. Their numbers are few, since they deal with incredibly dangerous missions that are only likely to increase, and their honor nor distinguished services for their country will never be known to the people. However, because all of them are elites carrying unparalleled determination and conviction, they have become a nearly complete fighting force under the proper leadership.

    Card of the Day 2/3/14 - Eloquence Revenger, Glonn Tumblr_n9d0t8nEdt1qj5jqso1_250 Card of the Day 2/3/14 - Eloquence Revenger, Glonn Tumblr_n9d0t8nEdt1qj5jqso2_250

    "You can't pay back what you owe with money!!"

    Card of the Day 2/3/14 - Eloquence Revenger, Glonn Tumblr_n9d0t8nEdt1qj5jqso3_250 Card of the Day 2/3/14 - Eloquence Revenger, Glonn Tumblr_n9d0t8nEdt1qj5jqso5_250

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