Evil-Oracle Think Tank [Deck List + Guide]


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    Evil-Oracle Think Tank [Deck List + Guide]

    Post by Legend Zero on Sun Apr 08, 2012 10:15 pm

    17 Grade 0
    1 Godhawk, Ichibyoshi
    4 Lozenge Magus [H]
    4 Dream Eater [D]
    4 Battle Sister, Ginger [C]
    4 Psychic Bird [C]

    16 Grade 1
    4 Battle Sister Chocolat
    4 Battle Sister Cocoa
    4 Goddess of the Crescent Moon, Tsukuyomi
    2 Hare of Inaba
    2 Oracle Guardian, Gemini

    10 Grade 2
    4 Goddess of the Half Moon, Tsukuyomi
    3 Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime
    3 Oracle Guardian Red-Eye

    7 Grade 3
    3 Beautiful Maiden of Wicked Eyes, Euryale
    4 Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi

    • I - Clan Overview
    • II - Build Explanation
    + IIb - Grade 1 Explanation
    + IIc - Grade 2 Explanation
    + IId - Grade 3 Explanation
    • III - Controversial Choices
    • IIII - How to play...
    + IIIIa - Against
    + IIIIb - With

    I - Clan Overview

    Click here for a link to the entire list of Oracle Think Tank cards.

    Oracle Think Tank, commonly abbreviated as OTT, are a clan which have been in the game since the very beginning, BT01: Descent of the Knight King. Then the clan was given a Trail Deck, VG-TD04 Maiden Princess of the Cherry Blossoms. Shortly after, they was then expanded in a pack called BT03: Demonic Lord Invasion. They continue to receive support through the anime and manga, with much thanks to Tokura Misaki. They are scheduled for more support in BT07: Rampage of the Beast King, with the chance of adding a Limit Break unit to the Oracle Think Tank front lines.
    The Oracle Think Tank are a clan from the nation of United Sanctuary. The Oracle Think Tank is a corporation of individuals talented in magic that use their powers to predict the future. They focus less on power and more on intelligence, with cards mechanically themed around hand size, drawing, and looking at the top card(s) of your deck. Many of the cards in the Oracle Think Tank clan are designed to be female.

    Oracle Think Tank are a clan which have many types of play styles, but most appear to focus around consistently increasing the player’s hand advantage, with the sub-focus on the predicting triggers. The newer units achieve their skills through Soul manipulation, mainly six Soul.

    II – Oracle Think Tank: Build Explanation

    As you can probably see, this deck is focused on the Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi and her Ride Chain. Some people believe that this deck is meant to obtain a hand advantage over your opponent, while continuing to dish out a constant stream of attacks. These people are not completely wrong, but the main focus is actually reaching the “stack”, provided by the Tsukuyomi Ride Chain, to beat your opponent in one swoop. Continuous drawing and Soul Charging are a few ways that this can be accomplished faster and consistently.
    IIb - Grade 1 Explanation

    Battle Sister, Chocolat – The perfect guard of the deck. The draw power lets the deck run 4, being able to continuously fend off big threats.
    Battle Sister, Cocoa – A Grade 1 with 6k that, when Rode or Called, gives you the ability to look at the top card of your deck and place it on the top of bottom. Now, the 6k may turn off some people, but being able to predict a trigger or get closer to the stacked cards at the bottom of your deck is invaluable.
    Crescent Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi – The Grade 1 Ride Chain. It’s pretty obvious to run 4 for consistency. The 7k is also nice for an RG, too.
    White Rabbit of Inaba – The Grade 1, 6k, little bunny is probably one of the disputed card in the deck. Now, you might hear that Oracle Think Tank decks can reach 6 Soul fairly easily. Well, that is true to an extent, but it is not always the case. Missing a Ride Chain can and will happen to you and being able to get to the 6 Soul is extremely important. White Rabbit of Inaba outshines Psychic Bird and Oracle Guardian, Red Eye in the aspect of getting Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi to full power in a pinch.
    Oracle Guardian, Gemini – The Grade 1 vanilla, a common choice among certain clans. Its flavor text also sums up the clan; making is pretty cool to play. It makes for a good choice as the Vanguard Unit if you miss Riding Crescent Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi. However, its greatest asset is being able to boost Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime for a 20k, which is a great number against most Grade 3 units.

    IIc - Grade 2 Explanation

    Half Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi – Grade 2 of the Ride Chain, Soul Charges 2 when successfully going through the Ride Chain, overall 9k beater.
    Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime – The best Rearguard to have late game, and can play defense early game. Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime is a Grade 2 with 9k that gains an additional 3k whenever 6 or more are in soul. Most players who have faced her will try a significant amount to Retire her, which can take some pressure off of your current Vanguard Unit.
    Oracle Guardian, Red Eye – The 9k fox statue may not seem like it, but it does a lot for the deck. Even with a successful Ride Chain, Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi would still require another card in the Soul. While Psychic Bird and White Rabbit of Inaba are valid choices, Oracle Guardian, Red Eye lets you keep the 10k shield that Psychic Bird brings and sustains the hand advantage that you’ve worked hard for. Getting this early to mid game can give you the Soul that you need, get you closer to your stacked cards, or force your opponent to waste cards by guarding, which could’ve come in handy later. Plus its red, making even better.

    IId - Grade 3 Explanation

    Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi – Now for the star of the deck…well, star maybe a poor choice of words. Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi truly lives up to her role as the “Avatar of the Full Moon”, and the central unit of the deck. To start off with, this unit loses 2k when it is missing any of the Ride Chain in its Soul. Now, some consider this a major flaw, but it is not as bad as it seems. First, you already have Godhawk, Ichibyoshi in the Soul regardless. Second, with the ability of mulligan, you have a decent chance to end up with numerous cards of the Ride Chain in your starting hand. This is coupled with the fact that a Ride Chain filled Soul will give Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi an impressive 11k power makes it worth the small effort. While not being the strongest Vanguard Unit, it does have a distinct advantage over 10k Vanguard Units and doesn’t bow down as easily to the likes of Phantom Blaster Overlord, Dragonic Overlord The End, and Majesty Lord Blaster. Finally, we come to Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi’s Counterblast; when activated, you draw two cards and place one from your hand into the Soul. Being a natural +1 to the hand is what it is at face value, but it does so much more. This skill can draw and fill your Soul with the rest of the Ride Chain, provided you missed any, and gets you that much closer to your stacked cards.
    Evil-eye Princess, Euryale - I know what you’re thinking, “why not CEO Amaterasu?” I’ll get to that in just a bit, but right now, let’s talk about the most controversial unit in the deck. Evil-eye Princess, Euryale, commonly known as Eury, is one of the four and only Grade 3 Oracle Think Tank from BT05: Awakening of Twin Blades. Evil-eye Princess, Euryale is a 10k unit that represents one of the Gorgon sisters. When this unit is Called or Rode and you have 6+ Oracle Think Tanks in the Soul you can Bind a random card in your opponent’s hand for the duration of the turn. This card is simply amazing late game, on the verge of heavenly if used in multiples. This unit can ruin your opponent’s plan in ways they couldn’t begin to imagine. It can force your opponent to use many of their 5k shields, take on extra damage, force the use of a different card for perfect guard fodder, or simply make your opponent unable to guard your attacks. With this card you can gain the upper hand after a bad game or win a turn or two early, saving you from the difficulties of late game against the powerhouses of the meta game.

    III - Controversial Choices
    *Note: I will add to this section if anyone would like an explanation as to why I left a card in or out.
    CEO Amaterasu – Probably the biggest thing one would see missing from the deck. Many decks and many sources of information will tell you that CEO Amaterasu is the better choice for your second Grade 3 in this deck, but I will argue that. One of the main arguments I’ve heard (I’m going to quote a DGZ member for this) is, “Eurayle is trash, it's a vanilla VG and a vanilla RG after the first turn, it has a surprise factor late game, but unless your binding a null guard it probably won't matter that much”. Ok, so let’s dive right into this. Comparing CEO Amaterasu to Evil-eye Princess, Euryale as the Rear Guard Unit gives you what? A 10k vanilla after the first turn, with Evil-eye Princess, Euryale getting its skill during the first turn. CEO Amaterasu will have no use for its Megablast as a Rear Guard Unit because that should be used for the more reliable and consistent Counterblast of Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi. I will not deny the fact that CEO Amaterasu is leagues above Evil-eye Princess, Euryale in the Vanguard Circle and can benefit you in getting to your stacked cards faster, but that would require you to Ride (or worst case Re-Ride) this unit. It leaves you with a 10k on the defensive side of the board, which is extremely vulnerable in today’s meta game, with +5k Limit Breaks giving Vangaurd Units upwards of 25k during the offense. Also, while it may not seem that important, the Soul Charging CEO Amaterasu gives not only dwindles your deck, but can virtually lock important units into the Soul. So, while CEO Amaterasu plays an amazing offensive late game as the Vanguard Unit, Evil-eye Princess, Euryale can play just as amazingly late game, and can even force your opponent into the end game. In the end, the second Grade 3 should be a Rear Guard Unit first and a Vanguard Unit in the event of going without a Grade 3 Tsukuyomi. I do enjoy the discussion between these two cards, so feel free to add your opinions.

    IIII - How to play...
    IIIIa - Against

    This is something that most of you should probably take a good note of if you want to be able to play better against them.

    Stop the sixth Soul. Getting to 6 Soul is important for this deck; Evil-eye Princess, Euryale, Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi[/i ], and [i]Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime all rely on being in this state. So, when you’re being attacked by Oracle Guardian, Red Eye think twice before taking the hit, especially if they miss a part of the Ride Chain.

    Commit to the board. [b]Oracle Think Tank[b] decks have no real way to Retire or mess with their opponent’s field, take advantage of that. Committing units to the board, especially early game, can give you the
    upper hand right from the get go.

    Late Game equals End Game. Now, since I’ve gone on and on about the stack, playing against it should be simple; keep your opponent from reaching their stack. This means that you should start pushing as soon as you reach Grade 3. If you can’t win in that time, then save your perfect guards for when your opponent is reaching the end of their deck.

    IIIIb - With

    The Starting Vanguard will be Godhawk, Ichibyoshi. In your opening hand, you should keep one copy of any one of the Ride Chain, however, try to get the lower Grades first, because it gives you more time to draw into the higher Grades. Other than that it is as standard as any other deck, mulligan any trigger. Some may want to keep a Psychic Bird for security, but the amount of Soul Charging cards the deck brings doesn’t warrant the dead trigger.

    Now, you obviously want to Superior Ride as much as possible to keep a hand advantage over your opponent. In the event you don’t get Crescent Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi don’t panic. You have two options; Ride another Grade 1 and try to fill the Soul with the appropriate cards, or do not Ride anything for the turn. I recommend the latter in the event you go first, and it’s your choice if you go second. Remember, skipping a Ride is not as bad for this deck since you get 5 cards closer to your initial stack. You should call Rear Guards to poke for early damage if possible.

    Riding the Grade 2, simple enough. Once again, Superior Ride if possible, if not then Ride Half Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi. If you cannot do either of those, then you once again have the choice to Ride another Grade 2 or not Ride anything at all. Call Oracle Guardian, Red Eye if you have it and Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime if you think you need to take pressure off your Vanguard Unit. If you don’t have a Grade 3 at this stage then you might want to start Calling Psychic Bird and/or Battle Sister, Cocoa for their skills.

    Here we are, the final step! Grade 3 is also pretty self explanatory; you need to let the Full Moon shine. You should have had enough time to get Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi into your hand. If you still don’t have it and are unable to Superior Ride it, we go back to the choice of “to Ride or not to Ride?” I would recommend not Riding Evil-eye Princess, Euryale if at all possible. Though, you should Ride if your opponent already has a powerhouse Vanguard Unit, then grin and bear it until you can Ride Full Moon Goddess, Tsukuyomi. You should also be putting down Battle Maiden, Tagitsuhime and any offensive force you can muster up. Start putting as much pressure as possible, while you get closer to your stack. Call Evil-eye Princess, Euryale whenever you feel extremely overwhelmed or when you feel you’ve reached your stack.

    If you have any questions then feel free to ask. ^-^

    ~Thanks to Koko for the format and motivation. =]

    Anyway, all comments are welcome.

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    Re: Evil-Oracle Think Tank [Deck List + Guide]

    Post by Legend Zero on Sun Apr 22, 2012 3:11 am

    bump for awesomeness and to say thanks again to Koko. <3


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    Re: Evil-Oracle Think Tank [Deck List + Guide]

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    I want to try one of these now. :/

    For CEO-Eury, CEO would really only be used in the event of you missing your chain, and even then, since it's a Superior chain, you have a bunch of chances to Ride G3 Tsuku, so if you did ride it, you'd cut those chances by a lot, unlike in standard chain decks where it makes much more sense to not bother completing it and just go to Plan B in the event of failure. While that makes CEO not have much use, Eury has a good RG skill, unlike Amaterasu, who just sits there doing nothing in the RG and taking up a circle that would probably be better filled by a Tagitsuhime.


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    Re: Evil-Oracle Think Tank [Deck List + Guide]

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    bump again for completion.


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    Re: Evil-Oracle Think Tank [Deck List + Guide]

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