'Cause this draft was too good to not share


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    'Cause this draft was too good to not share

    Post by Ashiok on Fri May 10, 2013 10:10 pm

    Posting in MTG instead of MTG Decks because more than just the deck, I guess.

    So, basically, pack 1 pick 1 is Sire of Insanity over idk like Zhur-Tar Druid, which I now believe is the best first-pick common in the set. (My opinion on it has just 180'd.) Pick 2 I took Blast of Genius, as you do, then got passed a foil Enter the Infinite, so I said f*** it and then 4th picked a Goblin Test Pilot. I was just set on having a literal blast, but there was a bit of a surprise with the results...

    The deck I ended up playing was as follows:

    2 Nivix Cyclops
    2 Goblin Test Pilot
    1 Doorkeeper
    1 Nivix Guildmage
    1 Duskmantle Guildmage
    1 Deathcult Rogue
    1 Runewing
    1 Balustrade Spy
    1 Mindeye Drake
    1 Sire of Insanity

    1 Breaking // Entering
    1 Enter the Infinite
    1 Blast of Genius
    1 Turn // Burn
    2 Pilfered Plans
    1 Inspiration
    1 Homing Lightning
    1 Madcap Skills
    1 Dimir Cluestone
    1 Izzet Cluestone

    1 Izzet Guildgate
    7 Island
    5 Mountain
    4 Swamp

    Yes, I know my mana base was f****** abysmal.

    Ok so round 1, playing against Gatekeeper control. Game 1 was a lot of back and forth stuff, both of us having occasionally good attacks and very marginal blocks. Eventually, I Broke and Entered his Palisade Giant, which later died to a Korozda Gorgon and eventually I just got overwhelmed by Bird tokens. Game 2, the deck worked much more to plan, with some key swings at the right time, very attrition-y in damage and Duskmantle Guildmage got him for lethal eventually on a relatively stalled board with my Spy swinging for 2 per turn. Unfortunately, I ended up bricking by drawing infinite lands in the last game and just kinda lost to fliers against after what was a pretty close game. Should note, I managed to finish all 3 games with Enter the Infinite as my only card in hand...

    Round 2 was against a UWR tempo-ish Dragonshift-ish Isperia-ish deck. I'm not totally sure of the game plan but the deck was sweet. Game 1, the board stalled for ages until I managed to Homing Lightning + Guildmage copy it to break the stall, eventually Entering her Isperia that I milled earlier with Pilfered Plans, and bashed for 8 (with the Mindeye Drake too). Next turn, after a complex stack and Duskmantle Guildmage's ability I managed to drop my opponent to 1, using a Turn // Burn, in response to their Dragonshift which they then responded to with Mizzium Skin. Resulted in blocking Isperia, so they took 4 damage + 2 from Mindeye Drake. I tried to kill them with Test Pilot, but his one chance was kinda blown and he nuked himself. :c I won the next turn with Drake anyway. Game 2 was much, much quicker. As we developed out mana and I landed a Deathcult Rogue, 10 minutes were called for the round, which was kinda like "Whoa, how long WAS that first game?" Either way, I just bashed with Rogue a few times, getting her to 12. You can guess what happens next. The first Blast of Genius for lethal of the night! Was pretty much high-fives all round.

    Ok, round 3 was against a RWB aggro deck that didn't seem amazingly well built but I could definitely see it winning some games. This round was still kinda exciting for being the fastest match to finish, only maybe 10 minutes into the round. Game 1 I got turn 3 Deathcult Rogue, turn 4 Cluestone + Madcap Skills the Rogue, in for 5. Turn 5 in with the Rogue and Blast of Genius with Enter the Infinite for lethal. At this point, my night was made since I'd killed 2 people with Enter the Infinite, I really didn't care if I lost from here, not that I cared much in the first place, I mean did you see my deck?! Game 2 was exactly the same start, which resulted in him being at 5 then suddenly casting 2 Rogues. Unfortunately for him, I Burn'd his Tavern Swindler and swung for game. Was just too bloody fast.

    So for a joke draft, I had tons of fun and did surprisingly well. Ended up winning a pack for going 2-1, and pulled an Exava and a Spike Jester, 2 cards I want to get some number of.

    So, tonight seemed like a good profit:

    Pulled Sire of Insanity, foil Enter the Infinite and a Stomping Ground.

    Won an Exava.

    Also traded some stuff for 3 more Aetherlings, a Godless Shrine and an Exava.

    Oh and the Breaking // Entering is my 3rd foil of it. Definitely want a 4th foil, especially since it seems like it could be a legit modern deck.

    All I can say is, I really do belong in Izzet, my god...

    Just call me Chris

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