Sealed Experience - Making a Sealed Event with Friends at home

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    Sealed Experience - Making a Sealed Event with Friends at home

    Post by Capricorn El Cid on Thu May 16, 2013 3:08 pm and my friends did the posible to get get those Guild Packs...but we couldn't....D:

    Anyways, as we really wanted to play Sealed with Dragon Maze we did the only thing we had left...So we bought a Box of Dragon's Maze and use it to make a 6 Man Sealed Event.

    Well here is how it came...I basically opened all my packs before checking it...and While I was checking the cards after that I was exited at seeing many good UWR Stuff...but then the first Rare I Opened was Emmara...(Ugh)...I keep checking the packs and get the Granite Scion of Vitu-Ghazi...So I was reading Myself to Play Junk...even when the Guildgates at that point didn't support the Idea...Next I opened Sire and Ruric with the Last Rare being Master of Cruelties...a couple Cluestones to support f*** YEAH I played JUND

    Here is the Deck

    2 Kraul Warrior
    2 Riot Piker
    2 Rakdos Drake
    1 Smelt-Ward Gatekeepers
    1 Saruli Gatekeepers
    1 Master of Cruelties
    1 Maze Abomination
    1 Maze Behemoth
    1 Sire of Insanity
    1 Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

    1 Putrefy
    1 Granite Gaze
    2 Gruul War Chant

    1 Tear//Wear
    1 Turn//Burn
    1 Far//Away

    2 Golgari Cluestone
    1 Gruul Cluestone
    1 Rakdos Cluestone

    2 Selesnya Guildgate
    2 Simic Guildgate
    1 Gruul Guildgate
    3 Forest
    4 Mountains
    4 Swamps

    Final Results...we mostly Build 3/4 Color Decks...except the one that Build 2 Colors and did midly Good...
    Pulls were awesome, even for my Rivals...we got Ral Zarek, 2 Masters of Cruelty, Some regular and some foil Ready//Willing, All 10 Guild Champions...etc

    Lesson Learned:
    Aetherling is a b**** of a card...Got me Killed in the moment he got dropped as I has really nothing to match his abilities...
    I could have actually played more interesting Midrange drops instead of the low drops as they rarely did much but hey...
    Using your first 4 turns playing Guildgates//Building Mana Through Cluestone payed a lot...
    Gatekeepers are Awesomeness in limited granted you play 5/6 Guildgates and it is worth splashing Guildgates for them
    Maze Guys can Add a lot of pressure on the game...they also are very good creatures on their own
    I got a lot of A lot...XD

    Playing Sealed With Friends never gets old...



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