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    Post by Dae of Judgment on Tue Jan 15, 2013 3:24 am

    An 8th Grader who I knew and was friends with personally just committed suicide this very night.
    I want to know your own views on Suicide and the leading factors that might cause it. Other information, the symptoms and personal experiences.



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    Re: Suicide

    Post by Ruby on Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:27 am

    I already made a thread on this.
    Smiles can be deceiving, suicidal people will lie about how they're feeling, and the hiding cuts under long sleeves bit should be noticeable along the way. Especially if you've experienced it yourself.

    For God's sake, be nice to people, and if you have a compliment for them, just bloody tell them. If people are depressed/suicidal, every boost counts.


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    Re: Suicide

    Post by Pack Rat on Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:46 pm

    Queen wrote:For God's sake, be nice to people, and if you have a compliment for them, just bloody tell them. If people are depressed/suicidal, every boost counts.

    Trust me, this, I know from personal experience...
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    Re: Suicide

    Post by HiveNet on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:08 pm

    It's something I don't want to do myself, but have the worrying feeling I will wind up doing so. I've tried it before, but obviously it didn't work. I kinda snapped out of something bad there, but.. Never mind about my rants.

    About 50% of the people I know are depressed in someway. I know at least 2 have tried this, 1 having succeeded.

    I think the issue is... nobody wants to believe it will happen to someone they know. But.. one experience of it kinda opens your eyes. I've had to keep people from doing it themselves before.

    If you know someone well enough you can see when they are in a rough way. No one can keep up a perfect disguise of it, something will show through. And don't just stereotype cutting as the only form of self harm. People will get inventive to keep it a secret, I know that very well.

    As for my view on it? It's a way of escaping when nothing else can work. Pain makes you make stupid choices.


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    Yuzuru Otonashi
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    Re: Suicide

    Post by Yuzuru Otonashi on Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:27 pm

    My Thoughts:

    Suicide is a sad, horrible thing that should never have to happen, yet people are driven to a point where they feel absolutely hopeless and/or worthless and feel life isn't worth living anymore.

    People say that those who kill themselves are cowards, but it's not with the distaste that you say someone who runs away from his duty is a coward. It's a remorseful sense of them being too scared to continue life because they were just beat down until they couldn't take it anymore. Even the times when someone is psychotic and kills themselves/others, there's still sorrow looming along with some distaste.

    If someone you know is going to kill themselves, you fight for them until you have no fight left in you and then some. You don't just turn a blind eye, because surely you wouldn't want someone to give up on you in your greatest time of need. They might hate you for it for a while, but they'll one day thank you for what you did.

    Each life is precious, pure gold, and needs to be treated as such. If society as a whole were better, maybe there would be less endless despair that leads to this bad ending. And the worst part is that it's NOT a singular act. It's like stabbing everyone that you love and loved you, telling them their life and feelings meant nothing to you, or at least not enough to live. It's a painful feeling for anyone to think that their loved one(s) died because they weren't good enough, but it is fairly common for such feelings to arise in their hearts, sometimes causing a chain reaction of death.

    If you didn't read it all, it's a heartbreaking thing that shouldn't exist, yet it does, and it affects too many people.
    Caeda's Thoughts:

    For me... The biggest thing I hate about suicide isn't the act itself... It's how people may KNOW about it, but not even try to help.

    I mean... When I first started being active and got on Duel Monsters Genesis, I was... Fairly suicidal myself (Still am sometimes) and it was no fun... I couldn't enjoy life, school was miserable, I always felt alone, and it was all around one of the most miserable times of my life.

    Well, I didn't say anything about, to anyone online or offline, and I just went on. Eventually, it got to the point where I didn't want to be around people, so I would just run off from the main group on DMG. No one noticed, no one cared, I was alone and I was slowly convincing myself it was a good idea. No one cared when I was gone then, why would they care if I was gone after that? I didn't have many friends at school, and at home... Well, home was the one time I was happy, but that was mainly because of the internet.

    Either way, around February of 2011, I started making plans. I had a place I could run off too... I started writing a note. One to my family, and one to my friends online... I went through multiple drafts... All of them had different messages, but the same base idea.

    Except for the message to one person. You all know him as Yuzuru Otonashi or Black. I was gonna tell him that I had feelings for him... And I would miss him more then anything.

    During all this, I kept getting on DMG and being around Black made it harder and harder for me to think about doing it, but I thought I would be happier. My feelings for him kept growing and growing, making it harder for me to be happy with the message I wrote, making me write it over and over so I could tell him how special he really was to me...

    So March rolls around and around the 15th I finished the final draft... I was gonna send it on the 22nd of March, then I could end it.

    On the 19th of March, Black told me he loved me.

    Here I am.

    What I'm getting at is, Black didn't even KNOW he was helping me most of the time. As far as he knew, I was just unhappy and needed to talk to someone. But he cared enough to listen to me.

    We fell in love, and we're still together today. Things can be tough, and I do lapse back to... That, but I know I can trust Black to help snap me out of it, along with my other friends.

    If you DO know someone who's suicidal, don't convince yourself you can't do anything to help them. You might be way more wrong then you ever knew.

    If you ARE suicidal... Don't give up yet. Things may be hard... They may seem impossible... But they'll get better. You just need help... It doesn't have to b someone you love. It can be a close friend... You just need someone to help you. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Black.

    I literally would be dead if it wasn't for him.


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    Re: Suicide

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