[Genesis] Get Lucky

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    [Genesis] Get Lucky

    Post by Kyousuke Kousaka on Sun Aug 25, 2013 8:39 pm

    Grade 0:
    1x Witch of Prohibited Book, Cinnamon
    4x Battle Maiden, Kukurihime (Crit)
    2x Cyber Tiger (Crit)
    3x Bandit Danny (Draw)
    3x Fancy Monkey (Draw)
    4x Large Pot Witch, Laurie (Heal)

    Grade 1:
    4x Goddess of Volunteering, Kushinada
    4x Witch of the Cat, Cumin
    3x Battle Priestess, Mihikarihime
    3x Witch of Frogs, Melissa

    Grade 2:
    4x Battle Priestess, Izunahime
    4x Battle Maiden, Sabohime
    3x Witch of Birds, Chamomile

    Grade 3:
    4x Goddess of Good Luck, Fortuna
    4x Oracle Queen, Himiko

    Fitting title for this deck profile, since the use of drawing + soulcharging does require some hopeful flips off the top. Fun fact: it's also a fitting song choice, since the title of the file for this deck is "If Himiko Could Dance," and Daft Punk is an electronica/dance band...yeah...

    I digress.

    This is what I came up with in my attempt to explain to myself how Genesis could still be worth playing if I don't get Metis in a couple months. I still don't like Himiko over Metis, but my appreciation for her went up simply because of her reasonable synergy with Fortuna.

    Generally, like the last build of Genesis of posted, soulcharging is super-important to maintaining the skills that come up via Fortuna/Himiko, as well as Chamomile and Melissa for when they come out of soul. Fortuna remains one of the best filter cards I've ever played, while Himiko is a lesser Gancelot, but still relatively comparable nonetheless in order to cause pressure. While Himiko doesn't necessarily let Fortuna get a free check on the break turn, it's still got incentive to do great things with the creation of 12-13k boosters for the front rows.

    Does reasonably well mid-to-late in maintaining advantage versus 10/11k bosses, although the Darkyusha/Daikaiser matchup hasn't been very pleasant, since mid-game is entirely lost. Generally weak against 13k bosses even with the numbers I've cooked up, simply because it's easier to put on pressure against an 11k boss. Especially when everyone's current problem matchup seems to be -10k on your Vanguard.

    Rate, comment, etc. For those of you who are curious about me not running the Mice Guard units, it's mostly to do with the fact that I feel as though Mihikarihime and Izunahime are safer cards. I'm probably going to test them soon over them, so I'll see exactly how it goes. Otherwise, I'm more than likely not converting over to them until maybe Successors.


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