Yu-Gi-Oh! Distortion World


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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Distortion World

    Post by Ruby on Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:57 am


    stuff to know:
    1. I'm going to try and stick with this but you guys have to give me motivation so please comment and give genuine reasoning. A "cool fic, can't wait for the next chapter" is not going to help me.
    2. I have an editor. Be a little soft with criticism either way. Doing this mostly for fun.
    3. Custom Cards are going to appear, if you don't want to see them, click the back button.
    4. There will be several name changes to cards.
    5. MUSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC, and tracks are custom named for the fic! Why? f*** you, that's why!
    6. TCG/OCG and Anime/Video Game effects will be all used. If an effect looks odd to you, it's probably not the effect you were thinking of. That, or an effect was slightly altered for convenience.
    7. No Banlist applies, don't be surprised when you see Pot of Greed or Chaos Emperor Dragon.
    8. dont ask me to put a character in for you or i'll kick your a**
    9. Bad at math? Don't wanna click links? No problem, I put in stats for you.
    10. enjoyyyyyyyyyy
    11. PG-16, I guess.

    Chapter 1:

    First Warp

    (Despair Syndrome)

    ... Huh?

    What the?


    Two purple eyes slowly opened up and blinked repeatedly to gain focus of the image before them. It was... fog. An endless stream of fog, yet the area was visibly cloaked in pitch-black darkness. The body of a human female propped itself up. The vision moved down to the hands which kept opening and closing their hand, curling and uncurling the fingers as if to gain a feel for them.

    ... Fingers? Hands? … How come I understand what my body is... What the?!

    Seeing through the mist, beyond her hands, the woman suddenly notices that her body is in some sort of black and white jumpsuit, the colors halved on the left and right sides of the clothing. She felt as though... she wasn't inside of anything. However, as if the attire was emptied of her body, she knew right before her eyes, she was in it.

    What is this... and how do I even know and understand these... limbs and eyes and feet and... gah...

    “You understand because it is you”, a very “cute”-like feminine voice spoke, getting the girl's attention. Within the fog were two entities. One was in a sort of bright, white dress and had long hair of the same color. The other wore black, revealing clothing consisting of a bra and pants at the most, along with short black hair. The two shared the same body type as the confused damsel, only they were both faceless.

    ... You can hear my thoughts?

    “We are your thoughts”, the black being replied.

    Where is this?

    “The space of your mind!” exclaimed the white one.

    Why am I here?

    “Because the new incongruous child's time to be born is now. Every last one of you have this dream just before birth. You have been given your future body, your thoughts, and your powers.” The black woman answered, explaining vaguely of the actual situation.

    I don't understand...

    “You won't understand in full now. You just have to go through this phase to be born! That is, you have to be tested if you can make a choice or not.” the white mistress speaks of even more nonsense like her sister in kind. Before the one of both colors can ask another question, a multitude of images began to burn within her mind, causing her to grasp at her black hair, gripping her head, and screaming. The woman's skull pulsated with energy and knowledge beyond what little comprehension she had now. Then, numbers appeared in the mist...

    (End Music)


    (Distortion World)

    “The rules and such should already be brought into your mind”, White tells her, but she's still nursing her head...

    “Do you want to pass so you can get used to it?” Black asks.


    “Then I'll go after her!” White begins, calling forth two rectangular shaped lights.

    “What the- why do you get to go?!” Black roars at her kin.

    “Because I called it first!”


    What are they saying...?

    “I Normal Summon the Angel. And by the effect of the Dragon, I can Special Summon him too!” White's two lights began to transform within the fog and two creatures appeared. One opening his wings and revealing the faceless form of a man with yellow feathers. Beside him was that of a small, multicolored egg in violent electricity. More numbers came before the twin-colored lass, but she couldn't make heads or tails of any of them.

    ... What's happening?! She questions not only the sight of the monsters, but the sudden golden aura coming from White.

    “I Overlay my two monsters and pave the way”, White declared. At her command, the two abnormalities morphed into two bright, yellow streams of energy. They shot high up through the mist and clashed, giving birth to a light that pierced through the haze, amazing the girl and Black. “I Summon Hope!” White called forth a celestial being that descended into the battlefield of illuminated fog. The woman could not make out its entire image, despite the light. What she could see was red eyes flash and brighten, along with two more red lights she couldn't make out. She could very slightly make out golden armor on it.


    “Now it's your turn.”

    “About time!” Black roared, calling four objects of the same shape as White's before. Only, they were black and covered in very dark purple energy. “I discard a monster and Special Summon the Fork! Then I Normal Summon the Virus and Special Summon the Crow!” She suddenly made a much more aggressive line of summoning than White, having three of the purple energies evolved into a small, black, two horned devil with a large fork in hand, another as a small purple bird with two metallic nails on its talons, and finally the third, being an enormous sphere behind Black in the foggy sky.

    Normal and Special Summoning... I know these terms... I know those people. They're calling forth... people. How do I know that?

    “I Overlay my three monsters and open the door!” Black excitedly did the same thing as White, only her monsters turned into purple lights. When they merged, they did take a much different way of the summoning. Instead of “Hope” bringing a bright light, a pitch-dark wave echoed throughout the mist, making it harder to see and negating the illumination brought by “Hope”. “I Summon Despair!” Black called upon the complete opposite. Red and yellow lights could be made out from within the haze, along with a purple light, but the girl saw nothing else... except for Black suddenly glowing and pulsating with raging, violet energy. This was in contrast with White's yellow aura, and the damsel felt as if she knew the true meaning of this...

    Hope and Despair... had appeared before me... that's what those two are. … That's what... I am. … Is it?

    “Now is your turn to make your decision.” White said to her.

    (End Music)

    “You should see three images of monsters like ours. You are to create your path by summoning one.”

    Create my path?

    “You can side with Hope, or with Despair. … Or you could take the path that defies common sense”, Black continued.

    The path that defies common sense?

    “That warped path is a blessing and a curse, yet your birthright to choose. This is the destiny you grasp for eternity.” White explained.

    I... have to choose between Hope, Despair, or something that defies sense.

    I am selecting my fate... but what do these things mean?



    I feel the definitions in my mind, but not truly what they entitle...

    … So... what if...

    (Opening Distortion)

    “I... make a move...” the girl finally speaks, her voice trembling and afraid, but that of a grown woman. The images of monsters flash in her mind... “I... Normal Summon... Gagaga Magician.” Unlike the others, she spoke the full name of a monster. She didn't know how she called it, but just out of the blue, a triple shoulder-plated, mouth-masked sorcerer appeared in front of her. Nothing else could be made out, but the numbers slowly began to make sense. [Level 4 1500]

    “I activate the Mirror and the Duplication, reflecting Hope and cloning Despair.” She went on, and with the announcement of those two spells, “Hope” and “Despair” spiritually appeared beside the caster. The twins were glad to see that she made her choice. “I Overlay these three...!”

    “The journey you will embark on will be hellish, yet heavenly”, White foretold as the summoning commenced.

    “Rewards and losses will pile up before you in an infinite spiral, a see-saw game tilting back and forth with black and white in perfect sync”, Black added. Three units that became a transparent color ripped through the fog and all came together, then crashed down on the ground before the three.

    “I choose the Unformed Void!” The girl’s destiny was decided by the arrival of a creature made up of black tree branch-like limbs and a vortex of several shades of red within the bulbous middle... like an eye. [Rank 4 0]

    “That can take many different shapes, but only one of them will be your life”, White explained.

    “I understand...” the girl closed her eyes, nodding. “I... activate this effect!” She reached out and the empty being of a monster she created began to become twisted and warped. Hope and Despair grunted and then let out panicked roars and shouts. Black and White were surprised by the reality of what was occurring.

    “W-Wait! This... this can't be! This is impossible...!” Black cried out in utter disbelief, with her sister just as dumbfounded until the abnormality began to pull everything in the space in, like a black hole. There was silence. Mind numbing silence and absolute nothing left; a colorless void, waiting to be painted.

    (End Music)


    I promise you, none of that was a lie. It actually happened. Before I was born, I was able to get a feel for my body as an adult, a deck of cards for a super popular “Duel Monsters” trading card game, and saw the symbolisms of the “people” I would come to know. In addition, I also really did choose a variable for a destiny. What happened was I absorbed both Hope and Despair, and apparently, I wasn't supposed to be able to do that. At least, not before I was born.

    That nonsensical train wreck behind... no, what am I even saying? I never left it. I really did put myself on an amazing yet somehow completely miserable life. It never made any sense. Good things and horrible disasters all at the same rate... no, not like that karma bullshit, I don't know how to explain it.

    … So here I am, twenty years later.


    Out of nowhere, in the middle of the night, several incredibly bright lights beamed down on the street... and one grown woman surrounded by a swarm of soldiers in black and blue clothing... and metal shields. All eyes were on her mesmerizing, curvaceous figure hugged by black jeans and a white undershirt, covering up an above-average sized bust. The target also wore a black, light jacket and matching shoes. Her purple, soul-filled eyes full of irritation as they scanned faces and expressions riddled with fear. The final touch to her “dangerous” look was long, black, wavy and spiky-ended hair that extended past her shoulders, and covered her right eye. … With an image like that, she didn't even need to carry an actual weapon to scare people...

    “What?!” All she had to do was speak to do it.

    “N-Now now miss, calm d-”

    “Don't tell me to calm down when you bunch of assholes come out of nowhere and shine those bright-a** lights down on me!”


    “Shut up!!”


    “... What do you guys want?!” She ironically asks them to speak now. But before anyone does, she sees something... something white in between some shields, like a... suit. “Yo! You! I see you! Get out here you damn coward! Dressed up like a big wig... you're the one in charge of these guys, right?!”


    “Oho, you have such magnificent eyes”, a man in a white tuxedo, and just vastly white, fancy clothing with a light blue bow tie stepped out of the crowd. He clapped with his white gloved hands as his long, black shoulder-length hair danced with the wind, almost exactly like hers. Everyone could just feel her blood boiling, knowing that this man was probably some stuck-up snob or royal pig. He had a... playful smirk on his face, aimed at the girl. “I should've known you would've spotted me so quickly.”

    “To hell with the formalities, explain yourself.”

    “My name is Atsumaru. You are... Megami Yuugami.”

    “Apparently, when I said 'to hell with the formalities', I guess that meant for you to do it for me as well! Congratulations, you're even more of an asshole in my book than you were already.”

    “I've searched the globe for you, 'Distortion Girl'.”

    “... So you really do know exactly who I am”, as she confirmed this, some of the soldiers began to cower away. Without order, they pulled back their shields and distanced themselves from the two as they spoke. Megami calmed herself a bit, taking a deep breath to rid her of anger so she could listen. “What do you want?”

    “For you to come with us.”

    “Kiss my a**, I'm not going anywhere with some polished turd!” … the deep breath did absolutely nothing. The man laughed at her words, even though she was clearly seething with murderous rage.

    “I read that you were quite argumentative! … How about a wager then?”

    “... Wager?” her voice was almost completely dumbfounded by how stupid this is and will sound.

    “We play a game. If I win, you come with us. If you win, you are free to go. How about-”

    “The f*** does this look like, some stupidly cheap and cliché fairy tale?! I guess you're gonna pull some damn magic trick, and if you get the card right, oh look, I'll go with you! Guess again, you 2-pint douchebag!”

    “... Fine”, he sighed, now growing irritated. He knew this wasn't going to be easy, but this... “If I win, we simply talk here for half an hour, and if you win, you can leave after socking me one in the face. Is that better?”

    “I still disagree with this whole situation but the chance at belting you one is good enough for me.”

    (End Music)

    “You're well-versed in it... so Duel Monsters shall be our game.”

    “... You sure? I mean, as much as I would like to kick your a**, you should probably give yourself something easier.”

    “No no, this will do.” The man selected, set out the terms, and refused handicaps for the game. A soldier presented a white duel disk to him, it was a sort of curved, circular shaped machine. Megami held her left arm up, causing a mix of red and black energy to engulf her arm and vanish, leaving a black and white, sharp duel disk behind. Decks of cards were loaded in and automatically shuffled, then fully activated. They immediately connected to one another, and set their Life Points to four thousand each. Every time this happened, Megami would feel an eerie wave of nostalgia from her pre-birth dream... yet she's grown very comfortable with it after so long, because she understands it.



    (Megami's Theme – Forever Free)

    “Get ready for a world-class asskicking, old man! I'm gonna blow you away before you even make a move!” Megami declared, without even waiting for a decision, she swiped her sixth card from five starting in hand, making the first move. The challenger allowed with no objection, simply watching. “I Normal Summon Gagaga Magician!” She opened with a familiar masked face. A red portal was opened, and the mage jumped out, now in full view with a long chain attached to a golden plated belt, and said chain extended all the way down wrapped around his right foot. [Level 4 Spellcaster DARK 1500 ATK]

    “Gagaga monsters...?” a soldier questioned the odd name and the existence of the caster.

    “Further, if I control a 'Gagaga' monster, I can Special Summon Clerk from my hand! Then, since Magician's a Dark monster, I Special Summon Black Claw Crow!” The female duelist is on a roll, opening up two more small red portals in which her two new monsters arrive. One is the same purple bird with the enormous orange beak and metal nails, the other being a pink-haired lass with golden accessories in her hair and trimming on her clothes, being a white cape and a dark blue uniform. [Clerk: Level 2 Warrior EARTH 800 DEF] [Crow: Level 2 Winged Beast DARK 900 ATK]

    “I'm not done! I activate Gagagamirror for Magician, and Gagaga x Gagaga on Clerk, the latter matching her stats while becoming a monster!”

    “W-Wait a moment, this couldn't possibly be... you're going to-”

    “You asked for me, old man, now you got it! I Overlay my Level Two Clerk, Clerk Clone, Crow! At the same time, I Overlay my Level Four Gagaga Magician and Mirror!” With this proud declaration and making Atsumaru regretting his very decision for even appearing before her, all of her monsters turned into a flurry of colorful comets that soared into the night sky. An enormous portal with the image of a storming galaxy with electricity and stars within opened up on the ground as all of them flew in. “With these five monsters, I construct the Overlay Network!” Pillars of yellow and purple energies explode forth from below!

    “... I-I see... truly... she is a master of her powers...” the gentleman trembled in fear and excitement, giving her full recognition for her skills.

    “Hope and Despair!” Megami called, a black and red aura blazing about her. “Numbers 39: Aspiring Emperor Hope! Numbers 96: Black Mist!” The two dreamed entities were called. A large, sheathed looking object and a large black droplet appeared. They began to transform and unseal themselves; the first, like a sort of part-for-part machine, having the appearance of a warrior clad in white and yellow armor with twin swords at his waist. Two white armored wings flapped open and the covering on his mask disappeared, revealing a mouthless, gleaming red-eyed warrior. The other immediately morphed into a monster beyond a simple drop of sludge, gaining black steeled armored parts on its body and having the purple liquid solidify and stay within the metal. It grew a thin tail and extremely sharp claws, and in the middle of its body was a mouth-like shaped hole with fangs. Finally, its yellow eyes shined and were set ablaze with fire. A Red “39” on Hope's left shoulder plate and a purple “96” on Black Mist's head. [Hope: Rank 4 Warrior LIGHT 2500 ATK] [Black Mist: Rank 2 Fiend DARK 100 ATK]

    “T-The two monsters that go beyond sense!” Another soldier in the crowd pointed out the obvious in a state of panic. Some others were in awe of the two otherworldly monsters. Atsumaru was sweating, but so very glad to see the two of them together as proof of her existence. He gazed upon the woman and her warped air. She was... relishing in it, giggling a tad bit crazily.

    The 'Distortion Girl’s’ twin aces of Hope and Despair... Soon... very soon... she will be mine...!


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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Distortion World

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    Casual heads up that you might want to check a few of your music links, because they're dead (the videos have been taken down for copyright or whatever).

    Otherwise, pretty good start. I'd love to see you go somewhere with this.

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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Distortion World

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     ...There was music? I wasn't logged in, that would explain the (End Music) and why the card names were just called out by what they were. I was actually guessing. Well, the duel makes more sense now. 

    So far, I like it. It gives a sense of mystery, and the fact that Megami Yuugami choose both paths. Light and Dark. Nice choice with Uniformed Void since it's unclear what she ''chose''. However, only thing that seems to bother me is I don't see any ''Hope'' in her. Just ''Black Mist'' judging from her attitude, appearance, and her speech. That might change later, if not; I'd just like to see a mix of both ''personalities''. Seeing that she took both in, I would've expected her to be this neutral, stoic, calm and serious type who is kind and ruthless at the same time. Which would be my kind of girl *shot*


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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Distortion World

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