Card of the Day 1/28/14 - Lizard Soldier, Grom


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    Card of the Day 1/28/14 - Lizard Soldier, Grom

    Post by Ruby on Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:44 am

    [AUTO]:[Soul Blast (2)] When this unit is placed on (RC), if you have a «Kagerō» vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to two cards from your damage zone, and turn them face up.

    リザードソルジャー グローム Lizard Soldier, Grom

    "Oh, geez! After this’ll be the real hell, for sure!"

    強襲部隊“かげろう”のリザードソルジャー。 帝国に相対していた山賊一味で頭目の片腕を務めていたが、頭目が捕縛された途端、助ける算段も無しに仲間を見捨て、あっという間に白旗を上げて降伏したとんでもない男。 前述の経緯から行く先々で白い目で見られる事も多いが、本人は全く気にしていない。 その神経の太さと肝の据わり方だけは称賛に値すると誰かに評されていた。 確固たる信念や覚悟を持たず、悪だの正義だの、自分の中ですら考えて行動しない中途半端な男だが、半端者なりの生き方だけはしっかりとわきまえている。 「長い物に巻かれろ」、従うと決めている間は徹底的に従う。 だが、裏切ると決めたら絶対裏切る。 普通の小物には備わっていない絶対的な決断力。 それを見出し、リスクを承知で彼を部隊に取り込んだ“かげろう”の判断は、果たして吉と出るか凶と出るか……?

    A Lizard Soldier in the assault squad “Kagero”. Although he used to be one of the right-hand men to one of the bandit gangs that opposed the empire, when his boss was arrested, he turned on his friends and allies. He was a lowly scoundrel who put up a white flag with a moment’s thought. Everyone gave him the stink eye for doing so, but he didn’t care. It’s been said he at least deserved praise for the sheer nerves of steel he must of had to do it. He lacks conviction and determination, doesn’t care about “Justice” or “Evil”, he’s a half-baked twit who cares only about himself and lives a blockhead’s life. He decides to follow those he follows based on the principle “It’s best to be next to the guys with the big guns”. But if he decides it’s time to stab you in the back, oh you better believe he’ll stab you in the back. He’s a petty jerk who lacks absolute determination. Though, was agreeing to join “Kagero”, aware of what might happen, a good or bad idea… …?


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