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    aqua force

    Post by xscott on Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:48 am

    need suggestions for my hydro hurricane/navalgazer aqua force deck

    officer cadet, errik

    triggers 16
    4 heal
    4 enemy seeking seagull soldier (stand)
    4 battleship intelligence (critical)
    4 dolphin soldier of high speed rapids (stand)

    grade 1 (16)( yes i know its a big i will change it around as i get more cards)
    4 theo(vanilla)
    2 reliable strategic commander( self damager)
    2 cyprus
    3 perfect shields(not on hand yet)
    3 storm rider eugen
    1 stream trooper
    1 torpedo crush dragon

    grade 2 (11)
    4 lazarus( vanilla 10k)
    4 titan of infanite trench(special intercept)
    1 algos
    2 coral assult

    grade 3 (6)
    2 navel gazer( will be getting atleast 1 more)
    3 dabid (i love this card) great rear guard grade 3
    1 hydro (ordering more when i get money)

    so that is my deck honestly i know it needs alot of work right now its more of a budget build then anything but i will be getting more cards in the coming weeks hopefully
    i do not like malstrom right now its honestly not a card i would run atleast until the cross ride comes later in june

    any suggestions would be great
    the deck runs amazing but has its flaws
    i like the 8 stands though i may drop to 6 stand 6 crit

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