That card game duel that nobody forgets!

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    That card game duel that nobody forgets!

    Post by HSektor on Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:18 am

    Yes, you do know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about that game that you played with your friend(s) and you'll never forget because it was extremely awesome/funny/WTF.

    I'll post 2 examples of mine, both related to magic but you can tell a story from any kind of card game.

    Story 1: It was a 4 players deathmatch in magic. I was running a bad Esper control, a friend of mine was playing a budget red deck wins, another one was playing my mono-green midrange because he didn't bring his cards and there was this new player, he was using a mono-black vampire/control that he borrowed from his brother. Anyway, it was a crazily political duel, I made the RDW and the new player hate each other and eventually they killed each other while me and the mono-green player just played defensively/passively. The RDW died first, then the mono-green pulled out a mercy kill on the new player. The duel proceeded in me against my own mono-green deck. I lost to the green. What was fun about this match? The RDW player was being pretty much "controlled" by the mono-green one while I was teaching the new player on how to play. It was actually a 2v2 duel, but nobody noticed. After the new player died I said "JUST AS PLANNED" while posing with a "huur im kira from death note" look.

    Story 2:In this story I'm not the protagonist, but a rich friend of mine the pretty much owns everything on magic...even the power nine. Me, that rich friend and some other guys where playing EDH. I don't have a EDH deck yet so I borrowed my friend's Zur.dek. What happened? Well, that rich player is also a troll...a big and fat troll. He was playing a Rasputin Dreamweaver deck. We asked "Why?" and he answered "Because why not?". During the game, he played plassively while everybody else was killing each other in Voltrons and sweepers, then out of f****** now...IT HAPPENED. Keep in mind that he had an Leyline of Anticipation on play.

    "I cast Hivemind during the end of your turn. No answer?" We looked each other, but nobody had a counter, we wasted everything on each other. "Ok, now I cast Panoptic Mirror imprinting with Shahrazad. I guess that we're playing 4 minigames during each turn. Now it's my turn, right? Unless you all want to just pay half your life every time of course."

    Everybody, including me, flipped the f****** table and rage quitted. After that, EDH games were never the same in my locals.


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    Re: That card game duel that nobody forgets!

    Post by Rodrigo on Sat Nov 17, 2012 9:07 am

    I'll never forget the day I lost to Exodia when I was 10. I made that tourney, I even bought medals, but I lost in the finals because the opponent pulled a Yugi.


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