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    Gamer's Guild of CGC

    Post by Slender Thar on Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:58 am

    *insert Gamer's Guild banner here*

    Video games, people. If you play, you stay, and that's what GGCGC is all about: Pwning n00bs, conquering levels, and reaping treasure.

    -Forum rules applied and necessarily enforced.
    -Any off-topic discussion must be put in spoilers BELOW the showing topic at hand.
    -Arguing, trolling, etc will NOT be tolerated.
    -No food or drinks (except MD and Doritos) are allowed.

    CGC Username:
    Online play username(s):
    Gamer type:
    How often do you play?:
    Preferred/favorite console:
    Favorite game:
    Favorite character:
    Do you play online?:

    If we get enough people, we could start gaming events.


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