[Genesis] Maplecrest

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    [Genesis] Maplecrest

    Post by Kyousuke Kousaka on Fri Nov 15, 2013 3:59 pm

    Grade 0 [17]:
    1x Witch of Prohibited Book, Cinnamon
    4x Battle Maiden, Kukurihime (Crit)
    1x Cyber Tiger (Crit)
    1x Lemon Witch, Limonccino (Crit)
    3x Bandit Danny (Draw)
    3x Fancy Monkey (Draw)
    4x Large Pot Witch, Laurie

    Grade 1 [14]:
    4x Goddess of Volunteering, Kushinada
    3x Battle Priestess, Mihikarihime
    3x Witch of the Cat, Cumin
    2x Witch of Oranges, Valencia
    2x Witch of Apples, Cider

    Grade 2 [11]:
    4x Battle Maiden, Sabohime
    4x Battle Priestess, Izunahime
    3x Goddess of the Trees, Jupiter

    Grade 3 [8]:
    4x Wisdom of the Sacred Regalia, Angelica
    4x Sacred Regalia of Omniscience, Minerva

    S'been a while since I've posted a build, mostly because college has kept me doing things that aren't Vanguard. Shame, really, which is why I figured I'd get back into the game experimenting with clans that I like and try some new things as well. I've got a pure Jewels build backlogged that I'm working the kinks out of for the time being, so I guess y'all are getting Genesis, instead.

    I actually like Minerva a lot more than I thought because of how fast this deck thins itself. Yes, it's a huge risk, and the hand sizes aren't as large as they were in the previous era, but with a crossride body that filters unneeded cards and puts more pressure on the opponent, Genesis as a clan gets to catch up to most others in the power creep race.

    Cider and Valencia are two-ofs because while they're nice, they don't need to come up as frequently as the other cards in the deck, and Valencia is much more practical in the soul than on the board itself. Sabohime/Cumin remain the prime ways of throwing cards into the soul alongside Cinnamon, and it's perfectly enough to run Angelica and Minerva.

    Of course, I don't think this means that this deck wins every game, especially when I think I need to drop my draw triggers to four, maybe five maximum, because it's so easy to deck yourself with this kind of continual advantage generation. Cards in hand are nice, but if it's easy to get them, I'd rather have bigger shields and more protection from killing myself.

    Rate, discuss, etc. Also, slightly off-topic, but if you have Skullgirls, don't forget to get Squigly for free if you haven't already. Week to go before you have to pay for her.


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