[CFV] Because honestly I love Amon as much as Luquier

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    [CFV] Because honestly I love Amon as much as Luquier

    Post by Lequier on Sat Dec 14, 2013 8:54 pm

    New Demon World Order, Amon "Rebirth"
    Grade 3 / Dark Irregular / 11000 Power / No Shield
    [ACT] [Limit Break 5, Counterblast 2, Soulblast 13] At the end of a battle that this Unit attacked a Vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, [Stand] all of your <<Dark Irregular>> Units and they get [Power]+3000 until end of turn.
    [CONT] If you have a Unit named "Demon World Marquis, Amon" in your Soul, this Unit gains [Power]+2000
    [CONT] Lord

    "I'll drag you down to Hell for opposing me! Infernal Awakening!"

    The new form of Amon after being freed from the grasps of "Link Joker" by the one who broke the Black Rings.  Recollection of his senses showed that the power of "Void" was still thriving heavily within his body despite their control over him being cut off. Using this newfound knowledge to his advantage, he soon recollected his throne at the top of the Dark Irregulars and, soon after, the entirety of Dark Zone. The stench of death and despair reeks over the newly dictated Dark Zone, as the Infernal Emperor himself recollects what is believed to be rightfully his.

    Beginning of the End, Amon
    Grade 0 / Dark Irregular / 5000 Power / 10000 Shield
    [AUTO] Forerunner (When another «Dark Irregular» rides this unit, you may call this card to a Rearguard Circle.)
    [ACT] [Put this Unit into your soul] If you have a Grade 3 Vanguard with "Amon" in it's card name, you may pay the cost. If you do, target up to 1 of your Grade 3 "Amon" Vanguards and that Unit gains [Power]+1000 for every «Dark Irregular» currently in your Soul until end of turn.

    Even at birth, the Demon World Marquis had his eye set on one thing: Domination.

    Amon's Follower, Royal Jester [CRIT]
    Grade 0 / Dark Irregular / 4000 Power / 10000 Shield
    [AUTO] [Choose 1 «Dark Irregular» in hand & move it to soul] When this Unit is moved to soul, you may pay the cost. If you do, place this card on the bottom of your Deck and shuffle your Deck.

    "What's a lord without his Jester?"

    Amon's Follower, Soul Sacrifice
    Grade 1 / Dark Irregular / 6000 Power / 5000 Shield
    [ACT] [Rest this Unit & choose 1 card in hand with "Amon" in it's card name and move it to Soul] Choose up to 1 of your "Amon" Vanguards, and that Unit gains [Critical]+1 until end of turn. This ability of "Amon's Follower, Soul Sacrifice" can only be used once per turn.

    "We give ourselves up in order to fuel our Lord's rage, for without us your world would be nothing more than dust blowing in the wind."

    Amon's Follower, Debt Collector
    Grade 2 / Dark Irregular / 9000 Power / 5000 Shield
    [ACT] [Counterblast 1] When this Unit's attack hits a Vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose up to 3 of your Units with "Amon" in their card name in their Drop Zone, and put them into your soul.

    "Your soul as forfeit! Hah, I love contracts."

    Amon "Rebirth" decklist:
    1 Beginning of the End, Amon
    4 Amon's Follower, Cruel Hand
    4 Amon's Follower, Royal Jester
    4 Dark Knight of Nightmareland
    4 Amon's Follower, Hell's Trick

    4 Amon's Follower, Hell's Draw
    4 Amon's Follower, Vlad Specula
    3 Amon's Follower, Soul Sacrifice
    3 Yellow Bolt

    4 Amon's Follower, Debt Collector
    3 Amon's Follower, Hell's Deal
    3 Amon's Follower, Lon Shinrin

    4 Demon World Marquis, Amon "Reverse"
    3 Demon World Marquis, Amon
    2 New Demon World Order, Amon "Rebirth"


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