[Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]


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    [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Ruby on Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:34 am

    Woop, woop. First Vanguard Fic on the forums. This entire story takes place in an alternate timeline where the original cfv cast did not exist. So no Ren, Kai, Aichi, etc. However, characters will be similar to those from the old cast, so... yeah. You can also expect the beginning to be like that of the anime itself. So, as you're reading, I hope you don't mind the refresher courses.

    Other than that, forgive my poor writing skills and I ask that you somehow enjoy the story regardless.

    Now, picture it...

    The game Cardfight!! Vanguard is widely known across the entire planet as one of the biggest Trading Card Games of the century. There are players everywhere, and Card Shops all around the world gather their best players and send them off to fulfill their dreams of being the greatest players ever. Laugh or cry, the cards bring out a person's determination, will, courage, and even their true selves.

    Vanguard Fighters all have extrodinary imaginations. Picturing themselves as their units fighting against one another for victory. These battles all take place on the Planet Cray and its many, many nations with wars between clans.

    … However, there is a hidden truth in this. A magicial power that is turning one's imagination into reality. One becomes perfectly synchronized with their cards, and becomes nigh-invincible. This gift is only handed out at birth to the chosen ones that will desire power like no other, and do so now.

    In the end. Every Vanguard Fighter is no different. All they do is take for the skies, and soar.

    Cardfight!! Vanguard – Dream Shooters
    Ride 1
    Vanguard of Destiny

    You know that feeling you get when you know some thing's coming? I don't mean like, a gut feeling. I mean really knowing exactly what's going to happen. Seeing the future, even by just a few minutes. … No? I'm the only one...?

    I've been able to see things involving the game: Cardfight Vanguard. Every time I watch my sister play, it's like... I can hear voices. Voices filled with fear of those playing against her, and arrogant ones from her own cards. It's weird, because I can always tell exactly how she's gonna win.

    Then, what's weirder is that I can see myself winning... then I'll have another vision of myself losing. I've barely started playing, so it really doesn't make sense to me.

    Someone out there can relate, right? Right?!

    … I'm talking to myself...


    “I attack with Death Warden, Antlion!” a male voice declared, and on a stormy battlefield within the land of Cray, a large insect charged forward at a warrior standing on top of a large red dragon. However the soldier immediately pressed the shield onto the enemy's face, stopping it in its tracks.

    “Even with your Drive Trigger, your twenty-five thousand isn't enough to break my shield.” the female adversary responded to her opponent.

    “Dammit... I could've had that second trigger! I end my turn!”

    “Stand and Draw.”

    “Pffft... I'm fine, as long as-”

    “I don't Ride to Grade Three?”

    “... Y-Yeah...” unease came overflowing within the man as he replied.

    “Too bad.”


    “Burn everything in this world to ashes with your apocalyptic fire! Ride the Vanguard!” the woman recited a chant referring the literally destroying all with the flames of her new units. Within a large wildfire created; a gigantic dragon arose and flapped open its wings. Its skin mostly a red color, but scales blue, pink, and red, along with white spikes coming out of its body. The yellow eyes on the powerful creature glared at the insect, seeing it in a literal metaphoric sense, A small bug ready to be crushed. Finally, sitting in the pool of fire did she call out its name: “Dragonic Overlord!”


    “Further, I flip over three damage to activate the Counterblast! Power plus five thousand!”

    “What the hell?!”

    “With Bahr's boost... Eternal Flame!” the player named the attack, giving her Vanguard the signal to let out a devastating fire that completely engulfed the enemy's entire field, burning the opposing army all away.


    “I win. Again.” the same woman spoke with a deadpan tone, bringing the loser back to reality. The two of them were sitting at a table within a Card Shop, with a Cardfight play mat on it. The man was wearing a school uniform, having on a white shirt, and matching jacket, pants, and shoes; all black, even going with his short hair. Meanwhile, the person he faced was absolutely gorgeous. She had short blood-red hair that reached down to her neck, and eyes of the same color. The girl's attire consisted of a pink tube top with a black strap connected to the left shoulder. Combined with that was a denim skirt, flaunting every bit of her legs, and a pair of cute, black shoes. Of course, every male inside of the store watching the game most likely paid no attention to it, staring at her large breasts and multiple curves completely awestruck.

    “C-Come on! Best three out of five! I can't lose this bet!” the man begged, gripping his deck tightly as if it was his hold on life.

    “No. You're a terrible player and should be ashamed. Keep your deck, I don't want it.” she coldly denied his request, standing up and not even looking his way anymore. With that, she began to leave the shop, with only despair and feelings of complete inferiority and hopelessness as a parting gift for the opponent. All of which made him break down into tears right at the table. When the girl walked outside, someone followed.

    “You are forever the Queen of Ice, Ruby.” another man said, getting her attention. This one had green eyes and similar to the shattered boy inside; black hair. He wore a black shirt with a white serpent-like dragon designed on the front and blue jeans. When he spoke, he was referring to how she left him with a cruel message. “Would it kill you to be nice?”

    “I was being nice, Zack. I could've taken his deck.”

    “I don't think being brutally honest should make someone burst into tears like that.”

    “He was bad. I'm not going to lie and say he was any good.” Ruby stuck by her beliefs, refusing the thought of even going back to apologize, let alone be nice to someone. Zack only sighed, seeing that this harsh attitude was what made her who she is.

    “This happens every time you try to find someone skilled to play...” the man mentioned the conditions for her to even be slightly kind to another.

    “Speaking of someone skilled... play me.”

    “Sur- … Wait, you're willingly challenging me. Why?”

    “I'm hungry.” Ruby gave an answer that clearly had nothing to do with the card game.

    “... Oh. The usual bet. The one that sucks my wallet dry after a month of saving. Goddammit, you eat too much.” Zack remembered that the two of them would play and wager who's buying the other's food. It was a very bad memory that was forced to stick around. He's constantly reminded of all the losses he suffered, game-wise and money-wise. One thing he did know was that the jeer at the damsel's appetite may be digging his own grave.

    “I eat enough. Now come on, let's-” the woman was interrupted by a ring tone that was surprisingly a more cheery and hopeful theme compared to herself. She quickly pulled out a red cellphone, pressed a button, then put it up to her ear. “Sapp-”

    “Big sis! Where are you?!” a girl shouted over the line, making Ruby hold the phone away. “All my friends got picked up already, and if you don't hurry, they're gonna make me go to that stupid School Program with the Grade School kids!”

    “... Are you done yelling?”

    “... Yeah.”

    “Sapphire, I'll be there in about five minutes.” Ruby told her, making Zack start fist pumping without her knowing because this means she has to skip out on the game. Which meant that for this day, his money was all to himself.

    “You better... I see cars pulling up.”

    “Just wait.” the damsel said to her younger sibling. After hearing a bit of a sniffle, she hung up.

    “Damn. That's too bad. Gotta pick up Sapphire. Welp! I'll be on my w-”

    “If you don't have the money to buy us lunch tomorrow...”

    Us?! Zack thought she was surely joking by saying it would be for two. He never got to eat that much whenever they went out together.

    “I'll see you tomorrow.”

    “Later...” the man said his parting words, voicing clear depression before they went their own ways.


    “Dude, where is your sister?!” a male student asked, flipping out.

    “I don't know!” a blue haired with navy blue eyes girl responded. The boy was in a uniform that was exactly the same as the man playing in the shop. The female wore a mostly black and red serafuku with black shoes. She also had hair that extended past her neck, and some of it hung by her right eye. It was obvious that she was panicking much, much more than the person she was talking to.

    “Man... I can't even imagine sitting with Grade Schoolers anymore. We're almost headed to High School soon...”

    “Dude! Shut up! I'm more worried about sitting down and having to listen to some Ronald McDonald song!”

    “Oh God, why him?!”

    “... Oh look. There's you dad...” the young lass pretty much started crying right there when she saw an adult waving at her friend.

    “Damn. He's always late as hell too...”

    “Today is gonna be the worst day of my life...”

    “Welp, tell me if some kid gets gum stuck in your hair!”

    “Screw you! Go! Go home!” she was blinded by the future event coming up scaring her to death, but he wasn't helping in the slightest, so she just demanded he shut up and leave. The boy started laughing and ran off. While he was leaving, the student could only let out a depressed sigh. After waiting for only two minutes afterwards though, someone tapped her on the shoulder.

    “Sapphire. Let's go home.” Ruby spoke to her in a sweet, gentle tone. It was as if the woman that played at the shop was an entirely different person. The young one turned to see her busty sister and almost immediately hugged her. Sapphire was looking up to her as some sort of savior. The older sibling only imagined if this school program would've really been that bad. Instead of outright questioning it though, she kept a smile on her face and embraced her sister.


    Later that night...

    “So you beat everyone there? One of them was even crying?” Sapphire asked her sister, especially curious about the latter. The two were discussing all of the Cardfights Ruby had won at the Card Shop. The girls were walking down a hallway, and the teenaged girl was wearing a purple nightgown.

    “I was only being honest with that last one...”

    “Zack was right. You are forever the Queen of Ice!” the younger one said that as if it was something to be proud of. Ruby pushed the door to Sapphire's bedroom open when she finished talking.

    “Go to bed.” the now irritated woman ordered.

    “Oh come on! It was a joke!”

    “Go. To. Bed.”

    “... Can I ask you something before I do?”


    “When are you gonna play with me?” Sapphire asked with an innocent tone of voice. Ruby saw her eyes filled with hope, yet at the same time, were begging for an answer. She was using the old puppy dog eyes trick. To Ruby, she was sometimes cute enough to make it work. This was not one of those times.

    “Summer Break.”

    “Oh come on, that's like, so many weeks away!”

    “Try a little over a week.”

    “How about tomorrow?” the girl jumped from however many days left right to asking for the next day in mere seconds. This only made Ruby turn around and start walking off. “Sis!”

    “Maybe. Go to bed.” the woman replied with a possible 'yes'. To her though, that was a definite yes.

    “Where's Card Capital? Will you take me there?”

    “Go to bed!”

    “Okay! Okay!” Sapphire gave in, running into her room and closing the door out of fear. After a few moments of waiting, Ruby knew she wasn't coming back out, and left for nightly business. Of course, the girl wasn't really going to sleep right then. No... she was planning.

    “Darry said he went with his dad to Card Capital... so I might be able to get directions!” the girl figured out how exactly she was going to make her sister play a game with her. Sapphire was getting all hyped, already knowing she wouldn't be able to sleep enough. The lass made sure to do one thing before trying to sleep... checking her deck. A stack of cards sat on her desk on the dark moon lit up by the bright moonlight. Sapphire grabbed it and plopped down on her bed. The card at the very bottom of her deck had a picture of a white knight with large sword in hand. The aspiring player had obviously taken a shine to it.

    “'Shine forth, brave sword and defender of the weak... Blaster Blade'...” Sapphire read the flavor text, then called it by its name. For only a moment though, the card began glowing and a light appeared within her eyes. The light was many colors, all shades of pink and seemed as if it was spinning. Her vision suddenly blurred, then showed her a battle on Cray. The very unit she was gazing at was flying toward her sister's Dragonic Overlord. A second later, her eyes showed her the ceiling of her own room. “... What just happened...?”


    The next day, later in the afternoon...

    “You wanna go to Card Capital?” the same boy from yesterday asked Sapphire as they were leaving out of the school building.


    “Sure? Dad's working the register today, so my sister can drive us there.”

    “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

    “Alright! Alright! Don't mention it!”


    “No, gimme five bucks!”

    “You suck!” Sapphire yelled at him just before handing him the money. After the exchange, she followed her classmate to a white car and saw a woman with long, pink hair and navy blue eyes like Sapphire's. The woman had a red crop top on, covering up her above average bust and black jeans. She was actually sitting there playing a Play Station Portable, and she looked really into it.

    “Sis!” Darry shouted, trying to get her attention. He even had to start knocking on the window for extra measure. Only the latter made her turn to him. The woman quickly rolled down the window to talk.

    “Hey. Ready to go?” she asked her younger brother. Though, Sapphire could clearly see that she was itching to continue the game, seeing it paused.

    “Yeah, can you take us to Card Capital?”

    “Dad wants me to take over for a bit anyway. Something stupid with mom. Hop on in you two!” the woman said to the two Junior High Students, and they did as told, jumping into the backseats. The driver sat the PSP in the passenger sit and drove off.

    “Uh... I don't think I got to meet you yet, actually.” Sapphire said to Darry's sister.

    “I'm Lucy. Darry's told me about you, but I never got the chance to speak with you.”

    “Oh... Darry sucks. He should've introduced me to you sooner.”

    “I'm like, right here. Seriously.” the boy reminded his friend that he was still there in the car right beside her, yet she insulted him anyway.

    “It was a joke...” Lucy spoke for Sapphire, wanting her brother to lighten up about it.

    “Darry, what deck do you use?” Sapphire asked, sounding serious all of a sudden. This worried him greatly.

    “... Nova Grappler. Why?”

    “Just... wondering. How good do you think Royal Paladins are?”

    “Why are you asking?”

    “Do you think it could beat Kagero?” Sapphire asked, tilting her head curiously while holding the deck in her hands. Darry looked surprised for a minute, then blinked twice. Almost immediately did he begin laughing hysterically after realizing what she was talking about.

    “Dude! You cannot beat your sister!”

    “Shut up! I could if I tried!” the girl shouted, tears already welling up in her eyes. He just kept laughing at her, because even he knew that her sister was an absolute monster at the game.

    “Ruby, eh? I've seen her a bunch. Don't think she's ever lost during my shifts.” Lucy entered the conversation, speaking of memories watching the woman ruthlessly destroy all of her opponents. Honestly, she felt cold sweat running down her spine at the very thought of her.

    “... So there's no way I could win...”

    “That's what I said!” Darry said in the middle of his constant giggling.

    “Shut up Darry. Any deck can beat any other deck. It depends on the player.”

    “Um, so it depends on me?”


    “How can I beat my sister then?”

    “You haven't tried yet, have you?” the pink haired damsel questioned. She had no idea that Sapphire has never once played in a game. All the girl did was study the rules. After the lack of a response, Lucy understood that the newbie made no attempt to defeat her sister yet. “Don't count yourself out.”

    “... Yeah, I guess I can't...”

    “Attagirl! Now...” Lucy showed her complete support, but then stopped at a red light. The woman took this chance to reach to the back and whack Darry upside the head.

    “Ow! Dammit, that hurt!”

    “I know! That's why I did it!”


    “Got it. Critical Trigger. Once again, all effects to the Vanguard: Dragonic Overlord.” Ruby said, tapping the vanguard card with the trigger in her hand. Zack was completely dumbfounded at this. Next thing he knew, he sat three units in his Damage Zone.

    “All three checks were Criticals. Are you sure you don't stack your deck?” Zack asked, still in shock somewhat from realizing he took five damage that entire turn.

    “I'm sure. However, now that I've won...” Ruby began as they both stood up after gathering their decks. “You're buying me lunch.”

    “Well, at least you didn't lie and say 'us' again.” Zack still remembered what she said yesterday and still remembered how it was never for two people. When the woman was about to leave, the door flew open.

    “Hi big sis!” Sapphire shouted, completely shocking Ruby and leaving her in a surprised-wide-eyed state.

    “Daaaad...” Lucy called out, but saw no one at the register. Though, a second latter, a box hit her in the back.

    “Oh! Sorry!” a black haired man said to the girl. Her father looked to the side to see the pink hair and recognized immediately. He was wearing a worker's uniform: a blue dress shirt, a blue jacket, and blue pants. At first glance, since it's basically the time of Summer, that outfit was absurd because he was going to be ridiculously hot.

    “Gah. Gimme that.” Lucy demanded, taking the other end of the box, but instead of just snatching it away, the both of them started carrying it into a backroom. Darry came in late and stood behind Sapphire, quickly shifting his attention to Ruby.

    “... Your sister's hot. Have I mentioned this?”

    “Only like, a thousand times... I know she is!” Sapphire kept talking with a very happy tone of voice, not even noticing that Ruby hasn't said a word yet.

    “Well, this is awkward.” Zack spoke up, standing beside his friend.

    “Why on earth are you here...” Ruby questioned with a dark tone, trying to regain her composure.

    “I tracked you down and got a ride with Darry and Lucy! Now you can teach me how to play today, like you said you would”

    “I never said today!”

    “You said yes!”

    “I said maybe!”

    “That means yes!”

    “Make it stop...” Zack covered his ears, trying to block out the bickering between the sisters.

    “Go home!” Ruby ordered, asserting complete authority as the older sibling.

    “No! I finally caught you here, and I even have my deck!” Sapphire refused to leave and then, after finishing her sentence, whipped out her deck in a flash. Seeing that she was prepared, Ruby hesitated for a moment to think of how to react. However, the younger sister was desperate, so she started pleading: “Please! I want to Cardfight with everyone!”

    “S-Sapphire...” Ruby was taken aback from how much she wanted to play this game. The woman needed more time to come up with a logical response, especially about how Zack and her were about to go out to eat. … But no matter how cold, the older sister can't ignore the cries of the younger one. “... One game.”

    “Yay! Sis! Thank you! I love yooou!” Sapphire's overflowing happiness shot out so fast that it almost made the begging look like an act. She practically jumped up and hugged the woman, then pushed her luck by snuggling up to Ruby's breasts. This earned her a swift punch to the noggin.

    “What do I always tell you about-”

    “It was worth it!” the young girl interrupted her sister, smiling and holding her head in pain. Ruby only looked away, incredibly irritated.

    “I wanna try that!” Darry spoke up, demanding what she was having.

    “I can't save you once you make contact.” Lucy informed her brother that once he went in, he wasn't coming back. The damsel walked over to the register and took a seat. Her father came out a few moments afterwards.

    “... Aren't you gonna get in uniform?” the man asked her.


    “... Fine...” he gave in early and let his daughter do as she pleased before he got himself in trouble.

    “I got an idea. Hey Manager, could we use one of those Standing Tables?” Zack asked, wishing to flare up the upcoming game a bit.

    “Standing Tables?” Sapphire questioned, not understanding the entirety of the 'standing'.

    “It's a higher table that you stand up and play on.” Ruby answered for her, back to her normal cool and collected state. The lass just let out an astonished 'Oh...', which further annoyed the older one about how she was impressed by the slightest thing.

    “Sure... help me out? I don't think Lucy will...” the owner requested his aid, then looked over to confirm his suspicions. He was right. She was absorbed into the PSP she started up again. Zack shrugged and went into the back with him to get it. It didn't take long for them to place a table in the middle of the store. The difference between that one and regular tables was that this one was built much higher, and it was not supported by table legs, but a single cylinder. The two girls walked over to it and held up their decks. Lucy looked over the counter to witness the beginning of the game.

    “Find a Grade Zero Unit in your deck and place it facedown on the red circle.” Ruby explained while they were both searching for it. The older one found hers quickly and did as she explained.

    “The red circle is the Vanguard Circle, and the Green are Rearguard Circles, right?” Sapphire asked as she placed her own down. Then they both put their decks on the table.

    “Yes. Very good.” Ruby gave her sister a bit of praise that made her blush a bit. Zack, however, was surprised to see that the stone cold layer of seriousness was dropping from his associate very fast.

    Soft spot for your little sister? Go figure... Zack mentally said to himself and sighed.

    “Then we both draw our opening hand of five cards!” Sapphire flaunted her knowledge of the basics, but that time, Ruby didn't respond, making her feel a little embarrassed. They both did as she said, regardless.

    “Do you feel comfortable with all you know?” the woman asked the inexperienced girl.

    “Um... A review or something would be nice...”

    “I'll go first then It'll be easier to explain.”



    “I... think so.” Sapphire hesitated. Now that she was finally here, and her first Cardfight ever was about to begin and it was with her sister. Anxiety finally hit, but Ruby reached out to her.

    “Take my hand, and close your eyes.” Ruby directed with a gentle tone to help the girl relax. Sapphire's mind wavered for a moment, but then recalled the kinder side that was especially for her. Remembering this, she grabbed a hold of her sibling's hand with her own and did as told.

    She's gonna love this bit. Zack thought, knowing what Ruby was going to have her do next.

    “Picture this in your mind... to two of us have appeared on a planet similar to Earth named Cray, as spirits.” the woman led and described the battlefield. Even with the vague description, the sisters both clearly imagined the same area. They were both standing in a barren wasteland underneath a morning sun. Sapphire already felt as if she was literally standing on the ground of another world. The girl began looking around and found such a calm spot to be very peaceful. “We are only given two powers in this state.”

    “I read about this. We have the ability to 'call' the creatures and humans that live on Cray. Units! The cards in our deck we fight with!”

    “Correct. You shouldn't seem so nervous. You're actually very well-armed in the knowledge of basic Cardfight Information.” Ruby spoke highly of her dedicated studies to rules and the story of Cray. The young damsel blushed, feeling like a bit of a dork for knowing so much. At the same time however, we was very happy to see her sister proud of her.

    “So um... the second ability...”

    “You can tell me this.”

    “Our other power is possessing units with our own spirits. Riding!”

    “Good. The units possessed via Ride are our Vanguards.”

    “This one's easy. Vanguard means-”

    “I didn't ask you that. This isn't a simple dictionary test.”

    “... Sorry...” Sapphire apologized for getting too excited about flaunting more info than she should.

    “Once we turn over our set cards, we will become the Vanguards and do battle with our armies on Cray.”

    “I'm ready now, big sis.”

    “Excellent. Let's begin.” Ruby urged the game to start as they both put their fingers on the cards in reality.

    ”Stand up! Vanguard!” - Sapphire
    “Stand up, the Vanguard!” - Ruby

    Lizard Solider, Conroe!”

    On the planet Cray, the battle had begun as the two female spirits were completely consumed by light. The blue haired girl transformed into a large, white furred dog creature that was clad in mechanical armor, tightly secured on the body. With the machine-like structure, one could tell that it was a cyborg with a sword held within its mouth. On the other side, the one representing red became a green reptile solider. It was a small dragon with a somewhat humanoid build, with an axe in hand, a shield equipped onto the opposite wrist, and wearing armor. To emphasis on its race, the helmet of the armor was in the shape of a dragon's head. [Barcgal: 4000] [Conroe: 5000]

    “In this game, you can take a unit that is a single grade higher than your current and Ride it. You can do so with the same Grade as well. However, you cannot skip Grades, nor can you Ride one lower. Understand?” Ruby began her refresher course for her little sister, who only responded by nodding twice, letting that information sink in.

    “I thought she knew the basics...” a disappointed Darry said, sitting on the register counter by his sister in the chair.

    “I ride the Embodiment Of Armor, Bahr!” the woman proceeded by slapping a card down on top of the one she had out already. In the world of their imaginations, Conroe had been engulfed by a red light and transformed into a taller, demonic creature with red armor all over its body with sharp, gray spikes coming out in multiple places. The skin on it was dark blue colored, with a lighter shade of that for hair, along with yellow eyes. It was armed with a black and yellow sword. [Bahr: 8000]

    “Further, Conroe's skill. When I ride onto it with a Kagero Unit, I can call it from the Soul to a Rearguard Circle.” Ruby went on, pulling the card from underneath the Vanguard and dragging it on the green circle behind it. With this move, the first monster from before appeared on the battlefield once more in the position the player put it in.

    “Calling units by skill is calling Superior Calling, right?” Sapphire asked for clarification.


    “You can't attack on your first turn...”

    “That's also correct, so I'll end my turn there.”

    0 Damage
    Vanguard: Embodiment Of Armor, Bahr
    Rearguard: Lizard Solider Conroe(Behind Bahr)
    Hand: 5

    “My turn then...” Sapphire began, taking the top card of her deck and putting it in her hand.

    “Again, don't be so nervous. You know enough for a beginner, so you'll do fine.” Ruby tried to put her sister's mind at ease once more. The girl didn't clearly respond, but instead, she grabbed another card from her hand.

    “I Ride Little Sage, Marron, then Barcgal's skill will let me move it to a Rearguard Circle.” Sapphire went on with her turn, placing the new Vanguard down and pulling the previous out to a circle diagonally away from it. A young, blond boy with small glasses and a small amount of armor on blue and white clothing appeared out of a blue light, just as the opposing did in red. Then the mechanical canine moved a distance away from him. [Marron: 8000]

    “Then I use Barcgal's skill, resting it...” the girl announced the use of the ability, turning the card sideways, then picked up the deck and looked through it. “... and calling Flogal from my deck!” she said with much more emotion and slapped the card down behind her own Vanguard. A pink, female dog with few metallic plates on the body appeared in a yellow light next to the machine. Afterwards, the inexperienced one looked up at her sister, mentally asking if what she did was a legal move. The older one nodded to confirm. [Flogal: 5000]

    “Now you'll attack?” Ruby asked her, even though the answer was obvious.

    “Of course! I can rest the rearguard behind the Vanguard when it attacks, and add its power onto it!” Sapphire announced and then explained another rule she knew, getting all of her excitement back. Marron started glowing with a bright, blue light as his ally's power became his. [8000 + 5000 = 13000]

    “When attacking, you draw the top card of your deck and reveal it. This is Drive Checking.” Ruby continued with the lesson after the girl turned both of her standing cards. Sapphire picked it up, then showed her the card. It was a Grade Two unit: Knight of Silence, Gallatin. “That unit is not a Trigger Unit, so just put it back in your hand. Whether you would've gotten one or not, the attack was a success.” the woman instructed and then informed her of the first blown being dealt within the battle. Marron opened the red book he came with and quickly skimmed over a page. Then, he held his hand up and shot out lightning from his fingertip that hit the enemy Vanguard, causing it to cry out in pain.

    “When the Vanguard is hit, you take the top card of your deck and put it in the Damage Zone, right?” Sapphire spoke of another rule in Cardfights. Ruby picked up the card and revealed it to be Dragon Knight Aleph. She put it down onto a gray space on the Play mat

    “Once you receive six damage, your spirit vanishes from Cray and it's a game loss. Got everything?” Ruby explained the last bit of the basics and asked if this refresher course was enough. Sapphire happily nodded, which made Ruby smile in return.

    “I'm gonna be sick...” a nauseous Darry spoke up, disliking how he was seeing more of their Sisterly Bond than them playing the game.

    “Shut up. It's sweet.” Lucy said to her kid brother, enjoying the sight of them bonding.

    “... Weren't you playing a game?” Darry questioned her intense focus on the PSP being broken, only to urge her to go back to playing.

    “Now that she's got the basics down, Ruby can go on her slaughtering spree...” Zack dreaded upon the future of this game, which obviously involved the Kagero Player mercilessly destroying the newbie. He already lost every last bit of hope in the young teenager, realizing that this marked the end.

    “Now now, don't say that.” the manager tried to get him excited about the game again.

    “Dude, have you seen Ruby?”

    “... I was just trying to help you feel better.”


    “I'm done.”

    0 Damage
    Vanguard: Little Sage, Marron
    Rearguard: Flogal(Behind Marron), Barcgal
    Hand: 6

    “It's my turn. I won't hold back from here on.”

    “I'm ready!”

    “I ride Dragon Knight, Nehalem!” Ruby started out by going forward onto the next grade. Bahr's entire body shined with the red light, then a gigantic dragon that looked very similar to Conroe appeared with a man standing on top of it. In his hand was a spear, and in the other, a shield. He stood proudly on top of his monstrous ally, both ready to strike. [Nehalem: 10000]

    “... Now here we go.” Zack saw everything that was coming this turn by just seeing the Ride.

    “Then, Conroe's Counterblast. I can flip the number of damage it says on the card facedown to use this skill. I can retire it which is placing it in the Drop Zone, and search for a Grade One Kagero and put it in my hand.” Ruby told her sister of the different type of skill she was activating. Turning over Aleph and moving Conroe to the Drop Zone, the woman quickly yanked a card out of her deck and threw it down onto the Empty Rearguard Circle behind the Vanguard. After doing so, she took another card and put it in the front row. “I call Flame Of Hope, Aermo and Bellicosity Dragon.” [Aermo: 6000] [Bellicosity: 9000]

    “Counterblasts...” Sapphire took a mental note on this. Ruby turned her Vanguard horizontally, then did the same with the unit behind it.

    “With Aermo's boost, Nehalem attacks!” Ruby declared, pointing to Sapphire's Marron on the field.

    “Um... that's sixteen thousand...”

    “You can guard by using the units in your hand with Grades equal to or lower than the Vanguard's, using the second number on the card and adding it onto your Vanguard's.” Ruby explained the method to blocking attacks, and gave her sister the chance to do so now.

    “... I won't guard.” Sapphire decided. On Cray, Nehalem held up the spear in hand and called forth pink lightning that came from the weapon and blasted Marron.

    “Now, I check the Drive Trigger.” Ruby said, checking the card and revealing it, then pointing to the special symbol on the top right corner. “This is a Trigger unit. All Trigger Units will have marks like these on the top right.”

    “There's four types of Triggers in the game, right?”

    “Yes. This one is a Critical Trigger. All triggers will allow you to give a unit five thousand power. However, Critical Triggers will give units an additional critical to their one already. The number of Criticals they have is the number of damage they will hit for.”

    “Wait, so I'll take two damage?”

    “Assuming Bellicosity doesn't hit, yes. Not only that, but I'll put the power gain on it.” the woman finished telling the young student about the Drive Trigger. Within the pictured fight, Marron was still being shocked. To add to the already unbearable pain, the large red dragon that had appeared beside the leading attacker and blasted a great, big fireball at the small magician, causing an explosion in which Sapphire could hear his screams of agony clearly. The girl began trembling, feeling the might of the powerful dragon clan as if they were standing before her.

    “... D-Damage Check.” Sapphire spoke up, making an attempt to get a grip on reality. One by one, the cards filled up the used-to-be empty Damage Zone. Knight Of Silence, Gallatin, Knight Of Friendship, Kay, and Flash Shield, Iseult were all placed in there.

    “You have a clear, vivid image of this war on Cray, which is very good.” Ruby congratulated the younger sibling on being able to have an extraordinary imagination. She then pointed to Aermo's card. “When a unit boosted by Aermo has its attack hit, I can discard a card to draw one. I discard Tahr. Then, Bellicosity, when its attack hits, will let me unflip one card in my Damage Zone. Now, I'll end my turn.”

    1 Damage
    Vanguard: Dragon Knight, Nehalem
    Rearguard: Flame Of Hope, Aermo(behind Nehalem), Bellicosity Dragon(Frontrow)
    Hand: 5

    “Forever merciless.” Zack commented on her plays, the Critical Trigger especially. The game barely started and the poor new girl has hit three damage already.

    “My turn...”

    “With this game, I welcome you to Vanguard.” Ruby said to her, smiling. However, Sapphire couldn't accept her kindness at that moment because she was more focused on not losing this game.

    “How are you so good?” she asked her older sister.

    “I haven't done that much yet... I've just had plenty of experience.”

    “I want experience like that.”

    “You're getting too far ahead of yourse-”

    “You're the one who said if you put your heart and soul into your dreams, they'll become a reality.” Sapphire recalled a saying that Ruby told, which jogged her memory about it as well. Zack also reacted by looking more interested into the game with those words. Everyone was starting to look closer at the game, so Lucy decided to join in roll the wheeled-chair out from behind the counter to see better.

    “... I did say that.”

    “So what if I put my heart and soul into being as good as you?”

    “... Sapphire-”

    “No! Don't talk me out of it! I'm pumped about it now, and rarin' to go!”


    “Your words gave me the courage to go on and do this today! So now...!” Sapphire was now determined to continue this fight, and turn the tides toward her favor. The girl was now ignoring Ruby and turned Barcgal. “Barcgal's skill will allow me to call Knight of the Future, Llew from my deck!”

    “Wait, that combo...!” Zack shouted, realizing exactly what the newbie was going to go for at the same time Ruby noticed.

    “Llew's Counterblast! I move him, Barcgal, and Flogal all to soul!” the fired up maiden went on, moving all the cards underneath the Vanguard, stacking them.

    ... Show me the reality of your heart, Sapphire. Ruby mentally requested for her to show the true fruition of every last bit of the studies on the game. The player pulled a card out of her deck, that glowed with a very bright blue light. For an instant, the girl's eyes flashed with the same pink light they did last night.

    “Stand up! My Avatar! Superior Ride!” Sapphire called forth the key card to winning this fight. Naming it the embodiment of her will, she slammed the card down onto the Vanguard Circle. On Cray, the Little Sage fell backwards, unable to continue due to taking such extreme blows. However, at that instant, his body shined with the same color as before, and morphed into a taller human figure. It did exactly as the spirit possessing it commanded, rising up to its feet. Opposing the dragon army – The Kagero – appeared a new Vanguard for the Royal Knights of the Holy Land. A large sword was slammed into the ground, and the light revealed the new being: a knight clad in white armor. The rest of his skin was covered by blue garments with teal trimming. Within the armor were two red gems, and one was within the sword as well. The green eyes of the warrior gazed at the enemy... “Blaster Blade!” [Blaster Blade: 9000]

    “Whoa, what the hell?! That card is hella rare! How'd she get it?!” an awestruck Darry questioned, dumbfounded at the sight of her wielding such a powerful card. Ruby noticed that she never took her hand off of the card yet. Blaster Blade's body flashed in white light, and then showed the same unit once more. However, now Sapphire's eyes had taken over, and one of the eyes were covered by her hair, which was brought so close to her face due to the helmet.

    “Picture this, big sis.” Sapphire began, with a smile of full confidence on her face. “Me leading the Royal Paladins to victory.”

    Featured Card

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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Shard on Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:42 am

    The writing is better than what I could ever hope to accomplish. Also, I demand that there be someone who plays bermudas =-3

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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Ice on Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:56 am

    I want me to come in. And it seems pretty good. Are you going off the English or something cause Starting Barcgal?


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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Ruby on Sun Apr 08, 2012 3:02 am

    Shard wrote:The writing is better than what I could ever hope to accomplish. Also, I demand that there be someone who plays bermudas =-3

    You could probably do better than me.
    There'll be players for everything, don't worry~

    IceDorago wrote:I want me to come in. And it seems pretty good. Are you going off the English or something cause Starting Barcgal?

    I'm going off the anime. As far as they're concerned, Barkgal is legal forever.


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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Jordan, Lich Lord on Sun Apr 08, 2012 8:19 pm

    I realy like this story:) your writing style is realy good, and the plot is engaging so far.

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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Ruby on Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:03 pm

    Forumotion is silly with the character limit on posts, so chapter two will be posted here.
    This marks the end of the Kai vs Aichi Round 1 Reenactment.

    Featured Card has been changed to "Featured Vanguard".

    Ride 2
    Ride To Victory

    I can see it... the moment I win...


    The mighty Dragon Knight, Nehalem and Bellicosity Dragon, along with the spirit of fire: Flame of Hope, Aermo all stood as the superior army from the fearsome Dragon Empire on Cray. The Royal Paladins were being completely crushed by the overwhelming power of the unstoppable force. However, a bright light shined down as a sign of future victory. From the power of the young knight: Llew, the shining swordsman of the holy land appeared. Opposing the empire was the ace of legend: Blaster Blade. The Avatar of the Vanguard's Soul – Sapphire's Soul.

    “I can see the fire in your eyes... you're taking my words to heart.” Ruby spoke of the burning passion Sapphire was flaring with. The young girl took her hand away from the card and opened her now clear eyes. Her body was completely felt completely in sync with the Vanguard, feeling herself standing on Cray's soil, wearing all of the armor the knight had.

    “I'm gonna win!”

    “Show me how then.” Ruby asked her younger sister to reveal all that she's learned so far.

    “Blaster Blade's Counterblast!” Sapphire began her counterstrike by announcing the use of her avatar's skill and flipping over two damage. The swordsman pressed his blade down further into the ground, and blue colored lightning came surging forth at the large red dragon. It electrocuted the beast and caused it to disappear. “I can retire one of your rearguards, and now you can't abuse Counterblasts anymore!”

    “Not bad...” Zack complimented the newbie's surprisingly amazing skill. Lucy finally put the PSP up on the corner to focus more on the game. Darry was somewhat shocked to see how she was into this fight.

    “I call! A Marron behind Blaster Blade and one right next to it! Then Knight of Silence, Gallatin and Starlight Unicorn!” Sapphire threw down quite a few cards from her hand all into Rearguard Circles. The Royal Paladin Army began to move in, with two of the young magicians: Marron appearing on the field. Then a fellow swordsman with purple, spiky hair and a red blindfold showed up, wearing an orange scarf and had his arms folded. Finally, a white steed arrived with a rainbow colored mane, a very sharp horn, and had accessories on its body for a more fabulous appearance. [Marron: 8000] [Gallatin: 10000] [Unicorn: 6000]

    “Taking this moment to let out an explosive offense. Very, very good.” the busty woman praised her sister, making her look up and smile. It was very refreshing to see Sapphire as happy as she was, because it always warmed her heart to see this.

    “Starlight Unicorn's skill gives two thousand power to a Royal Paladin Unit. I choose the Marron in the front.” the girl continued, pointing to the unit she was giving power to. The creature shot out a beam of light from the horn and it hit the sage. Instead of harming him, it filled him up with power. [8000 + 2000 = 10000]

    “Now all of her attacks should be able to hit.” Zack mentioned, but the manager looked at him, confused. “... You run a store with cards of the game and don't even know why I'm saying that?”

    “With Unicorn's boost, Gallatin attacks!” Sapphire announced, giving the order to charge. Gallatin jumped up into the air and whacked the spear out of the warrior's hand, then slashed him with great force. An additional Nehalem went flying into Ruby's Damage Zone. “Then, with Marron's boost... Blaster Blade!” Sapphire called upon the power of the magician and the other spirit that combined with hers. The player herself felt the power coursing through her body as the Vanguard's. [9000 + 8000 = 17000]

    “No guard.” Ruby said, accepting the attacking.

    “Drive Trigger, check!” Sapphire shouted and revealed the card, which started glowing immediately. “Trigger Get! Weapons Dealer, Govannon! I draw a card and give the power to the standing Marron!” she was on a roll, even topping her very first trigger after riding the ace. Blaster Blade leaped high up into the sky while taking the weapon with her, and the unarmed Nehalem looked up in awe. Sapphire felt her own arm swing the sword down and let out a blue wave of energy that flew at the knight and hit him hard. Ruby recoiled, having felt that heavy blow, and much to her dismay, she even bounced while wincing. Another card was dropped down, and like the card Sapphire got, this one began glowing.

    “Got it. Draw Trigger... I draw and give the power to the Vanguard...” Ruby gasped and drew her next card. “Trigger will activate if Damage Checked as well... like Dragon Dancer Monica just did.”

    “In Vanguard, matching attack powers means a hit! So Marron's attack is successful!” Sapphire once again bragged about her knowledge just before the the wizard let out a lightning blast that caused the knight a great deal of pain, along with the dragon, and he even fell down off of it. One of the woman's Bahrs was placed down as the fourth damage. “I end my turn!”

    3 Damage (3 Flipped)
    Vanguard: Blaster Blade
    Rearguard: Gallatin(Front), Unicorn(Behind Gallatin), Marron(Behind Blaster Blade), Marron(Front)
    Hand: 5

    I really, REALLY hope this doesn't run in the family. Zack dreaded the very thought of Sapphire being like her sister in the future.

    “Ha! My counterattack was so amazing, it even made big sis bounce!” the triumphant Sapphire was incredibly proud of her plays, and let her ego inflate for only a few seconds before Ruby whacked the girl upside the head for the jeer at her breasts.

    “I noticed the bounce.” Zack and Darry both said at the exact same time, then they looked at each other. “... That was weird.”

    “Don't start the 'synchronized thoughts' thing.” Lucy asked to kill the joke before it could start. Ruby looked at her younger sibling, now losing the smile and getting much more serious. Sapphire only gazed at her while losing her happy expression as well, only thinking that Ruby wasn't having fun anymore.

    “Did I... do something?”

    “Not at all. I'm just going to end this game now. Your tutorial is over.” Ruby responded ever so coldly, placing her fingers on the top card and got ready to draw.

    “Why do you have to say it like that? You were enjoying this...”

    “I was brought back to reality when I realized that you still went against my word as the elder sister.” Ruby spoke her mind, recalling how she demanded Sapphire go back home before they started playing.

    “... I really wanted to play!”

    “That doesn't matter.”

    “... I'm sorry...”

    “Still, I must admit, playing you is still enjoyable because even for an inexperienced player, you're not that bad.” the woman said to her with her attitude shifting between completely cold and somewhat nice. No one could even begin to figure out her mood swings, nor did they want to. Sapphire could only see the kindness in her words and was quickly lifted out of her depression. “However, this is as far as you go.” she went on, drawing the card with a trail of visible flames.

    “... What was that?” Sapphire asked in awe.

    “Picture this: the empire's mightiest dragon exploding forth from the endless flames.” Ruby said, putting Sapphire's imagination to the test once again while holding up the burning card.

    “... Mightiest... Dragon...?”

    “Ride the Vanguard! Burn everything in this world to ashes with your apocalyptic fire! Dragonic Overlord!” Ruby slammed the Grade Three unit down on the Vanguard. Nehalem and his dragon companion disappeared, and out of a literal twister of flames, a new gigantic red dragon appeared, roaring loud enough to shake the entire nation. Spikes were seen all over its blood red body, along with multiple colored scales of blue, pink, crimson. Those demonic yellow eyes gazed into the souls of the Royal Paladins and left them struck by absolute terror in their hearts. [Dragonic Overlord: 11000]

    “That same beast that ripped everyone it faced a new one...” Lucy said, recalling how many units that single Vanguard has slaughtered on its own. Sapphire was visibly shaking in fear, and all of her units were looking at the dragon the same way.

    “It's over now.” Zack stated before pulling his wallet out, counting how much money he was going to spend in a few minutes.

    I-It's not over... she's really good at getting Critical Triggers, so I have to stop it from attacking me while I have four damage... no problem... Sapphire went over her defensive strategy in her head, taking into account of how Ruby was best known for getting Trigger after Trigger.

    “This is going to be something new for you... Overlord's Counterblast!” Ruby informed her of how the sight of her rampage would be a brand new experience. Three cards in her damage zone were flipped over. “Power plus five thousand.” she said as the empire's dragon held a blast of fire within its mouth while its power increased. [11000 + 5000 = 16000]

    ... I-I can block that...

    “Further, I call: Burning Horn Dragon, Dragon Knight Nehalem, Iron Trail Dragon, and Embodiment of Armor, Bahr.” Ruby, out of nowhere, commanded the Dragon Empire to swarm the battlefield, calling forth a multitude of soldiers from the army. The same red-armored, blue-skinned warrior appeared, and then the same dragon rider with the spear right in front of him. Then, a demon dragon colored mostly orange and somewhat red-ish flew to the war zone. With this one was a smaller red flame dragon with a sharp hook on its tail. [Burning Horn: 9000] [Nehalem: 10000] [Iron Trail: 7000] [Bahr: 8000]

    “I see! They're very similar in their fighting styles!” the manager noted after observing the two of them closely.

    “How?” Darry asked him, not understanding.

    “They both play very defensively and conserve on units in the beginning. Once they're ready for a full force counterattack, they call as many units as possible to get in on the attack!”

    “Different decks, same mindset. They really are sisters.” Lucy summarized her fathers words and sounded a little jealous with the last bit. This is something that she'd never be able to share with her brat of a brother: Darry. He didn't even care to notice the change in her tone when she mentioned this as proof of their sisterhood.

    “This is the end! I attack Blaster Blade with Burning Horn Dragon, who receives a boost from Iron Tail Dragon, then gains three thousand power since I have an 'Overlord' Vanguard!”

    “No! No! I guard with Flogal and Weapons Dealer!” Sapphire placed two units down in the blue circle on the play mat. A merchant clad in blue armor for some ungodly reason appeared with the pink dog that was used with Sapphire's starting Vanguard. She then moved them over to the drop zone. Together with friends; Blaster Blade did not take the hit. [Blaster Blade: 24000 vs Burning Horn: 19000]

    “Hmph. With Bahr's boost, Nehalem attacks!”

    Silent Sage, Sharon guards!” the young one persisted on blocking. When the dragon charged forward with the knight riding on, an incredibly tall woman arrived out of particles of light. Nehalem flew straight into her giant bosom and dropped the spear while the dragon rammed into her stomach. Once again, the Vanguard was protected. [Blaster Blade: 19000 vs Nehalem: 18000]

    “Damn, this girl wants to stay in the game bad!” Darry spoke, seeing how she was going on the complete defensive for this turn against everything but the Vanguard. The manager was simply staring at the two, on the edge of his seat in excitement, and he wasn't even in a chair. However, Lucy and Zack both reminded silent.

    Now, even if she gets a single Critical Trigger, I won't lose! I'm still in this! the hopeful Sapphire told herself.

    It's over. Zack and Lucy both mentally stated, seeing Ruby with a triumphant grin.

    “Now, the finale... Dragonic Overlord!” Ruby marked this as the last attack, calling out the name of her dragon. “With Aermo's support, attack Gallatin!” the woman ordered, turning both cards sideways. [16000 + 6000 = 22000]

    “Gallatin?!” a shocked Sapphire questioned why her rearguard was the target. She quickly looked in her hand and noticed that guarding against that monster was impossible.

    “Check the Drive Trigger! Got it! Critical Trigger! All effects to the Overlord!” Ruby announced, revealing Blu-Ray Dracokid. Overlord's withheld fire was finally released, all of it aimed at Gallatin, who was literally burned to absolutely nothing after being completely engulfed.

    “I'm sorry, Gallatin...” Sapphire apologized to the card as she placed it in the Drop Zone.

    “When Overlord's attack hits, it stands.” Ruby informed her of the skill, vertically turning it back up.


    “This is a special skill that you've never gotten to see before, exclusive only to Dragonic Overlord. With its Counterblast, each time it hits a Rearguard, it stands once more.” the expert fighter explained the true nature of the cost paid earlier. It was no mere power-up, it was her attack pattern to victory. She could no longer boost with Aermo, however, a power of twenty one thousand was more than enough. “The Overlord will never once be stopped until it annihilates everything with the sea of fire it breathes... yes... This is 'Eternal Flame'!”

    “I-I can't do anything to stop it...” the awestruck Sapphire told her sister, simply sitting there shocked and truly helpless as Ruby continued.

    “Attack Marron!” the damsel commanded, and the monstrosity of a beast blasted a gigantic fireball at it, immediately reducing the small, unfortunate magician to ashes. “Check the Driver Trigger!” she said, revealing Wyvern Guard, Baryi.

    “Marron is retired...” on the verge of tears, the young girl placed Marron down with Gallatin.

    “Dragonic Overlord stands.” Ruby informed the opponent, switching it back once again. This time, the card looked as though it was literally set ablaze but undamaged. The Dragon Empire has won this fight, and the Royal Paladins were all helpless to stop them.

    “She's about to cry because she knows...” Zack noticed Sapphire shaking, not out of fear, but sadness. Everyone watching the game knew exactly why.

    “Now it's time for the main show... I attack Blaster Blade with Dragonic Overlord!” Ruby declared, having the dragon let loose a stream of fire that was even bigger than the last two. As Blaster Blade, Sapphire could only gasp in horror. “For the last time, Check the Drive Trigger! Got it! Critical Trigger!” the lady revealed Embodiment Of Spear, Tahr, which made her young sibling's nightmares reality. The fire grew larger in size and all too soon did the flames swallow the Vanguard whole.


    “With the Overlord's Critical at Three, it will inflict three damage to your three already. I told you already, six cards and everything's over.” already claiming her victory, the more experienced arrogantly wagged her finger. Blaster Blade was engulfed in the sea of flames and she wasn't coming out.

    “... I lose...”

    “Check the Damage Trigger three times, Sapphire.”

    “Fine...” seeing no point in doing so, the young girl replied with the attitude of a sore loser. First. Flash Shield Iseult was put down. Then, Margal, a card that glowed with light only for an instant. “Draw Trigger...”


    “Why? I'm gonna l-”

    “Do as your big sister says.”

    “Fine!” the defiant and aggravated lass swiped the top card from her deck.

    “One more.” Ruby directed. A tear Sapphire shed dropped on to the card's back just before she pulled it. Turning it over, a very bright, green light shined forth, blinding her.

    “... I haven't even seen Ruby get that lucky.” Zack said grinning. When the light dimmed, it was revealed to be Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine.

    “... This is...” Sapphire couldn't even finish her sentence because the utmost happiness was overflowing.

    “Heal Trigger. You can recover a point of damage, meaning that you're still in the game!” Lucy finally spoke up more than she did the entire time. Her words were filled with encouragement, cheering Sapphire on. Ruby only had minimal shock showing as she watched the face down Gallatin moved to the Drop Zone.

    “The game isn't over, eh...? I end my turn.” Ruby went over the effects of the Damage Trigger and peacefully passed the baton to her sister, smiling.

    4 Damage (3 Flipped)
    Vanguard: Dragonic Overlord
    Rearguard: Burning Horn Dragon(Front), Iron Trail Dragon(Behind Burning Horn), Aermo(Behind Dragonic Overlord), Nehalem(Front), Bahr(Behind Nehalem)
    Hand: 5

    “Well, the odds certainly aren't in her favor...” Lucy noted, seeing how calm Ruby was about the last minute heal.

    “Why not?” Darry asked.

    “She can guard a bunch with the triggers she just got.” Zack answered and gave him a look that questioned his knowledge of the game.

    “Stop lookin' at me like that! I'm not bad!”

    “I wonder.”

    “Stand and Draw.” Sapphire started, turning all of her cards up and drew.

    “If you can't win this turn, then the game will be over.” Ruby reminded, putting on plenty of pressure.

    “Okay then, I'll win with this card.” the pure confidence had returned when the girl revealed the card drawn. It was a Grade Three unit that brought some shock to her and the spectators.

    “That's...” Ruby couldn't believe the card she was seeing somehow acquired by her sister.

    “See the king in his younger days as he blazes a trail with his knights! Ride! Alfred Early!” Sapphire recited a chant before slapping the card down on the table. Blaster Blade lifted up the sword and held it in the air, calling for the ruler before disappearing. A loud trumpet was heard from far away. This was the signal of the descent of the king. A soldier similar to the previous Vanguard appeared. However, he had much more armor covering his body, and it was emphasized that he was stronger just by the larger crimson gems in it. All topped off by a large blue cape that fluttered in the winds. His sword was held down into the ground, which looked like Blaster Blade's, only smaller, mostly blue, and had a sharp hook end. The kingdom's ruler glared at his rival with red eyes full of determination. [Alfred Early: 10000]

    “When I Ride Alfred Early and have Blaster Blade in soul, I can Superior Call it!” Sapphire read off the
    skill and almost immediately did the blue haired hero return to the battlefield alongside her old friend. The king and the knight both grinned toward one another, standing side-by-side, ready to fight.

    “Alfred Early?!” Darry said in complete shock.

    “Alfred himself is the literal top of the Royal Paladins. She just started playing and got her hands on Blaster Blade and that?!” Zack spoke, just as surprised as the other boy. Lucy and her father simply watched the beginning of the magnificent play in awe.

    “Blaster Blade's Counterblast! When called as a Rearguard, I can pay the cost and retire a Grade Two or higher Rearguard!” the girl read off the watered down skill of her avatar, then slammed the sword into the soil. A stream of lightning shot forth, rose up from the ground, and shocked Burning Horn Horn Dragon, causing it to disappear while crying out in pain.

    “... Effectively Riding a new Vanguard, then calling forth your ace and using the Counterblast without wasting another card...” Ruby went over the chain of events that just occurred, not able to deny that she truly was an excellent player for a beginner.

    “Further, I call Wingal, another Gallatin, and... come forth: Noble Steed! Lionmane Stallion!” calling support, Sapphire placed down the card of a blue dog-like creature with pink hair, a small red scarf, and large ears shaped as bat wings. It appeared as the loyal companion of Blaster Blade. Then, once more did the blind swordsman arrive, but this time beside in king and in front of the unicorn again. Finally, a loud neigh was heard, making the dragon knight look up at the cliff. He saw a blue horse galloping down with a fiery lion's mane, covered in a few armor plates and glowing teal lining like the armor of the king and the ace. Alfred jumped up and landed on the steed, dramatically mounting it. [Wingal: 6000] [Gallatin: 10000] [Lionmane: 4000]

    “Brilliant Lineup.” Lucy commended the girl's positioning of every unit.

    “As the Royal Knights of the Holy Land, let us Ride to Victory!” Sapphire shouted as Blaster Blade herself. All of her fellow soldiers let out battle cries as the assault was about to begin. Alfred simply gazed at her, proud to see all of the Paladins following her command loyally.

    ... I have to guard...

    “With Unicorn's boost, Gallatin attacks Dragonic Overlord!”

    “I guard with Blu-Ray Dracokid.”

    “Alfred! Now's the time to bring down the Empire's Strongest Dragon!” Blaster Blade urged his colleague to command the steed to thunder forth and attack. Taking this one-in-a-lifetime chance, the stallion charged, carrying the king.

    “Lionmane's Soul Blast! By taking a card from soul and placing it in the Drop Zone, I can use this skill! It'll give an additional six thousand power boost to Alfred!” Sapphire explained while throwing Barkgal into the pile of fallen units. Both the knight and his steed glowed with a bright light as his power skyrocketed. [10000 + 10000 = 20000]

    “By discarding a Kagero unit when I have a Kagero Vanguard, I can guard completely with Wyvern Guard, Barri!” Ruby revealed the skill of a unit that had zero shield power. A red and yellow mechanical fighter jet appeared with a completely clad in armor riding on top of it. The machine fired out a barrage of red bullets that all exploded around Alfred, but did not harm him. He couldn't move out of the bursting flames. The woman discarded Embodiment Of Victory, Aleph.

    “Drive Check!” the girl persisted and quickly drew the card. “Critical Trigger Get! Epona's effects all to the Avatar!”

    “You know I have Tahr in hand. Blaster Blade's attack will not succeed.”

    “Nehalem can still intercept with it, so that'd be a defense of twenty six thousand...” Sapphire calculated while mentioning another mechanic that the two of them were already clear with. “... Still, there's hope.”

    “You won't get it.” Ruby was absolutely sure of the miracle not coming.

    “Dragonic Overlord gave up on using it for Eternal Flame last turn. But, any Grade Three has the ability of Twin Drive, which lets them Drive Check one more time!” Sapphire, for the last time, showed off how much she knew before grabbing the top card, but not pulling it. Please... please...

    I'm right here. a male voice called out to the girl, and for another moment, her eyes shined with the mysterious light from before. She was surprised to be hearing the same voices she'd hear before from her sister's deck. Sapphire simply turned it over and it glowed brightly.

    “Critical Trigger?!” Ruby questioned, absolutely shocked. Her sister grinned widely.

    Knight of the Future, Llew's Drive Trigger is activated! With both Critical Triggers, Blaster Blade gains plus ten thousand power and Critical Two! To top all of that off, when Wingal boosts it, it gains an extra four thousand power!” Sapphire proudly announced the massive amount of energy the shining swordsman had acquired. Blaster Blade was illuminated by a light blue aura before taking for the skies with a big leap, flying above the towering stature of the Overlord. In reality, a drop of sweat ran down Ruby's forehead. But then she closed her eyes and came to peace with this defeat. The Avatar stabbed the large Blade of Courage into the Dragon, making it roar in pain as it slowly disappeared in yellow particles of light. Ruby, with a smile, revealed two additional Dragonic Overlords and another Embodiment of Victory, Aleph for her damage checks. The Royal Paladins, by a landslide, had obtained victory.

    (End Insert Song)

    “... I have received six damage, so the Kagero of the Dragon Empire have been defeated.” Ruby spoke, appearing on Cray in the spirit form she arrived in. Alfred was released from the prison of fire, and all of the other knights approached him, but he held his sword up and looked at his closest ally, only letting that one pass. Sapphire, as Blaster Blade, walked toward the spirit of her sister. “The units I have possessed have been driven out of the United Sanctuary. As for myself, my spirit wail disappear from Cray.”

    “... Ruby...” Blaster Blade softly called out the woman's name.

    “I... have lost.” vanishing off the face of the planet, the voicing of the official defeat had been left for the Royal Paladins to savor. In the real world, Sapphire was a little overwhelmed by all she just did. Meanwhile, her sister gathered up her deck in silence. Zack, Darry, and the manager were all left speechless. Lucy herself was the most surprised. She had supported the younger sibling, but didn't actually believe the outcome was going to come to this. The strongest player of Card Capital had been taken down by another Vanguard Fighter playing their very first game.

    “... H-Hey sis.” Sapphire mustered up some courage and addressed her. The only reply she got was a curious gaze. “That was... really, really fun!” she told her, beaming. In response to this, the older sister smiled.

    “I'm glad.” the lady only said those words. She wanted to say more, and made that obvious by looking to the side, blushing embarrassingly. “... I... suppose I had more fun than I originally let on...”


    “Don't push it...”

    “You're cute when you blush, you know.” Zack noted, seeing it even though she was turned away from the audience. Only a second later did he and the manager quickly run to different sides as a chair hit the wall. “... Forever Tsundere...”

    “We should play again some times!” Sapphire suggested.

    “... I don't see why not.” Ruby replied, regaining the composure that was lost to anger toward Zack.

    “Also, since I won my very first game, and it was against you, I feel like you should give me a prize!”

    “... Spoiled. What do you want?”

    “A squeeze or two of Big Sis' cow tits!” Sapphire requested, suddenly drooling on the spot. Of course, this rewarded her with a swift whacking. Ruby didn't show total annoyance, as she was just mad at herself for not seeing that coming.

    “Well, the girl can't say she never tried.” Zack spoke of the single commendable thing about the attempt. His friend glared at him after he said that, which shut him up instantly.

    “I still want some of that.”

    “Dude, I've been friends with her for a year and haven't gotten a touch. Don't bother.” Zack shot down the boy's hopes and dreams. All while reminding himself of what he was missing out on. Sapphire got up on her feet, still nursing her head.

    “Runs in the family, eh?” Lucy asked Ruby, getting her attention.

    “... I suppose so. I guess only someone with the same blood can excite me.” the woman replied, happy to know that her younger sister had a future in Cardfighting.

    “Big Sis, will you pick me up from school and bring me to Card Capital from now on?”

    “Oh, that would be a great idea! Another customer! Not only that, but she'll be able to play with more of the kids that come here after school!”

    “You made up that last bit and only thought of 'Another customer', didn't you?” the man asked the manager, which caught him off guard because he didn't think anyone would notice.

    “No! No! Not at all!” the owner defended himself.

    “It doesn't matter, I'll do it.” Ruby put the situation with more money flowing into their register aside and agreed to the request. Once again, Sapphire jumped up and hugged her sister. This time however, she caught her off guard and wound up tackling her to the ground.

    “You're the best...” Sapphire thanked her sister with the utmost happiness in heart. Though, it still greatly irritated her how the young girl had taken such a liking to her breasts; snuggling in between the two large, soft fleshy spheres. Ruby's face reddened, thoroughly embarrassed, knowing the others were watching. Seeing her little sister this euphoric about everything just destroyed her will to get her off. Instead, all she could do was give in and hesitantly embrace.

    “With today, welcome to the world of Cardfight Vanguard, Sapphire.” Zack gave the newcomer his salutations, and hoped for brighter days with the younger sister coming aboard.

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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Kira on Mon Apr 09, 2012 8:37 pm

    Dammit. I haven't read Ch. 1 yet...

    You can still call me Kira.

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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Ice on Mon Apr 09, 2012 9:46 pm

    I mean, uh, what the hell is wrong with her?

    Can't say I didn't see that outcome coming. Just glad it was done in a better way than the anime and with a Grade 3.


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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Batmanexus on Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:40 am

    Hm...very similar to the anime, but well executed...card games...Paladins and Kageros...The avatar...Alfred Early...giant boobies...lots of cri- *head whips around* wait, WHAT?!

    In summary, it's good.

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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Yusei Fudou on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:22 am

    I /loved/ this story, every single part of it. It's amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter. If only I could write as creative,descriptive, and detailed as you did. I also like the small bits of humor you added. I can only wonder when a Morikawa character shows up. Take your time with your writing,have fun, and enjoy it. I and I'm sure others as well who read, or possibly will read want you to continue it and support you all the way like I do.


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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Ruby on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:56 am

    I thank all of the fans of the two chapters and have a little update in which I should have posted ages ago.

    I'm going to pick this up in September. I'll have the entire Season 1 OST to work with and have time to rework the plot.


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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Jordan, Lich Lord on Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:42 am

    Suzugamori Rena wrote:I thank all of the fans of the two chapters and have a little update in which I should have posted ages ago.

    I'm going to pick this up in September. I'll have the entire Season 1 OST to work with and have time to rework the plot.

    Something I'll have to look forward to then. Vanguard fanfiction are hard to come by so it's nice to see a well written one here Smile

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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by Rodrigo on Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:37 pm

    Great. I'll be looking forward to it too.

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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

    Post by HiveNet on Mon Aug 13, 2012 8:37 pm

    This looks pretty good, you have a talent at making the fight flow, which is always a good thing. Your character are good, Ruby reminds me kind of Rangiku from Bleach. I'll probably keep reading this when you add more Chapters, and I'll look forwards to the next one.


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    Re: [Chapter 2 Update] Cardfight!! Vangurd - Dream Shooters [PG-13]

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