Asura Kaiser combo


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    Asura Kaiser combo

    Post by Ashiok on Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:37 pm

    1 Evolving Reincarnation Miraioh
    4 Red Lightning [C]
    4 Schones Wetter [C]
    4 Beast Deity, Death Stinger [C]
    4 Regenbonen [H]

    4 Bear Down Samurai
    4 Twin Blader
    4 Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout

    4 Daredevil Samurai
    4 Street Bouncer
    1 Jupiter Blaukluger

    4 Asura Kaiser
    4 Immortal Asura Kaiser
    4 Mont Blaukluger

    Basically the deck revolves around the combo of getting to 4 damage, riding Immortal Asura Kaiser on Mont Blaukluger with at least 2 Daredevil Samurai and/or Bear Down Samurai on the board. Basically from there you can do so much damage so fast that it's unreasonable to assume your opponent has any chance at all provided you check a Grade 3. There's a lot to say about how unreliable the deck is, but that's because it's very hard to make such a powerful combo so consistent. You have to dedicate so much to the actual combo itself that the deck can very easily stall or just not work, and attempts to help the consistency lower the explosiveness or the overall card quality, seeing as the only real way to make the deck more consistent is with a Blaupanzer engine, which just takes up way too many card slots. 9 Grade 2s is pretty loose, but it doesn't really matter when you get to swing a million times in one turn if you ride at all correctly.

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