Card of the Day 1/27/14 - Cursed Lancer


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    Card of the Day 1/27/14 - Cursed Lancer

    Post by Ruby on Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:42 am

    [AUTO](VC/RC):When this unit's attack hits a vanguard, if you have a «Shadow Paladin» vanguard, choose a card from your damage zone, and turn it face up.

    カースド・ランサー Cursed Lancer

    "A demonic lance deprives all."

    呪われし魔槍を手にした漆黒の騎士。 かつては聖なる力を操る偉大な騎士だったが、大切な者を守るために力を振るい続け、負の感情を喰らう魔槍に魂を取り込まれてしまった。 手にした者の感情を喰らい闇の力を授ける呪われし武器。 守るという目的の為、「貪欲」に力を求めた男に与えられた、あまりに残酷な結末。 しかし、理由など問題ではない。 結果として彼は力を求め、槍に見初められ、闇に溺れた。 「全てを奪う」――旧き時代の文字で魔槍の封印された祭壇に刻まれていた言葉は、相手だけではなく、使い手自身にも向けた戒めの言葉であった。 聖なる騎士の魂は黒に染まり、その身にも魂にも、以前の面影はほとんど残っていない。 しかしそれは、闇に沈んでまで守る為の力を求めようとした、哀れな男に対する最後の救いだったのかもしれない。

    A jet-black knight who carries a cursed magical lance. Once, he was a great knight who commanded holy powers, but one day he got his hands on the magical lance he now carries. He tried to use it to protect those he loved, but instead it ate his soul, not knowing it feasts on negative emotions.. This weapon consumes the negative emotions of those who wield it, and in return, bestows upon them, the power of darkness. The desire to protect others was deemed “Greed”, and thus this man who desired power suffered a cruel, bad ending. However, his reasons weren’t the problem. It was the fact that he desired power, that he lusted for the lance from the moment he saw it, that he ended up drowning in the depths of darkness. “Deprive all”… … Those were the words engraved on the altar where the magical lance was sealed… it isn’t aimed at just the enemy, but the lance’s master, as well. The soul of the holy knight was tainted black, and neither his body or soul resemble the man he once was. Perhaps, sinking into darkness was the final salvation for a pitiable man who desired power to protect others.

    Infinite Rebirth reprint.


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