Yu-Gi-Oh! Altercation of Eden


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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Altercation of Eden

    Post by Ruby on Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:08 pm

    before you say this is a waste of time let me explain to you a thing

    things to know about this fic:
    1. no banlist
    2. music
    3. stats listed during duels to keep everybody up to speed and prevent confusion
    4. dont ask to make a character
    5. any inserts will be used as i see fit if you have a problem the door is that arrow on your window pointing backwards
    6. pg-16
    7. give me a comment like "good job" and no other detail in that post and i will slit your throat
    8. custom cards are in this
    9. I understand that people have short attention spans and such so the chapters I write won't be as stupidly long as others have been before. ... I'll try to make it that way, anyway.
    10. enjoy

    side note: anime effects and some ocg effects, same for anime naming and some dub names

    Duel Monsters isn't all fun and games, it is merely a tool. For war, for entertainment, for life-fulfilling, for love, death, destruction, and all. Such a simple game but ultimately it is this world's sin. The Earth is an example, going so far as to completely alter educations to befit this sport... creating global contests, becoming the alpha competition in comparison to others. Its influence is vast, undeniable, and it cannot be disobeyed. Fate itself is determined by the cards.

    This is not the ideal plane of existence God had intended for the beings of the universe. This is an unknown toxin that must be eradicated.

    Duel Monsters must be destroyed.

    “Do you dare to challenge those who wish to make his world right?!” I inquire to a young woman and her companions that share the same goal. … After my question boomed through the ears of the universe, she responded proudly:

    “With my life, I do.”

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Altercation of Eden

    Chapter 1:
    1st Rumble
    Voice of Light

    Invisible to the naked eye, a grand light shined upon the spiral galaxy dubbed “Milky Way”, cloaking everything in its holy essence. An impossibly enormous serpent soared through the cosmos, tearing through the ripples of space at full speed as he was dead-set on arriving at its destination. The terminus in question was the small blue planet within this solar system, the one named “Earth”. He wasted absolutely no time, beginning to move faster, infiltrating the planet's atmosphere. The clouds parted as the beast tore them asunder, traveling to a large country, then city, urban area, and finally a small house. This spiritual creature not only invaded the residence, but the very being of a human who opened her eyes very wide in the shock of him reaching its end point. The image of a great, godly yellow dragon with black streaks being born from the creation of a star was burned into the mind of the mortal, along with the echoes of the mighty entity ringing throughout her ears.

    (Foretold Destiny)

    "Greetings", a monotone voice boomed, the sound seemingly coming from all directions. "I am the Harbinger, Starform Dragon."

    “... Who? What?”, the human female responded, confused. The girl and the monster met above a sea of clouds, the sky an illuminated orange. Her eyes drifted towards every corner of the reverie as she and the dragon floated in the bright, empty space. “What the-”

    “Do not be alarmed.”

    “... ‘Do not be alarmed.’ Right, I'm floating in the sky, and from what I can tell, I'm completely naked. On top of that, there's a damn dragon in my head that I can see and hear, and I'm not supposed to be 'alarmed.'” Clearly, the damsel was severely irritated instead of being in shock. The Dragon, not sure which would be safer to deal with, breathed a sigh of relief. She was neither astonished nor horrified; merely cranky.

    “You are still asleep in the real world,” the dragon began to explain.

    “I figured, I'd be screaming if this wasn't a dream... You said something about a 'Harbinger'...?”

    “Ah, yes,” he carried on, masking the imminent digression. “I am the harbinger of creation, and I have come seeking the aid of the promised light.” His tone and motives were still clouded with enigma.

    “... Who?”

    “Lumen Pollictella... turn your name around and define its meaning, and you will find it to be 'Promise Light'. That is you, and your destiny.”

    “Oh god, this sounds like some horrible anime... I'll wake up in a minute, this isn't happening...” she denied, due to it being cliche and stupid. Closing her eyes and hands pressing against her ears, she tried to block out the sounds of the creature and wind alike. Unfortunately...

    “I assure you, this is real.”

    “You're serious... me and some destiny thing... that can't be right,” she protested, insisting that the "Chosen One" was someone else.

    “It can only be you, Lumen.”

    “... What do I do, what can I do, why do I have to do it, why are you doing it, and-”

    “I thought you would ask such so many questions...”

    “I can't help it if you have barely told me a damn thing!” she shouted at the dragon. It was natural and entirely in the right for her to be upset with a vague prophecy out of nowhere in her life. The chosen wouldn't have been surprised with “the answers will reveal themselves to you soon” or something idiotic of the like, but she didn't voice her thoughts on this situation any further. Only afloat in this dream world filled with endless perplexity... that was the gist of her role at the moment.

    “You're a smart girl. You know what I will say”, Starform Dragon spoke, not being able to answer everything all at once. “However... I will tell you this”, it began again: “This game of yours is heavily connected to the disaster at hand. Everything is at stake, and you know not the true meaning of 'everything'. Even so, you must not falter.”

    “This is still making zero sense.”

    “That is fine, I swear to give you a full and proper explanation when the time comes. Until then... I will be right beside you”, the creature gave its promise, and then shined brightly, enough to blind the girl.

    … Just like that, she awoke.

    (End Music)


    A hand slammed down on a nearby table and gripped fiercely onto it, as if it was trying to get a feel for the object. The messily purple haired damsel panted, visibly trembling in the bed. Her dark, crimson eyes slowly drifted towards the dresser, and she slowly calmed her breathing. After barely doing so, the woman pulled up the blankets further to cover herself, and used another hand to nurse a developing headache.

    “... It... was real... wasn't it?”, she questioned with fear in her voice, despite the strong front she put up in that dream. In addition to that... a blank Duel Monsters card rested on her desk... it forced itself on her.


    (Easygoing Times)

    Opening the front door to the small white house, our heroine departs her home, having gotten herself together from the disaster her look was in bed. She had neck length, spike-edged hair at back to match her sharp eyes, along with strands of hair resting between both of her oculus. Matched with her ruby irises, she truly gave off the look of a “dangerous” type of girl. To coordinate with her hair was a long-sleeved purple shirt that only exposed a sufficient amount of cleavage from her slightly above average breasts. Finally, her lower body was given a matching set of clothes like the upper parts were. A short, black skirt with stockings and shoes all of the exact same coloring. All of this dark colored attire used to cover up her peachy flesh and rather lovely curvaceous figure.

    “Oh look, the queen's up!” a male's voice informed several others around. They all were dressed up as literal gang members with their leather clothing and boorish looks. 'Her majesty' analyzed the setting of what seemed to be an outing in the rough-looking neighborhood.

    “Hey! Luma! Come here and have some breakfast!” another man shouted her name. Saying nothing, she casually approached the table and sat down with the other thugs. That same guy who called out dropped a plate of food in front of her, and one of the strips of bacon touched the wood counter, slipping off the plate. … This caused several veins to pop out of Lumen's forehead in pure rage.

    “You dumb asshole, look what you did!” Lumen screamed at him, pointing to the end of the strip which was slightly off the plate. The man wasn't startled so much as he was just absolutely terrified of her. “Is it too much to ask for you to gently put the dish down on the table like a normal person?!”


    “No, don't give me that wimpy as hell apology! Look me in the eye, you sorry excuse for a man!”

    “Yep, leader's pissed again...” one of the women with violet, shoulder length hair with cyan highlights spoke up. Another girl next to her with long, navy blue hair let out a very light and girlish giggle at their commander's irate reaction. They both wore similar clothing like the rest of the group, only the one who talked about their chief's anger wore a red shirt, and the one next to her wore a pink shirt.

    “What crawled up your ass? He does this all the time and you don't yell at him this much.” a younger male with a hat spoke as Lumen simply glared at the one she was reprimanding, then turned away as he left trembling.

    “I'm just upset and hungry.”

    “Understatement of the year.” the lad joked and the others at the table began to chuckle lightly while Lumen just proceeded to eat. “What's got you so upset then, lead?”

    “... You guys wouldn't believe a thing I'd tell you about it,” the boss replied with the desire of not explaining things.

    “Come on... considering the stuff that goes down here, it can't be any worse,” the dual hair colored member said to her. Lumen paused for a moment, and then swallowed the food she had in her mouth at the time.

    “... What do you guys think about 'destiny'?” She gave off a bit of nervous air with a matching expression as she asked her comrades. They were all confused, and a few others began to think deeply about an answer.

    “Luma, you don't even believe in that,” the blue one reminded the commander of her own morals and beliefs. It baffled them that she would question the very thing she taught them to refute. Lumen scratched her head in a bit of frustration in response to that.

    “I know I don't but, well, I'm just thinking of... what if it was a real thing?” Lumen avoided telling them about her 'dream' at all costs. They would believe she was insane and most likely overthrow her position due to her fleeing mind. This wasn't helping much either, due to how vague it was. Even with that, no one further questioned, they just thought about her inquiry itself.

    “If destiny was real, we'd be God's favorites! We're the best in the damn tri-state area, fate is ours to command!” one of the larger and more masculine men had his voice boom throughout the entire gang's ears. All of them, excluding the leader herself, enjoyed the short, rousing speech, and gave a hearty and cheerful 'yeah!' Lumen seemed to be thinking of it in more detail than that... because she was the one who was foretold about this in the first place.

    “Luma, do you want to go patrolling soon to get your head cleared?” the friendly girl asked, reaching her hand out to the boss in aid. Lumen sighed and looked her in the eye, giving a clear image of the visible anxiety she felt. As soon as the leader began to tell her the truth, a high-pitched scream came from the distance.

    (End Music)

    “What was that?” one of the female members questioned.

    “Probably some asshole invading territory and attackin' the civvies!”

    “Going for the innocent instead of us? Someone took a page out of our book,” the other woman Lumen was speaking with said, giving props to the intruders for going as low as them.

    “Tomoyo, Lola, Holdan, and Lee, you guys are with me. The rest of you start scoutin' out for any more of these chumps in the area. If they think they can just come in Saikyou's turf and start stirrin' shit, they got another thing comin'!” Lumen's tone of voice had changed into an extremely violent and confident one as opposed to the one full of irritation and confusion before. Barking orders and refusing to let another gang mess with the natural order in the area of their control, she called upon those who were at the table with her, and left with them as the others spread out.


    The setting was a dark alley where the sun could not fully light up, the perfect location for a mugging. Three male thugs of differently designed clothes than the controlling gang of the turf surrounded a young blond lass that was fancily dressed in a bright, yellow colored dress who seemed like too high of class to be anywhere near this place. The poor girl was ducking down, covering her head in fear as the middle of the trio cracked his knuckles, a sign of preparing to use violence.

    “Listen up, girly, all ya gotta do is answer a few questions and we won't even lay so much as a hand on ya pretty face.” The brute had given her a choice to quietly and obediently give into interrogation. Even a ruffian had to be a gentleman in one or two aspects, so he thought to at least give her a chance before doing something drastic.

    “... W-What is it you wish to know...?”

    “We came here lookin' for the commandin' officer of Saikyou, Lumen Pollictella, see.”

    “I... don't know who that is…” The young girl honestly had no idea, but that didn't stop them from losing their patience and yanking her up by her dress collar. The one who did such looked incredibly furious with her.

    “You have ta know if yer brave enough to cruise through this shithole!”, the man on the right shouted in her face, instilling more fear with his loud and demanding tone of voice.

    “I do not know her!”

    “Yer lyin'!”

    “God, you guys are awful,” Lola spoke up while scratching through her gradient hair and getting their attention. The boy and the other friendly woman stood next to her. Finally, Lumen walked in front, seeming the angriest out of everyone there. The men knew it was the one they were looking for, so they had the courtesy to at least put the young mistress down gently, and then turn to them.

    “Well, well. If it ain't the floozy of the hour.”

    “Hope her daddy doesn't sue you guys for even laying a hand on her. … That aside, the hell do you want?” Lumen had forewarned them of the consequences for their aggressive 'questioning', then asked the most obvious thing that needed answering. The trio all chuckled with overconfidence oozing from their appearance.

    “We're from the new top of the tri-state.”

    “... Excuse me? Saikyou's still the strongest,” the young Lee corrected him, pointing out the absurdity of his statement.

    “Yer old news. Chikara's the new-”

    “Not once have I heard of you assholes,” Lumen interrupted, implying that their name had never come to her ears. As they were talking, the girl was signaled to come over to Tomoyo while no one had their eyes on her. She quickly ran over to their side and clung onto the woman for her safety. The man on the left laughed almost hysterically at the leader's lack of knowledge about them.

    “While you guys were on a rampage in the west, ya didn't think about the east, did ya?”


    “Chikara was relatively new a few months ago, but we were strong 'nough to win every turf war we got in, along with beatin' up a lot of the bosses without even havin' a full-fledged brawl,” the middle man explained. Lumen didn't seem impressed, neither did Lola, but the others were worried... Lee looked at them to see their expressions, but noticed something very wrong.

    “Leader, Holdan's gone!” Lee gave his boss information that served well in catching her off guard in the situation.

    “... Did you bastards do something with him?” Lumen inquired, wanting her answers quickly before things got even worse than they already were. Lola turned around and looked past the corner to see if he was just keeping watch behind them, but that wasn't the case.

    (End Music) (Struggling Tides)

    “Oh man, this is all they've got?” a relaxed male spoke, coming down the alley from the direction Lola was looking in. He had an average build, a black jacket and other matching clothes, but strangely no shirt. He had black hair with white highlights, designed with sharp ends at the neck end and the point at the very front, which covered right eye slightly. His indigo blue eyes, combined with the grin on his face, gave off the look of true self-confidence, and the type of fangs that could back it up very well. He only looked over at Lumen, uninterested in the others.

    “... You are?” Lee questioned the newcomer's identity.

    “I'm the guy who just kicked a few asses of your men in the back there.” The man failed to introduce himself properly, but did a great job in angering the members of Saikyou.

    “Name and rank,” Lumen demanded. He simply let out a lighthearted laugh and responded:

    “Shiroto Yamazaki, leader of Chikara.”

    “You took out Holdan?”

    “I took out more than just that big guy. But more importantly, I'm guessing you're Lumen, the one I'm looking for.”

    “What do you want?”

    “A friendly game between two bosses... one of Duel Monsters, maybe?” He proposed the challenge with a tone of his voice matching his laid-back attitude. Lumen was infuriated, but kept her cool on the outside and closed her eyes.

    “If I win, you guys have hell to pay,” she said, accepting the challenge.

    (End Music)

    “We promise for each and every last one of us to give a written apology to your entire team for causing trouble... if I lose, that is,” Shiroto replied, giving his word, which granted her side of the bet.

    “What if we win, boss?!” one of the men from the trio shouted from the other side of the alley.

    “Hmm... how about we take you, Lumen? You'll be our prize.” The antagonistic leader spoke of what he wanted out of this, desiring her to join the opposing faction. The other members of Saikyou seemed incredibly worried by this, and urged their leader to not go through with this.

    “Fine.” The woman acknowledged the terms of their wagers. The three of her group were startled by her just giving into the game without thinking about it for longer than three seconds. However, the female commander's expression changed to that of a crazed grin. “Just know that I'm going to tear you apart for not only causing trouble in my turf... but for messing with my people.”

    “That makes things even better since it's personal. Shall we move to a more open location?”



    The challenge was made and thoroughly explained to both sides by their leaders. The invading forces' commander was to fight the leader and protector of her home, gang, and residents. Both sides gathered with equal numbers in the same location Saikyou had their breakfast outing at, which was in an area in front of Lumen's house. The same rich lass they saved before walked amongst Saikyou's people, holding the hand of Tomoyo. Once they all arrived, there was only silence between both armies. Many grinning, some worried, others with stern expressions to carefully watch over the coming events. The two competitors walked out of their respective crowds, both armed with mechanical tools named “Duel Disks”. Lumen's resembled that of a black bat wing, armed on the right wrist. Shiroto's also in a similar shape, however his was red and did not look like any sort of animal... rather, a demonic creature's.

    Even the air suffocated all of the spectators with furious tension between the two simply exchanging fierce gazes of rivalry. Not feeling the need to go over the rules, the terms of the bet, or anything else, they began to load their disks with decks of cards. Lumen noticed the same blank card she had obtained from her dream earlier, and found it entirely useless for the time being. However, believing in this “destiny” that dragon spoke of, it could make its arrival in reality at any given moment, so she kept it in her Extra Deck full of black and white cards.

    Let's see how “fate” fares with me dealing with my own affairs, were the words that crossed her mind, almost mocking the foretold, obscure prophecy. With her turf and people at stake, her own placing in it included, she readied herself, as did her foe. Both of their machines activated, rapidly shuffled their stacks and linking up to one another through a virtual, invisible thread.

    The game began with a single word the duelists shouted together:


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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Altercation of Eden

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    Will read when I get home. But I've always wanted to write a FF on a card game, but I normally don't know enough cards to pull it off. With my massive attention to detail, I'd wind up making full deck lists for every character, major, minor, even non-duelist in case I wanna pull a Tristan later. A lot of hassle. Might try though. Watch for it.

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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Altercation of Eden

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    I'll judge it when it gets to the actual duel, as I want to see how the writing style is from all fronts. So far, I do like it though.

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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Altercation of Eden

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