A Celestial Guide [Angel Feather]

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    A Celestial Guide [Angel Feather]

    Post by Illyarcher on Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:42 pm

    Deck List:

    Grade 0 – 17

    Hope Child, Turiel – 1
    Critical Hit Angell – 4
    Punishment Celestial, Shamihaza – 4
    Celestial, Landing Pegasus – 4
    Healing Celestial, Ramiel – 4

    Grade 1 – 14

    Adamantine Celestial, Aniel – 4
    Battle Cupid Nociel – 2
    Marking Celestial, Arabaki – 4
    Underlay Celestial, Hesediel – 4

    Grade 2 – 11

    Candle Celestial, Sariel – 3
    Essence Celestial, Becca – 4
    Wild Shot Celestial, Raguel – 4

    Grade 3 – 8

    Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel - 4
    Prophecy Celestial, Remiel - 4

    I - Clan Overview
    II - Build Explanation
    - Grade 1 Explanation
    - Grade 2 Explanation
    - Grade 3 Explanation
    III - Controversial Choices
    IV - How to Play ...
    IVa - With
    IVb - Against

    I – Clan Overview
    The Angel Feather clan was released in Booster Set 6: Breaker of Limits, back when the new game mechanic “Limit Break” was introduced. Most of the clans units are generally Angels given the clans namesake and most of their abilities stemming from the use of the Damage Zone in some decks acting as a separate hand. 

    The Angel Feather clan at first typically seemed to be a defensive one with units such as Cosmo Healer, Ergodiel and Chief Nurse, Shamsiel. However this all changed when Booster Set 9: Clash of the Knights & Dragons, where Angel Feather got a new style of playing with the “Crimson” series which focuses on a Superior Ride to the Grade 3 of the deck and using units which gain benefits from being placed in and out of the Damage Zone in order to boost their power and get swinging for good numbers in all columns.

    I digress as both Defensive and Crimson series decks would deserve an entire guide by themselves on how to be played since today we are talking about the archetype within the Angel Feather clan, Celestial.

    The Celestials are a group of Angel Feathers who’s members are entirely dedicated to their sense of duty and have the skills to reinforce that sense of pride. On the artwork of all Celestials features a distinct Blue/Light Blue colour for their wings whilst normally they are white. Unlike the common method of putting cards into the Damage Zone, Celestials use different methods such as placing cards into the Drop Zone or placing it directly from the deck to not use resources from the hand.

    II – Celestial: Build Explanation

    The main focus of the deck early game is to get Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel into the damage zone since that will get your deck flowing. The best thing about the deck though, is that the Break Ride isn't as necessary as other decks as Zerachiel does all the work. The deck makes virtually every card a threat. A low powered draw trigger with only 5000 power? Let's just turn that into an 8000 booster.

    IIb – Grade 1 Explanation

    Adamantine Celestial, Aniel – The perfect guard of the deck. I highly recommend running these maxed out as in this format, units can get to stupidly high numbers and wasting a lot of cards to guard a certain attack could be counter productive given the situation.

    Battle Cupid, Nociel – This card isn't used so much as a booster or an attacker but for it's key skill when it is placed into the guardian circle. This skill allows you to place a card from your hand into your damage zone and replace it with another. This skill can do some amazing things for you late game such as replacing a unit that cannot guard with a perfect guard. This skill can really save you games as it also has the ability to place one of your 4 Zerachiels' into the damage zone early with it's skill instead of your starting vanguard or Sariel.

    Underlay Celestial, Hesedial – This card at first seems to be a typical Grade 1 with a skill  of fulfilling a certain condition and this 6000 unit gains an additional 3000 power on your turn. This is already amazing as they whole deck functions around having a Zerachiel in the damage zone. But it doesn't stop there, it gets even better somehow. With Zerachiel's Limit Break you are able to make this unit 12000 on your turn. And the icing on the cake is that you can have a full back-row of these boosting your units for some absurd numbers with very little set-up.

    Marking Celestial, Arabaki – The 7000 + 3000 attacker of the clan and archetype. This unit is great for early game pressure especially when your opponent is gradelocked and can't evolve their vanguard. One of the best things about this card is that it is a Grade 1 and can be used as a booster or an attacker with it's +3000 skill and with Zerachiel's Limit Break in effect you can have either a 13000 attacker or 10000 booster.

    IIc – Grade 2 Explanation

    Candle Celestial, Sariel – This girl is mainly used to get Zerachiel into the damage zone with a low counterblast 1 cost and then place another Face-Up card into your drop zone. Though at first glance it may look as though it's only a fast way to get Zerachiel into the damage zone, it also has another purpose which is being able to get rid of all unneeded Grade 3's and send them to the damage zone in order to thin the deck and increase the likely hood of a trigger and/or drawing a certain unit.

    Essence Celestial, Becca – This cutie pie is the 10000 Vanilla of the deck and it rightfully so as she can get to 13000 on her own with Zerachiel's Limit Break which is great as it allows you to hit Crossrides which is extremely potent in this format of every clan pretty much having a Crossride now not to mention, having anything boosting this thing (aside the starting vanguard and Critical Hit Angel) you can have her to 21000 using triggers to boost.

    Wild Shot Celestial, Raguel – Like with Arabaki, she has the abillity to boost herself by 3000 when she attacks. Yet, with Zerachiel's Limit Break she is able to hit 15000 and wreck havoc among 10000 vanguards. She is the highest hitting unit in the deck that doesn't need to counterblast which is still amazing as even most Grade 3 units have to have some form of cost to get to 13000 by themselves.

    IId – Grade 3 Explanation

    Prophecy Celestial, Remiel – The Break Ride of the clan allowing you to take a face-up card from your damage zone and place it in your hand and then take the top card of your deck and place it in your damage zone. What does this mean? It means you can take a perfect guard or a much needed booster/attacker. She also gains 2000 power when she attacks a vanguard making her able to hit Crossrides without a boost and she will give your vanguard a nice 10000 power boost when you ride another Grade 3 on her.

    Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel – This is the main vanguard of the deck and also the most important as it opens up the majority of your plays. The most terrifying thing about her skill is that it doesn't only power up the rear-guards, but also herself. Meaning she is a 14000 swinger on your turn without a boost and to make her even better, she has a neat skill that allows you to e-special counterblast 2 Celestial units and she gains 5000 power enabling her to push that extra damage needed to end the fight with your opponent at 6 damage.

    III – Controversial Choices

    Order Celestial, Yeqon – My reasoning behind as to why I don't run this card is because I feel that Nociel is better to run over it as you can replace a Zerachiel or another card in your hand for a card of your choice that resides within your damage zone. Instead of filtering cards and getting through your deck to a random card, Nociel allows you to choose a unit instead, which in my opinion is far more important.

    First Aid Celestial, Penuel – Hope Child, Turiel is a better starting vanguard than Penuel since it gives you the chance to add any Angel Feather in exchange for another card, the same as Battle Cupid, Nociel. Turiel also has no cost. What do I mean by that? I mean the card you use for the counterblast would be the best card to add to your hand in order to make more cards face-up in your damage zone, whereas Penuel needs you to superior call a Celestial which also means that you have to call a Celestial unit and you can't decide if you want to keep it in your hand and then take the top card of your deck and place it face-down in your damage zone.

    IV – How to Play

    IVa – How to Play With

    With Turiel starting you off, you should make sure you can get to Grade 3 as you would any other deck. Riding any Grade 1 isn't awful, but the best in my opinion would be Arabaki since it's a 7000 base power, but more so is that the other Grade 1's can be crucial late game as needing a perfect guard, the strongest booster in the deck or even a card that can get either of those. Once you've risen to Grade 1, play the deck you would as another deck, pushing for damage and if you have multiple Arabaki's go for early game pressure and punish your opponent for some more damage.

    The ideal Grade 2 to ride is Becca since she has a base 10000 which is great for defence and offence. Raguel isn't too bad to ride but her skill only activates as a rear-guard unit and Sariel only has a base power of 8000 and you could then be rushed for a lot of damage as your vanguard would be as weak as a Grade 1 vanilla. Keep in mind though that Sariel's skill can activate in both the rear-guard and vanguard circles but only when she is riden or called.

    You have a Remiel in your hand and could ride it giving you the chance to go for a Break Ride on the following turn, provided you have the amount of damage sufficient for it. As I said earlier the best thing about the deck is that the Break Ride isn't essential. It just opens up a wider range of plays to be made. With the Break Ride skill, you can take any face-up card from your damage zone and add it to your hand then take the top card of your deck and place it into your damage zone along with giving your vanguard 10000 power. This means you can set up for the turn ahead of you by grabbing either a perfect guard or an attacker.

    It is time for your big play now. You have a full powered Zerachiel with addition power thanks to Remiel's Break Ride. Sariel has played her part in getting you another Zerachiel into the damage zone. This is where the deck truly flourishes. Late game when your opponent won't be as willing to take as many hits as before and now you have a terrifying skill that let's all your Celestial units gain 3000 power each. Now it's time to just go for a solid beatdown on your opponent. Since your columns become super high enough to make 11k vanguards weep at the ridiculous columns that this deck offers. When you think your opponent can't guard more than necessary, use Zerachiel's other skill of counterblasting 2 Celestials in order to give her 5000 more power to seal the deal on the match.

    IVb – How to Play Against

    For decks such as those based on retiring in general and Link Joker should have the easiest with this deck as they just need to take out the key units such as Hesediel, Arabaki and Raguel in order to ease the pressure but be warned Zerachiel still gains her Limit Break effect by herself and can get to 19000 with a simple counterblast 2.

    For other decks, they have the same idea as those listed above but instead of retiring or locking through the use of skills, it would be best to just attack the problem rear-guards of the deck and apply as much pressure as possible. If you can as the deck can crumble under not being to guard enough and will lose either their greatest attackers or precious cards used to guard, leaving the vanguard open for a good attack and end the game before they have the chance to get more powerhouse units and beat you first.

    In regards to damage checking for your opponent. This can be a great advantage to them as it can put key cards such as Zerachiel, Aniel, any attacker into what is known as the second hand for Angel Feathers so be warned. For this part you just have to hope that your opponent doesn't damage check anything that can be of severe use to them.

    If you have any questions about anything related to this guide or Celestial's in general, I will gladly try and answer what I can~ Sorry about the formatting guys.

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    Re: A Celestial Guide [Angel Feather]

    Post by Kyousuke Kousaka on Fri Aug 23, 2013 6:55 pm

    Nice guide.

    How do you think BT13's going to affect Celestials?

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    Re: A Celestial Guide [Angel Feather]

    Post by Illyarcher on Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:11 pm

    Whilst I wanna doubt that they'd do away with the archetype. I kinda want them to and make a Celestial version of Shamsiel along with Celestial versions of the ponies. It would make the Break Ride a lot more logical with the deck in my opinion.


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    Re: A Celestial Guide [Angel Feather]

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