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    Post by Jordan, Lich Lord on Sun Aug 26, 2012 6:57 pm

    .hack//Roots follows the story of Haseo, a black 'Adept Rogue' (a class that can use multiple weapons) and member of the Twilight Brigade guild. In the year 2015, the CC Corp. building burned down, and with it, most of its data for The World. By splicing data from what would have potentially been another game, CC Corp. created The World R:2 and released it in 2016. The main revisions of this release were that the game allowed for guild and PvP (player vs player) play.

    Haseo logs into The World R:2 for the first time and falls victim to the PKers (player killers) that reside within the game. He is saved by Ovan, who prompts him to join the Twilight Brigade alongside Sakisaka, Tabby and Shino which are in search of finding the Key of the Twilight. However, a popular guild named TaN opposes the Twilight Brigade in order to obtain Ovan's unique character data. The Twilight Brigade discovered special items called Virus Cores and believed that they are the key to finding The Key of the Twilight and went into search for all of them. Once they had found all 6 of them, they headed out to use them in a one of the Lost Ground after learning there is a connection between the two

    However they discover that it was a trap made by the members of TaN in order to capture Ovan. With Ovan gone and no sign of the Key of the Twilight, the Twilight Brigade disband and previous members such as B-set and Gord quit the game entirely. Soon after, Shino is killed within the game by a mysterious PKer named "Tri-Edge" that somehow put her in a coma in the real world which devastated Haseo. Haseo starts training to get strong enough to defeat Tri-Edge and save Shino from her real life coma. He becomes obsessed with power and becomes a Player Killer Killer (PKK) to find information on Tri-edge. When he completed a special event that promised a special reward, he gains a new power but corrupts also his mind and begins to kill PKers with more aggression giving him the title The Terror of Death.

    Sadly there is no TV tropes page for this so I had to go with wikipedia.

    I love this show Smile Mostly because I love the games too.

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