[Tachikaze] You Blow My Mind

    Kyousuke Kousaka
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    [Tachikaze] You Blow My Mind

    Post by Kyousuke Kousaka on Sun Sep 22, 2013 7:00 pm

    Grade 0 [17]:
    1x Dragon Egg
    4x Ancient Dragon, Dinodile
    4x Black Cannon Tiger
    4x Cannon Fire Dragon, Sledgeankylo
    4x Ironclad Dragon, Steelsaurus

    Grade 1 [14]:
    4x Ancient Dragon, Palace Wall
    4x Sonic Noa
    3x Winged Dragon, Skyptero
    3x Savage Illuminator

    Grade 2 [11]:
    4x Ancient Dragon, Criollofall
    4x Ravenous Dragon, Megarex
    3x Launcher Mammoth

    Grade 3 [8]:
    4x Ancient Dragon, Spinodriver
    4x Ravenous Dragon, Battle Rex

    I've been playing too much Third Strike/Project M with my friend Kyle.

    Forgot to post that I'm pretty sure I've got the proper setup for this deck developed. Spinodriver adds cards to hand on top of sending back Dragon Egg/Skyptero, netting +4 to hand and +10k/+1 crit for CB2. Launcher Mammoth and Dinodile help fix my CBs when I need them to recur again, or when I need to use Savage Illuminator. 9k booster's proven to be pretty helpful against crosses/10ks.

    Idk, it has good matchups and bad matchups, and I wouldn't say that it's incredibly inferior to other decks. Your field's a lot like OTTs/Genesis in that it's, for the most part, secure, so your draw power is pretty valid and your shields grow in value over time, but since Chaos Breaker Dragon became available for Link Joker, I'm seeing a bit more of a stalled board state with a lot less available options.

    I mean, that's just CBD in general, and that's not really going to change, but it's a pretty slow matchup, to say the least.



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