Yu-Gi-Oh!! Sigma Alpharius (13+)

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    Yu-Gi-Oh!! Sigma Alpharius (13+)

    Post by HiveNet on Wed Aug 08, 2012 11:15 pm

    This is my fic from YCM, which to my amazement has recived some positive feedback. However, as the average of comments is once a year, i decided it would be nice to get more than one persons (I tip my hat to your Neo) feedback. At least, I hope.

    So, prologue time.

    'Prologue. ':
    Sigma Alpharius headquarters – Location, twelve miles south- south east of Caliban, in the town of Ashton. 5:50pm Wendesday 18th July.

    Ashton was a quiet place. Located on an island, a mile off the coast from Caliban, it was an assortment of terraced houses in a grid iron pattern, dating back to the 1600’s. You could fit the entire population of the town within a double decker bus. It was a place very much behind times, the most recent building was a post office built in 1989, and only three people in the entire town owning a TV. That was until Sigma Alpharius, a multinational corporation had built there headquarters, a million pound skyscraper in the town, on top of the twenty million pound purchasing of the island in the first place.

    And since then, the entire population of the town has been complaining. Complaining about the noise, the pollution, the constant flow of ships to and from the island, and the vehicles that drove through the town to the headquarters. Complaining about rumours of eviction from the island. It would be over by the end of the day.

    An alarm blared through the SA building. Doors locked, and blast shields lowered on all the glass. The building was under attack. Fifty armed guards rushed through the building, searching each floor methodically. As they went, the trapped staff fled behind the guards. The claxon was deafening, so much so that it could be heard clearly in the town itself.

    People walked outside shouting, searching for the sound of the noise. A stream of terrified people ran, screaming. The towns people simply muttered to themselves and went about their day. Publicity stunts like this had happened before.

    The guards had reached the top floor. The doors opened, and the sight inside was unlike any they had seen before. Blood had sprayed the room, the walls, the glass, and carpets soaked in the red river flowing from the headless body of Ibram Cain, the CEO of Sigma Alpharius. A faceless figure, female with in a tight black body suit that seemed to ripple like the ocean stood holding the CEO’s head. A crystalline purple blade extended from a device on her left hand. Her head snapped to face the guards, her motions catlike.

    “Hands in the Air! Move and we will shoot.” One guard shouted, raising his assault rifle, and putting the woman in his sights. The woman’s mask rippled violently, and slowly took on the shape of a jesters mask.
    “You….” The voice that spoke was not a woman’s voice, but the kind that would appear in nightmares, rasping and cold. She stepped forwards, over the corpse.
    “DON’T MOVE.” The Guard shouted. The woman stopped, and her head cocked to the side.
    “This… is only the beginning…” Her hand darted to the device on her hand, and a red light flashed twice. The guards opened fire, their guns roaring. White light exploded outwards, and the guards screamed in pain, flesh stripping away from bone. Glass shattered, and the light flowed onwards, spreading out of the building.

    In Ashton, people had seconds before the light consumed them. Shadows were burnt into walls before they to vanished under the heat. The explosion could be seen a hundred miles away, and only there people could see it for what is was. A mushroom cloud blooming upwards into the sky…

    And then, without further ados.

    'Chapter One. ':

    Caliban – Micheal Hopkins Stadium. 4:48 pm Wednesday 18th July.

    A maximum capacity crowd. A hundred thousand fans. A million viewers across the country. Maybe a billion across the world. And all them were cheering. Cheering the name of current Russian Duelling Champion Dimitri Vevelosky, currently waiting in the stadium changing room. This was his night, no one else’s.

    Dimitri had been the runt of his family. He was the youngest of four sons and three daughters, and had been the shortest and weakest for years. His parents had always used him for the worst tasks on the farm back in the colds of Siberia. They said I was worthless, but look at me know. His name was known across the world, people would ask for his autograph when they saw him. And what of his family… Stuck on a farm in the bitter cold wilderness, living in poverty. Dimitri pulled his worn fur coat closer to his body, nightmares of the nights trapped in the barn house drifting back. He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer, the suns golden rays piercing into the otherwise dank changing room from the window. It was his night. Nothing would change that.


    “No… not you again.” Dimitri said, opening his eyes. The same voice had been following him, haunting him wherever he went. Not even his dreams were a safe place. He sighed and stood.


    A shadow passed in front of the sunlight. Dimitri spun around, the voice coming from beside him now.
    “Who-Who is there?” Dimitri said in his native tongue. The shadow moved once again, and Dimitri was bathed in the light again. His breaths were rushed, heart rushing. A door slammed and Dimitri jumped.
    “Mr Vevelosky, it’s time.” Said event organizer, a small young man in his early twenties with greasy hair. Dimitri sighed in relief.
    “Very well.” His English was heavy and slurred, a much different sound to his Russian tongue. Dimitri walked out of the room, the door held open by the organizer. As he moved to follow in Dimitri’s wake, a locker slammed shut. The organiser stepped away from the door, looking for anyone else in the room.
    “Hello? Anyone there?” He asked. Silence. He walked further away from the door, double checking. Finally he dismissed it simply as the wind, and turned. The door had closed. He moved to open it but touched something cold, something invisible. He backed away. The air began to move like water in a pond, and he found himself staring into a faceless woman. He opened his mouth to scream, but found no sound could emerge from his throat, only blood. He looked down, and a green crystalline sword was dug into his neck. The faceless figures skin rippled, and within moments the event organizer found himself staring into his own eyes. The last thing he ever saw.

    Dimitri took his walk of glory. The long walk towards the duel field at the centre of the stadium, renovated for duelling in the place of football. The crowds roars became a symphony as he set foot on the grass. His opponent took the walk at the same time, both players staring down there opponent. A psychological battle.

    “Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to a clash between champions.” Said the commentator, his voice ringing out from the loudspeakers, hyping the crowd. “In the blue corner… We have Russian Champion Dimitri Vevelosky.” A spot light flashed onto Dimitri, the majority of the crowds cheering all the harder.
    “And in the red corner, we have the Caliban champion, Alex White-Run.” A small group of fans screamed his name, before being drowned by the repeated chanting.
    “Dimitri! Dimitri! Dimitri!” The two duellists reached the field at the centre, and the cheers of the crowd died. Both stood in silence.

    “You are one I am here to crush?” Dimitri asked. The smack talk, yet another psychological battle.
    “No. I’m the guy who’s here to beat you back to Russia.” Alex said laughing at Dimitri’s attempts. He was yet another young man, a skinny teenager from the looks, and yet he already had a reputation for being one of the best.
    “I would welcome that. The weather would be an improvement.” Alex just laughed.
    “Wow… That one was really good. I’m quaking in my boots.” Alex activated his duel disk, a standard issue, stainless steel, Sigma Alpharius model. Dmitri did likewise, and both players drew the starting hand.

    “Let this Championship match begin!” The announcer shouted, and the crowd cheered.

    “Age before Beauty. And since you’re neither I’ll go first.” Alex said before drawing. “I set two cards, and then I summon Cardcar D (800/400).” A flat blue racing car whirled into life before bursting apart into light.
    “And I tribute him to draw two cards, which moves my turn to the end phase.”

    Dimitri drew. One turn in, and he was one card down on the stranger. That will change.
    “I summon Mermail – Abysspike(1600/800).” An armoured merman, much like a swordfish rose from a swirling portal of water. “Since I did so, I may discard a Water monster, and add a level 3 water monster to my hand.” Another swirling whirlpool appeared, a blue human-fish hybrid rising briefly to fire a crossbow bolt at one of Alex’s face downs. “As Atlantean Marksmanwas was sent to the grave for the activation of a water monster effect, I can destroy one set card you control.”
    “Shame you picked a bad one.” Alex had a confident smirk on his face. See if you are confident after this.
    “Abysspike attack this whelp.” The mermaid lunged forwards, armoured fists raised.
    “Nope. Memory of a Rival. I take damage equal to your monsters attack, it gets banished.” Abysspike punch hit with a dull thud, knocking Alex back(4000-2400). Abysspike then vanished in a consuming white light. “And at the end of your next turn, I gain control of him. For a Russian Champion, you aren’t that good so far.” Alex said, yawning. Dimitri set two cards before ending his turn.

    “I start with Photon Sanctuary. I get to special summon two photon tokens, downside is I can’t attack with them, synchro with them, or summon stuff other than light monsters.” Two orbs of bluish light rose next to Alex, before vanishing. “And I tribute my two tokens to Special Summon Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon as they both have 2k attack points. (3000/2500)” A colourless prism rose, slowly expanding outwards to reveal a shimmering sapphire dragon, ruby streaks upon its slowly unfurling wings. It let out a triumphant roar, and landed on the ground with a thud. The crowd roared at the sight of Alex’s signature monster.
    “And then I normal summon Alexandrite Dragon. (2000/0)” A equal impressive dragon flew into the stadium, its hide encrusted with gems. It took its place next its more impressive cousin.
    “Galaxy Eyes, attack. Photon Stream of Destruction.” Alex shouted, and the dragon breathed a stream of sapphire flames towards Dimitri.
    “The winters in Siberia are warmer than your Dragon’s flames. Face down, Damage Diet. All damage I would take is halved this turn.” The face down flipped up, and the flames of Galaxy eyes died as they struck Dimitri, who stood strong and let them pass around him. (Dimitri 4000-2500).
    “Alexandrite hit him again.” Alexandrite roared and took flight towards Dimitri, the beat of its wings causing Dimitris’ coat to flap wildly. The Dragon slashed Dimitri, knocking him back with a grunt. (Dimitri 2500-1500).
    “Is that all you have? I must tell my comrades they have little to fear.” Dimitri said, faking a laugh. The crowd were losing their faith in him, the constant cheering of Dimitri fading out to a new sound.
    “Looks like the crowds finally cheering the right tune. I’ll chuck a pair of face downs to end my turn.” Alex said smugly.


    “No… not now.” Dimitri whispered, drawing his card. His hand was shaking, in fact he nearly dropped the card he drew.
    “Russian dude. You high or something?” Alex asked, and Dimitri shook his head.
    “Not your problem little boy. I think the crowd needs a reason to cheer again.” He bellowed, chuckling to himself.
    “You talk big.” Alex said smirking.
    “I never talk without being able to support what I’m saying. I show you. I start by summoning Deep Sea Diva, and since I summon it, I get to special summon a level 3 or lower sea serpent from my deck. Rise Atlantean Armed Solider. (0/1600).” A purple mermaid rose from yet another whirlpool, and with a click of her fingers, and another blue fish-human hybrid appeared next to her, a shield in either hand that combined to form a more threatening fish face. Now, from the looks of things now, he could easily summon Neo Galaxy Eyes next turn if he has Kaiser in his hand… and he is obviously a competent duellist… it may be best to throw my own signature into play.

    “I use Armed Soldier’s effect. I am allowed to summon an additional level 4 or lower Sea Serpent. Atlantean Marksman, take aim again.” Another blue fish warrior appeared, crossbow aimed directly at Alex. “And now it’s time. I set one card, and I tribute my three monsters. Rise from the depths, Atlantean Dragon Poseidra (2800/1600).” The three monsters burst into water, and formed a pool, a dark shape moved with the pool, before bursting upwards, a spray of water in all directions. The creature, a sea dwelling armoured dragon, howled at its enemy. Water dripped down its blue scales, its trident tail crashing back into the water.
    “My two Atlantean effects activate, Marksman Destroys one of your set cards and Armed Solider destroys your Galaxy Eyes.” The two fish rose beneath their master, one of them spearing the left face down with its bolt, and the other ramming towards the Sapphire Dragon.
    “Face down activate, Safe Zone. Galaxy Eyes is safe.” The second face down card flipped, and Armed solider bounced off the toughened hide of Galaxy Eyes. A white aura surrounded it.
    “Silly man, your dragon is doomed none the less. Poseidra, Roar of the Ocean.” The Dragon roared, the sound echoing around the stadium, followed by rushing water. A wave of chilling water spread across the field, its every motion linked to the roar of Poseidra. It washed every spell and trap off the field, and the aura that protected Galaxy Eyes tore it away as it went.
    “Every spell and trap card on the field is returned to its owners hand, and as safe zone disappeared, so too does your Dragon. Since 3 cards were returned, all of your monsters lose 300 attack for each card returned.” The water froze, locking alexandrite dragon in place. (Alexandrite 2000 – 1100/0).

    “Poseidra, attack.” The dragon swam forwards, and reared up above Alexandrite. Alex laughed, caught in the dragons shadow.
    “Oh come on. You’re playing a Photon deck. What’s the ultimate support for a light monster?” Alex spun one card in his hand, and Dimitri swore. “Do your work Honest.” An angel rose in front of Alexandrite dragon, bathing it in light, raising its power. (Alexandrite 1100-3900/0) Poseidra smashed its weight downwards, only to be knocked away by Alexandrite. Poseidra exploded into fragments. (Dimitri 1500 - 400)

    Dimitri… You will…

    Dimitri spun around, the voice seemed to come from behind him. He was panting, the cries of the audience dying down.
    “Russian dude. Seriously man, this ain’t funny.” Damn it Dimitri, pull yourself together. You are on television. Don’t let your problems come out now. It’s all in your head.

    Dimitri… You must…

    “I set two cards. Make your move boy.” Dimitri said. Alex looked at him confused, but carried on anyway. A white light flashed, and Mermail – Abysspike, the armoured merman from before appeared next to Alex.
    “If you say. I’ll make it quick so you don’t embarrass yourself any more. I release my two monsters to advance summon Photon Kaiser (2000/2800).” The two monsters vanished, and a knight, glittering golden armour, hooked sword in one hand, and a deep blue shield in the other took their place. A second Knight followed suit.
    “Since I normal summoned Kaiser, I get another one from my deck. And now I’ll give these people a show. Overlay level 8. Descend, Number 40: Gimmick Puppet Heaven’s Strings (3000/2500).” WHAT?! No Neo Galaxy… Damn it I had prepared for it…but not this. The two monsters burst into a white light, which rose upwards into a galaxy style portal. A requiem began to play, and a red glow filled the stadium. Slowly, it descended. It towered above all other monsters that had been summoned so far, the peak of its solitary wing higher than the stadium itself. A fallen angel, broken and discarded drifted into view, a look of horror forever etched on its gothic visage. The ground shook as it touched down.
    “You’ll be finishing nothing boy. I activate my face down, Atlantean Roar. Return Deep Sea Diver, Marksman, and Armed Solider.” The three monster reappeared, the two fish warriors, and the purple mermaid, all in a defensive stance, and all standing defiant against the towering Dragon in front of them.
    “Heaven’s Strings attack Diva. Crush the fish.”
    “Zeus’ Breath. Attack is negated. And you take 800 damage. You haven’t won this turn.” A wave of water rose up, separate Heaven’s Strings from its opponents. Diva burst through, striking Alex in the chest before retreating. The crowd were once again chanting for Dimitri. Heaven’s Strings should have been a game ender. Now it was sitting useless. (Alex 2400-1600)
    “This turn being the key words. Number 40, Requiem Strings!” The Gimmick puppet absorbed on of its overlay units into its sword. The music slowly grew to a crescendo, a portal opening above the field. Red strings descended, wrapping around the three sea serpents. “All your monsters have gained a string counter. In your end phase they will detonate and you lose 500 for each.” He set two cards. I need a good draw here… the right card… He obviously knows Poseidra could resurrect from the grave… I need something better... Something less obvious...

    Dimitri drew.

    “I activate effect of Genex Ally Birdman in my hand, by returning card on my field to hand, it gets special summoned. (1400/400).” Deep Sea Diva was struck by a sudden gust of wind, blowing it back into the card. In its place, a small robotic parrot appeared.
    “Now, I tune level 3 Birdman, with level 3 Marksman. Dragon of the Ice Barrier, Brionac rise. (2300/1400)” Birdman flew into the air, breaking apart into three green rings, Marksman swam into the rings, breaking down into three stars. A lance of green light shot through, and a new beast was born. The stadium felt colder, breaths visible. A white dragon, held aloft on wings of ice slid down from the skies, snake like body twisting as it moved. It roared, the sound reminding people of winter days. It settled on the ground, rearing up to be as tall as its opponent.
    “I activate Brionacs effect. Discard card, and I return card on field to hand.”
    “Safe Zone. You are unable to target my Gimmick Puppet. Obvious Russian dude.” A white aura surrounded the puppet, shielding it from the Dragon opposite it.
    “You played into trap. I return my own Armed Solider to my hand. And then discard it to activate Brionacs effect again. Armed Soldier’s effect also activates. Say goodbye to both your face down, and safe zone. And as Safe Zone goes… So goes your Puppet.” The dragon reared back further, drawing the air around it in. It exhaled and flapped its wings, and a snowstorm consumed the field. When the storm ceased, Brionac stood alone, roaring in triumph.
    “Well done. Game is yours.” Alex disengaged his duel disk before the attack could be declared, and walked over towards Dimitri.

    Something exploded, and the crowd screamed. A white light filled the sky, and a wave of force battered the stadium, throwing everyone to the ground. A row of sets gave way, collapsing downwards, throwing the occupants in all directions. A mushroom cloud blossomed in the distance. Dimitri groaned, winded by the force. His head slowly turned, and he saw a shadow, a living shadow dart across the open field.

    “Dimitri… It has begun… “ Said the voice.

    Only this time, it wasn’t a dream. Dimitri turned his head, ears ringing from the blast, and saw the event organiser standing over him.
    “Dimitri…” He said, his voice had changed, the same haunting voice he had heard every day for a long, long time.
    “You. You’re-“ Dimitri started, before stopping. The event organiser rippled, and he morphed becoming a faceless woman, a living shadow.
    “Dimitri… You are to come with me… Refusal will result in the death of all those present.” To prove her point, a blade slid out of the device on its right hand, slick with blood. The assassin- that was the right word for it- looked around, a predator analysing the situation before it commits to the hunt. Dimitri stayed down, and the Assassin looked at him again.
    “Dimitri… You will come with me by force if necessary… and everyone here will die as a result…” Dimitri stood slowly, clutching his side in pain. He’d felt something snap when he landed. He limped away, following the assassin.

    Security rushed onto the field, guns raised at the Assassin. The five men looked unused to carry fire arms, hands shaking, one fiddling with the safety. Another swore as the clip slid clean out of the gun. The Assassin cocked her head, and with a flick of her wrist, the blade fired out of the device, striking the first guard in the throat. He collapsed onto his knees, and then fell to the side. Two of the guards fled, screaming in terror. The Assassin rushed forwards, her movements a blur. One guard fired, but the woman stepped to the side, her every motion faster than Dimitri could see. The guard fired again, same result. She grabbed the pistol from his hand before he could fire again, grabbing his throat and lifting him into the air with one hand. She fired two shots. The fleeing guards collapsed. The Assassin cocked her head once again, and the head of guard she held mirrored it, neck snapped. The last guard fell to his knees, pleading for his life, tears stream streaming down his face.
    “Please… Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me.” The Assassin leant down, and picked up its blade. Its back was to the last guard. Dimitri blinked, and in that time the assassin had turned to face the guard, who now lay face down in a slowly growing pool of blood. She gestured for Dimitri to follow. Dimitri walked slowly, feeling sick at the sight. If I try and run… she will kill everyone. He threw up as he walked past the dead guards, the think metal tang in the air.

    Dimitri caught up with the assassin at the exit to the stadium. A lone black jeep was waiting at the entrance, door open like a set of black gates.
    “What-What do you want with me?” Dimitri asked, voice quivering. The assassins blank stared at Dimitri. She raised her hand and he flinched. No violence, she simply pointed at the jeep.
    “Enter… or they die…” The clock above the entrance to the stadium entrance rang, the sound ominous. “Enter… before the sixth chime.” Dimitri turned, shaking-


    The steps seemed to drag for eternity. He was approaching death most-


    likely. He reached the bottom of the steps finally, and turned his head towards the ocean, the orange-


    bloom of the mushroom cloud, far off in the distance. He wondered who had been unfortunate enough to get caught in-


    the blast. With one final sigh, he stepped into the jeep, and the door slammed shut behind Dimitri Vevelosky. The Jeep turned away from-


    the stadium, its destination unknown. And amidst the chaos of a nuclear strike on the island of Ashton, no one had noticed the disappearance.

    Waiting for all the critisizm, hopefully most of it constructive. It will be nice to know what everyone thinks, aside from Neo. I know his views many atime. Though please feel free to comment still Neo.

    Also, anyone know how to put links on bits of text?
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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh!! Sigma Alpharius (13+)

    Post by Jordan, Lich Lord on Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:21 pm

    So far I like it. I cant wait to see Chapter 2:)

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    Chapter Two Guys.

    Post by HiveNet on Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:48 pm

    I think time for an update since its been a while since i last posted.

    So, Chapter two. Sadly, becuase of the YCM site being down, this isn't the exact, perfect version I had on there. but, I shall make do none the less, since they are essentailly the same.

    Sigma Alpharius Private Villa. Half a mile east of Caliban. Date: Wednesday 18 July. Time: 6:05 pm.

    Lucas Foreman was a twenty two year old private eye. An average looking man, he’d been compared to Micheal Weston more than once. Industrial espionage, fraud, anything dirty a company needed doing, Lucas was the one to do it. But to the working world, and the tax man, he simply helped track down information. He had brought down companies with a single page of notes. And now he was meeting his next client.

    He walked through the villa being slowly escorted by a privately hired security guard, company logo badly hidden on his lapel. He noticed the white bare walls, the plain tiling, and general lack of personal decorations. This wasn’t a home. This was a hideout, on top of a remote hill, far away from civilization.

    The security guard in front of Lucas opened a set of plain wooden doors from the open, the kind of grand entrance normally reserved for lousy romance films. The type where someone would burst in during the middle of the wedding. Never Lucas’s style. He slipped in quietly behind, spying yet another plain room, an polished oak desk at the centre, behind which sat the acting CEO of Sigma Alpharius, busy signing forms. A woman by the name of Michelle Rochdale.

    “Mr Foreman is it?” She asked, looking up from the desk. Smartly dressed, plain looking, she had an aura of confidence around her.
    “That’s me. And you are hiding from something.” Lucas said, eyes quickly taking in his surroundings. Michelle looked flustered. Lucas was on the right track.
    “And what makes you say that? This is my home.” Lucas stopped her there, cutting in masterfully.
    “That’s hard to believe. No personal decorations, not even on your desk. There’s a layer of dust on everything, and from the pristine condition you keep that desk in, I would expect not a scrap of dust around here. Should I carry on?” Lucas asked, taking a seat in one of the leather chairs opposite Rochdale.
    “Your reputation precedes you.” She scanned a form on her desk, before handing it over to Lucas. “Confidentiality agreement. Before I say another word, you have to sign this.” Lucas flicked through the form, everything seeming normal. He always checked the fine print. He signed the form and tossed it back onto the desk. Michelle opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off yet again.
    “You want me to investigate what made your company’s headquarters go boom, and if you are in any risk. After all, why would someone go to the expense of hiring a private security team and relocating to an obscure villa if they weren’t in danger?” Again Michelle was flustered, and Lucas smirked. His eyes flicked to the window on the right, catching a glimpse of sudden movement. Whatever it was it had disappeared.
    “Why yes. If that’s not beyond a man of your talents. I will pay you a considerable sum of money. We have reason to believe that the attack on our headquarters was a deliberate attempt at assassination. Security reports the building went into lockdown due to an assault on the CEO’s office.” Lucas spotted another burst of movement in the window to the left this time.
    “Why do you think you are being targeted? From the sound of that, your company is, but why you specifically?” Lucas asked, eyes watching the windows.
    “Because over the past four weeks, every other executive of the company has been killed. I’m the only one left. Someone is specifically targeting us.”
    “Anyone who have a grudge against you?”
    “We are a Global corporation. Of course there are. But of people who do wouldn’t be able to do this. This is professional. There are never any traces left behind but the body. I need someone to confirm this. And I will not leave here. They can’t know where I am, or…”
    “I’m nighty per cent certain they do, since I can almost guarantee every member of security outside this room is dead.” Lucas stood, and his hand rushed to the gun concealed at his waist.
    “How? They were the best money could buy… I mean surely we would have heard-“ Something shattered in the distance. A vase, a piece of glass, it didn’t matter.
    “Blood splatter on both windows. Obviously the snipers you installed to watch over the courtyard have been killed.” Rochdale looked at the windows, spying the stain in question, the setting sunlight casting shadows across the room. Rochdale scrabbled though the desk draws searching for something.

    “I already have a gun. And since it hasn’t broken in through the windows, they are evidently too small for it to get in through.” He disengaged the safety.
    “I’m not looking for a gun.” She was panicking, understandable given the circumstances. “Guns won’t help against these things.”
    “What things?” Lucas turned his head to look at her. Gunshots fired, followed by screaming. Death screams.
    “I don’t know. All I know, is that the only thing that can stop them is this.” She pulled out a square of metal, gaps in it suggesting it was meant to unfold. There was a large red button on the side, the word Start written in bold.
    “What the hell is it?” Another scream followed, closer this time. Something crashed into the door, causing it to buckle and split.
    “I don’t know. I was just told that pressing this button would save me.”
    “That’s helpful. Give it here.” Lucas lowered the gun and took the device, and as he did so, the doors blew open. A faceless woman was standing there, a white crystal blade stained with blood on her left hand. Her head cocked to the left, scanning the room. Her gaze lingered on Rochdale, who began to break down. Lucas raised the gun again, but the woman had moved already, vaulting over the desk, and pinning Rochdale down. The gun span out of Lucas’s hand, kicked during the woman’s move. Impossible.

    “PRESS THE BUTTON.” Rochdale screamed. Lucas slammed his palm onto the button, and a wave of light fired from the device, creating a circle a few feet in radius. A voice declared.
    Duel-mode engaging.” The device unfolded, latching onto Lucas’s wrist, and creating ten rectangular slots in two rows of five. A set of cards was in a container, and he recognized the brand. Yu-gi-oh!... crap. He saw a similar device on the assassins arm, part of the arm itself, and she back flipped onto the desk.
    “That’s just showing off.” Lucas said. Rochdale started laughing, and got up.
    “Thank you. You’ve saved my life.” She said, her breaths shallow. She was tidying her appearance. “Now, you’re going to duel this thing, and I’m going to run away.” She walked past the assassin, who stared at her as she was walking, head cocked to the left.
    “Or I could just follow you?” She shook her head.
    “The device you used contains a duel anchor. When used no one can move more than ten feet away from their opponent. And thankfully whoever made these assassins made it so that if engaged in a duel, they must duel to the end. The amount of company members it took to find that bit out…” She kept laughing, and walked through the broken wreckage of the door. “Good luck!” She shouted before literally running off.
    “HEY. Don’t leave me here with this thing. I don’t want to die!” Lucas screamed at her, turning his back on the Assassin.
    “Rather you than me!” She shouted, and Lucas heard a door slam. Just great… Lucas turned to the assassin.

    “Well… this is awkward.” Lucas said.
    “Duel commenced… Starting hand drawn… Proceed in likewise manner…” The chilling voice of the assassin said. Lucas noted she hand 5 cards in her hand. Lucas drew five. “Look. I have never played this kids game before, I’ve only watched a couple of matches.” And now for some reason I guess my life depends on it. Lucas knew it was a pointless thing to say.
    “Irrelevant… Duel will commence… Turn start…” The assassin drew a sixth card. “Summon… Marauding Captain (1200/400)… Effect activate… Special Summon Koa’ki Meiru Bergzak (2000/200)” Two warriors appeared, one a knight in battered steel armour, and the a blue skinned body builder from the looks of it armed with twin sword. The second one roared, and Lucas jumped back in fear.
    “Umm. Question? Is there any way I can look at how to play this game?” Lucas asked, noticing a red energy rope connecting the two duel disks. That must be the reason I can’t run. This thing is connected into my arm, and this rope will keep me from moving away whilst my arm is attached to my body… Where’s a knife when I need one.
    “Consult data screen… set card… reveal Heroic Challenger Double Lance… Bergzak doesn’t self-destruct…” Lucas pressed a button on his duel disk, and a holographic screen lit up. It listed everything he needed to know, rules, monster effects, suggested ways to use them. It was a start. He immediately went to the basic rules section, scanning through it as quickly as he could.
    “umm… So I draw a card.” Lucas drew, looking at his hand. A nice spread of cards. A monster might be a good place to start… That’s another thing I do know. “And then I summon Infernity Necromancer. Who I think gets switched to defence mode.(0/2000)” A blue robed skeleton appeared, arms crossing over in a defensive stance. So now he can’t destroy my monster with his Bergzak.
    “Trap card… Final attack orders… All monsters must be in attack mode…” The trap flipped, and necromancer stood, now open to assault.
    “Oh…” Lucas looked at his hand again. “I guess I set a card.” Lucas saw the name Infernity throughout all his monsters. So it’s an archetype then. Which means they must have a common aim. He looked it up. Gain effects for having no cards in the hand. Most commonly aim towards performing multiple high level synchro summons in one turn. This loop is commonly… Lucas read it quickly. This must have been her deck… Since she had a habit for discarding others around her. He rescanned his hand.
    “I’ll set one more, and it’s your turn.”

    “Turn start… Summon Heroic Challenger Double Lance. (1700/900). Effect special summons second from hand.” A white armoured knight, phoenix emblem at its chest, and wielding a silver lance in either hand appeared next to the other two warriors, followed by an identical one on the opposite side. “Overlay level four… Xyz summon Heroic Champion Gandiva… (2100/1800).” The two new arrivals broke apart into a brown light, which descended into a spiral portal. A man roared, and the sound of galloping hooves on a tiled floor rang through the house. A horse archer burst through the doorway, fragments of the already ruined doorway flying everywhere. Lucas ducked as a piece of the frame soared towards his head. It clattered onto the desk, where the assassin simply kicked it away.
    “Bergzak attack…” The twin sword wielding body builder charged towards the helpless necromancer.
    “Umm. I think I can do this. I activate Rageki Break. I discard a card, and destroy your Bergzak.” Lightning streaked from ceiling lights, coursing through the body builder, shattering him into pixels.
    “Gandiva… Attack…” The horse archer fired a single burning arrow through Necromancer, spearing towards Lucas.
    “I think I can also do this. I play hallowed life barrier, I discard another card, and I get to prevent all damage this turn. I think.” Three robed women appeared, in front of the arrow, the enchantments on their robes reflecting the arrow away. It stuck the wall with a dull thunk, causing Lucas to jump. Ok. I do not want to get hit by one of those.
    “What exactly are you? I mean, why would an assassin play a kids card game?” She simply stared.
    “Purpose… is beyond your understanding… all things have a place… Much like this card…” She set another card.

    “So, you are a very skilled Assassin who likes kids games and talks in riddles? It’s like talking to my ex all over again.” Lucas said, laughing to himself. Humour, that always makes the life or death situations less tense.
    “So, I think I draw. And then I think I’ll summon Infernity Guardian. (1200/1700).” A spiked horseshoe complete with a floating, burning skull in the middle of it rose from the ground.
    “Umm, then I activate mystical space typhoon. So, I destroy your All-Out Attack orders.” A wall of wind wrapped around the card, breaking it down into pixels. The neatly stacked piles of files were tossed around the office. “And now since I have an empty hand, my guardian becomes immune to destruction apparently. I guess I’ll test that. Guardian, go attack the Captain.” With a cackle, the skull leaped forth from the horse shoe, tail of flames behind it. The captain slashed down at it as it neared, but to no effect. With a crack of splintering ribs the skull struck Marauding Captain in the chest, and it two vanished into pixels.
    “So… that’s me done.” Lucas said, pleased with his effort. The Assassin simply laughed, the sound haunting.
    “The pain begins now…” All hope seemed to drain from Lucas’s world with the simple action of drawing a card.


    That’s all Dimitri knew. His companion. His tormentor. His torturer. The chains on his wrists were heavy, every movement a struggle. No noise save for his efforts. No sights save for the murky blackness. He struggled to his feet, tempted exploring the limits of his now tiny world.

    The sharp screech of metal grinding on metal was followed by a cascade of light. Dimitri closed his eyes, the light burning. The same voice that had haunted his dreams for a year spoke slowly.

    “You will follow…” Dimitri followed

    It was back again. The Assassin. The faceless shape shifter responsible for all of the chaos. Dimitri had lost track of time, it could have been minutes, or hours. The darkness of the cell was gone, and now he experienced the opposite. Blinding white light, white walls, white tiles. A corridor, leading to somewhere unknown. The Assassin never looked back, knowing it had Dimitri following no matter what. Its words still haunted him. Come with me, or they will die.

    The hiss of pistons moving, and the grinding of gears filled Dimitri’s ears. He looked up, and a wall was sliding in half. Inside, yet more Darkness. The Assassin gestured for him to enter. Dimitri’s head lowered again, and he stumbled forwards one step at a time. Darkness…

    “Face down… call of the haunted… Extra sword resurrects… Summon Heroic Challenger Spartas… (1600/1000)” The double lanced warrior rose once again, joined by a new warrior, armour in the style of the ancient Greeks, wielding shield and spear.
    “Overlay… level 4… Blade Armour Ninja… strike. (2200/1000)” Spartas and Double Lance burst apart into a brown light, and descended into a red spiral. With a shout, an armoured shinobi rose from the portal. Twin katana glittering in the dying light from the windows. Silently it stepped on the floor, katana raised. “Detach overlay unit… Blade attacks twice…” The shinobi charged forwards, its every motion silent. The first katana slashed downwards, glancing off the metal frame of Guardian. Flames spat at Lucas, singing him.
    “OW!” Lucas screamed, in pain and shock, jumping back from Guardian. The Shinobi brought its second katana down, flames again lashing out at Lucas. He winced as the washed over his hand.
    “Gandiva… attack.” The horse archer shouted in response, raising its bow and firing. The arrows passed straight through Guardian, and Lucas swore as it struck his chest with a thud. He fell backwards, all the air in his body having be forced out in one blow. (Lucas 4000 – 1100).
    “Wha-what was th-that?” Lucas asked in between coughs. The Assassin giggled, a horrid imitation of a child.
    “The mind has an effect on the body… if it thinks you were hit by an arrow… it simulates it… My duel disk contains enhancer… the brains response is increased relative to remaining life points… Life points hitting zero will result in braindeath…” Lucas struggled back to his feet, his chest felt like it had caved in.
    “So your telling me I would die without taking a scratch?” The assassin nodded slowly, revelling in Lucas’s pain. He began laughing, despite the pain.
    “Thanks for the information… Useful to know in case I get out of this. I’ve noticed that people are really stupid about information. Makes my job easier.” Lucas finished standing and flexed his arms.
    “Not when you will die shortly…” The Assassin said, setting another card face down. Her voice had changed, a hint of annoyance emerging. It seemed more human. Probably expects me to be crying by now.

    “I’ll draw, set a card, and switch my Infernity Guardian to defence mode.” The flames inside the horseshoe grew more intense, forming a crimson wall in front of its opponents. It was all Lucas could do. He scanned the Data Screen, spying the card he needed. Apparently that will get this Synchro chain started.
    “Turn start… Activate Solidarity… Only one type of monster in my grave… All my monsters gain 800 attack… Turn end…” (Gandiva 2100-2900) (Blade Armour Ninja 2200-3000) Currently, that was all either player could do. Guardian was an immovable shield.
    “I’ll draw. And then I summon Infernity Mirage. (0/0)” A fiendish witch doctor rose next Guardian, crimson hair standing on end. “And then, I think I can tribute Mirage to special summon two Infernity monsters in my grave. I choose Infernity Avenger, and Infernity Necromancer.” Mirage Burst apart into shadows. Ghostly cackles echoed through the room, and the shadows pulled darker shadows towards them. A blue robed skeleton, and a stunted demonic dual pistol wielding cowboy began to form.
    “Gandiva effects activates… Overlay unit detached… Special summon of level four or lower monster is negated.” One of the circling lights was absorbed by the horse rider, forming a glowing arrow. It fired, splitting into two. The Infernity monsters screamed as the arrows pierced them, disintegrating them into lights.
    “OH. YOU…” Lucas stopped himself, chest hurting again. He needed calm thoughts to get out of this. He sighed, the only move he could make had been cut out. So my next special summoning will be cancelled, but then I have a free reign. “I end my turn…” This is getting annoying.

    The Assassin simply drew, and set a card. There wasn’t much else for it to do, Guardian still holding it off.
    “I guess I draw again.” Lucas smiled as he drew. Perfect. I think. “Since I drew Infernity Avenger, and it’s the only card in my hand, I get to special summon it.” Blue flames began to burn in front of Infernity Guardian, heralding the birth of a black robed, crimson haired deamon. (1800/1200).
    “Gandiva will spear it…” The horse archer fired another arrow, a perfect shot into the heart. and Archfiend burst apart into pixels.
    “Archfiend’s effect activates. Since it got special summoned when I had an empty hand, I get to search for any Infernity card.” Lucas deck obediently slid out of the machine. So, time to see if this synchro loop works. “I pick Infernity Beetle, which I then summon.” A football sized black dual horned beetle burst from the wall, wings buzzing.(1200/0).” Then I tribute one beetle to summon two more from my deck.” The beetle exploded into shadows, which fused together into two identical copies of itself.
    “They won’t help you… Not against what is coming… Nothing will…” The Assassin jumped down from the desk, landing with an inhuman grace.
    “I’ll take my chances. Well, the obvious thing to do now is to synchro summon apparently. So, I guess that’s what I do.” One of the beetles broke apart into green rings, and Infernity guardian rose into the rings. A lance of green light fired forth, and a new monster was born. A white dragon, wings of pure ice flew in through the ceiling, the solid object no obstacle to a hologram. So mine are holograms, and hers are basically real… My day keeps getting better. Its long snake like body wrapping around Lucas, settling on the floor.
    “Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier. (2300/1400).” The dragon roared as its name was called, happy to serve its master.
    “It won’t be there long… Face down, Torrential tribute… All monsters are destroyed…”
    “I’ll use my face down, Infernity Barrier. Since I have an empty hand, and an Infernity monster, your card is negated.” The two face downs flipped up, and the Assassins crackled with red electricity before exploding.
    “… You lied… You have played this game…” She said, his gaze less stare burrowing into Lucas’s heart.
    “Ok… you got me.” Lucas started smirking. “A couple of times yeah, I was just a bit rusty. Overconfidence. People mess up more when then think they are in charge. So I used that against you. Never judge a book by its cover. So, time to kick things off properly. I’ll tune Brionac with my last beetle, say hello to Hundred Eye Dragon. (3000/2500)” Another set of green rings appeared, and Brionac wings beat, pulling its mass into rings. Another flash of light, and Brionac vanished. In its place, was a dragon of darker nature. Black leathery hide, and borne aloft by bat like wings, the new dragon flew to the ground, landing with a thud. An eye on its shoulder opened. Then another. Then another. Slowly, a hundred eyes opened. The Dragon roared, the sound more sickly than the gentle roar of Brionac.
    “Now, Hundred Eye Dragon, attack Heroic Champion Gandiva.” Each eye on the dragon began to glow red. The dragon roared, sweeping its head back. The Horse reared up in fright, and the Dragon lowered its head to point at Gandiva. A beam of Crimson energy burst forth from each eye, spearing horse and rider with a scream. (Assassin 4000-3900).
    “And now, time to let the synchros roll on out. I use the effect of Hundred Eyes Dragon. I get to copy a level 6 or lower dark monsters effect by banishing it. I’ll banish Infernity Necromancer. And now my Dragon will resurrect Infernity Archfiend.” The Silhouette of the blue robbed skeleton rose in front of the Dragon cackling, before being sucked into the dragon. Shadows spread from the dragon, digging into the ground, and pulling the previously destroyed crimson haired deamon back to the field. “And since I have an empty hand, and it got special summoned, I can search for an Infernity card. I’ll pick and activate Infernity Launcher.” In a whirl of lights a cannon, around the size of a mini cooper, formed behind Lucas. Gears ground and the cannon barrel slowly rose upwards, until it settled, pointing directly at the assassin.
    “You have no hope of damaging me…” She said, the crystalline blade sliding out of the duel disk.
    “Not the point. Launcher lets me sends itself to the grave as my hand is empty, and then I can special summon two Infernity monsters from my grave. I’ll go twin beetles. And then I’ll tune my Beetle with Avenger to make Gravity Warrior, and then tune again for Infernity Doom Dragon. (3000/2400).” Red light filled the gloomy cannon barrel, before with an almighty boom, the two dual horned beetles fired out of the cannon. The cannon detonated behind them, barrel splitting down the middle by the force. Archfiend rose to intercept the beetles flight, and the three monsters combined in an explosion of shadows. Twin red eyes opened amidst the shadows, claws flexing, testing its new life. Leathery wings flexed, supporting the demonic bulk. It let out a low glow, slowly coming to rest on the ground next to its kin.
    “Now, Infernity Doom Dragon. I will use your effect. I destroy a monster you control, and burn you for half its attack.” Streams of darkness leaked from the dragon, crawling towards the shinobi. Tentatively they wrapped around the shinobi, constricting it. The Shinobi grunted, and the shadows tightened further, splitting its armour. One more grunt followed, before the shinobi detonated, raining shards of armour on the Assassin. (Assassin 3900-2400).
    “Looks like I’ve won doesn’t it?” Lucas said, smiling at the turn of fortune. The assassin simply giggled. Lucas looked at the field, and realized his mistake. No traps. Nothing to protect him. Overconfidence… Shit.

    “Turn start… Activate Monster Reborn… Spartas resurrects… Summon Heroic Challenger Extra Sword. (1000/1000).” The Greek warrior rose from the ground, followed by a dual sword wielding green armoured knight. “Overlay level 4… Heroic Champion-Excalibur. (2000/2000).” For the third time, a red spiral opened, and the Heroic Challengers entered. A king amongst warriors rose. A glittering, phoenix hilted longsword, the length of Lucas held effortlessly in one hand. Armour stained crimson from the blood of its enemies, it was worthy of wielding Excalibur itself.
    “Solidarity activates… Extra sword gives it an additional 1000 attack…” A second blade appeared in its hand, and the warrior raised both weapons in a war cry. (Excalibur 2000-3800) The twin dragons on Lucas’s field back away, fearful of its strength.
    “Not enough to take me down yet.” Lucas said, brave where his creatures were not. Life or death situations were almost normal.
    “Excalibur detaches both materials… Original attack is doubled…” The hilt of the blade began to glow. Flames began to ripple along the side of the blade. (Excalibur 3800-5800). Lucas staggered backwards. The anchor binding both duellists together drew tight, and he was pulled to the floor. At his knees before the mighty warrior.
    “You fell victim to your own strategy…” She walked over to Lucas, crystalline blade drawn. Her monster did the same towards Doom Dragon, pinning the beast to the ground. “Pathetic.” Two blades raised, and for a moment, there was silence.

    Then a gunshot. And another.
    The Assassin’s limp body cluttered to the floor, twin bullet holes in its chest. Lucas exhaled in relief, dropping his pistol. Overconfidence… He had picked it up whilst backing away, and used the stumble to get the assassin at point blank range. Lucas stood up, and his side flared in pain. Hospital after I’m done here.

    A beep caught Lucas’s attention. He spun looking at the Assassins body. A red light was flashing on the wrist device. It began to glow. Oh. Lucas turned, and sprinted out of the room. A rush of air behind him was followed by tremendous heat. Lucas neared a window, and a shockwave threw him out of it, screaming. His jacket ignited. He struck the ground, and rolled, trying to kill the flames. He rolled down the hill, carried by gravity away from the villa. An explosion rang through the villa, shattering every window. Flames billowed out of the frames, stripping the plain white paint away. An inferno that consumed the building, and all traces of the nights events whole.

    Lucas found himself at the at the bottom of the hill the villa was sat on. He rolled onto his back. Spotting something in the corner of his eye. A body. Lucas jumped back, screaming as he did so. He slowly rolled the body over, and was staring into the lifeless eyes of Michelle Rochdale. She was cold, dead long before Lucas had arrived. So I was talking to one of those things... Which means, I have someone to find.


    It was back again. This new room was different. It felt larger. But Dimitri knew he wasn’t alone. Footsteps in the dark. A spotlight flashed, and a familiar piece of equipment was illuminated. A duel disk. Dimitri walked slowly, remembering the stadium. My night. A psychological battle. He stepped into the light, and his duel disk immediately attached itself to Dmitri’s arm. Wires lead from the duel disk to the ground, and Dimitri grunted feeling several pins pierce his skin. A second spotlight flashed, and the faceless woman stood in it.

    Duel Test Alpha commencing. Subject Dimitri VS Agent Magnus.” Said a computerized voice, the sound coming from all four corners of the room. So I am a test subject… No I will not have it.
    “I am Dimitri Vevelosky. And whatever you are doing, I shall not be a part of it.” The moment the words left his lips, pain enveloped his senses. Electricity coursed through him from the wires, and his screams rang on hollow ears.
    Duel test commencing. Failure to comply will result in termination.” Dimitri was alone amongst the monsters. His every moment a torment.

    Darkness… It was all he longed for now.

    And that was Chapter two. Any comments, suggestions criteque are all appreciated, and very helpful for improving my skills.

    I would've linked the monsters to there wikia pages, but I was feeling slightly to lazy to do that today.


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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh!! Sigma Alpharius (13+)

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    I shall read this chapter soon and leave my review.

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    Re: Yu-Gi-Oh!! Sigma Alpharius (13+)

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    Now since this section has no activity, I shall try and change this.


    Thursday 19th July. Foreman Household, Caliban City Centre . 8:33 AM.

    Lucas hadn’t slept. Why would he after nearly being killed twice, and
    being hired by a dead woman to investigate a bunch of card playing
    Assassins. He’d disappeared from the grounds of the villa as soon as the
    sirens began, fading into the night. He didn’t want to get caught in
    that situation, and explain the impossible reality.

    Immediately when he had arrived at his one bedroom apartment, he started
    researching. Computers held all the information he needed. In this age,
    almost any information could be found in your living room. He just
    needed to find Sigma Alpharius's computers. From there, the data could
    be traced outwards, and find out whatever he needed. His signature tag,
    latching onto an file, and following it throughout a system, exposing
    all files in the system with minimal effort. Lucas had worked for hours
    at his desk, and finally his efforts paid off. After reading through
    dozens of mundane reports, he found something more revealing. A hidden
    series of files, most of whom had been deleted with the destruction of
    the head office. Most. Lucas turned his attention to the three that

    Project Omegon.
    Journal Entry 8/39
    First successful injection of substance 13-Beta.
    Injection of Enzymes in place of Gene codes has shown immediate
    improvements, 52% of subjects surviving initial injection compared to
    28% shown in prior sample 12-alpha. Results of the injection are still
    awaiting test results.

    Lucas spotted an attachment, a chemical formula, far beyond what a GCSE
    in Chemistry could let him understand. He printed a copy of it, knowing
    at least a dozen people who could analyse and if needs must, replicate
    the substance.

    Journal Entry 12/39
    Progress is minimal. The test subjects have shown little
    signs of the intended potential. Three have died the process disrupting
    normal bodily functions to lethal levels. This combined with a 50%
    mutation rate suggests the formula requires being taken back to
    molecular level. Batch 14-gamma euthanized.

    The file carried on for multiple pages, referencing subjects, numbers,
    and other information Lucas didn’t understand. It appeared to be a
    clinical trial of sorts, detailing a series of patients and their
    response to whatever substance they had been injected with. At least, I guess so. From what that last one said, this obviously isn’t an approved trial. He moved to the next set of files, eyes drooping.

    Journal Entry 24/39
    Success has been made. The last batch of subjects have shown 80%
    increases to strength and agility. Mild signs of psychosis in one case.
    Observations will continue. At the current rate of success, the project
    will be finished on schedule.

    The phone rang, and Lucas jumped out of his armchair, falling backwards onto the floor. I need a coffee. Lucas
    stood and dragged himself to the phone, wiping his eyes. He picked up
    the phone, and in a tone expected of someone who had been awake for
    thirty six hours, he answered simply with.
    “Hello?” The sound of heavy breathing dug into Lucas’s ear. “Hello?”
    “Mr Foreman…” The same chilling voice of the Assassin from the night before.
    “You’re dead. Or is this the second one of you. The one who pretended to
    be Michelle, and left me for dead.” The assassin chuckled.
    “That… is not your concern. I am phoning to warn you. You have attracted the attention of powerful people.”
    “I’ve dragged billionaires into the dirt. I’m not scared of so called
    power. Everyone has dirt I can use.” Lucas said, walking back to his
    desk and grabbing his pistol.
    “And yet… I can almost smell it. Fear. People stink of it recently.” Her
    every word made it seem as if she held humans in contempt. The way a
    man would talk about a mongrel dog.
    “Fine, here’s another thought for you, why the hell would I take advice
    from a psychopath? Since, you obviously have little emotions.” Lucas
    darted to the window, spying the street for anyone suspicious. It was
    “If I wanted you dead... I would have killed you in the mansion.” Lucas
    spied the roof tops, nothing. The street was perfectly empty.
    “Splitting hairs. You left me to die. It practically the same.” The Assassin laughed again.
    “Have you noticed what’s wrong yet? I would have thought you’d have
    noticed it. And I had every faith in you living. You aren’t the only one
    who can research, I knew you would handle yourself in the duel..” Lucas
    went to windows on the other side. Again, nothing.
    “I have only duelled three times I my life. And all three of those I
    have lost. And what do you mean? There’s nothing wrong everything is-“
    He stopped. It was obvious. There was nothing… At rush hour on a weekday… There's no cars..
    “Silence is the greatest trap. You have less than a minute to get out.
    If you do, meet me at Café Deluxueia.” The phone cut off. Silence. Lucas
    sprinted towards the door. A device beeped behind him. He rammed into
    the door, ripping it from the hinges. He’d always meant to replace the
    door. Pausing for a second to scan the road in front of him, he sprinted
    into the middle of the road. His flat detonated behind him, quickly
    becoming a engulfing fire ball. The explosion tossed Lucas onto the
    ground, flaming shards raining onto the street. Twice in one day… Damn I wish I got house insurance.


    Lucas had taken an hour to get to Café Delxueia. It was two miles away,
    and he had to be careful not to be seen. He was meant to be dead now.
    The situation demanded subtlety. He was however, now both broke, and
    homeless, seeing as his mobile, credit cards, and wallet had all gone up
    in flames. And he doubted a dead man could call up the bank without
    getting noticed. Café Deluxeia was located the opposite side of the city
    centre, and a place for the social elite to visit. It was also a place
    where Lucas was on first name basis with the staff, nowhere better to
    find out who an important person is. And now, he was turning up in dirt
    stained, and slightly scorched clothes. I won’t stand out at all…

    He entered, and Alex White-Run, a waiter there, and supposedly a duelling champion greeted him.
    “Lucas mate. Here for the usual?” He was annoying as hell, but had an talent for overhearing things.
    “No, I was supposed to meet someone here. Oh, how did that championship duel go? I didn’t have time to see.”
    “Oh, the Russian dude won. But… that explosion at Ashton caused some
    trouble. Russian dude went missing apparently.” Lucas looked around the
    café, a series of booths separated by wooden screens allowing for a
    degree of privacy in a public place. Most were empty, but in the fair
    corner, a woman was sat. She was pretty, the kind of looks that would
    draw all eyes in the room to her. Ash blonde hair, and wearing an plain
    white trench coat. She seemed distant, wrapped in her own world. But
    there was something more to her. Something that gave him chills.
    “Should I ask around for you Lucas? See if I can find the person you were meant to meet.” Lucas shook his head.
    “Relax, I found her. Get yourself a coffee or something. Put it on my tab.” Lucas said, before walking towards the woman. Psychopath. Chills, a natural response. She
    turned to look at him, a wicked smile on her face. Her eyes stood out,
    one green, one blue, both tranquil in a haunting way. Time to dine with the enemy.

    “It’s nice to meet you again Lucas.” She said, her voice different. Not
    the ghostly sound from before, but what you would expect from a woman.
    “I don’t believe we’ve met.” Lucas said bluntly. He sat down opposite her.
    “Lucas, you could at least be a gentleman.”
    “Why would I be a gentleman when you are wearing a dead womans face?” She laughed, the sound forced.
    “I’m not. At least… not this time. This is just how I choose to appear.
    Walking around looking like Cat Woman isn’t the easiest way of staying
    discreet.” She offered Lucas a glass of water, keeping an expensive
    bottle of campaign to herself.
    “And nuking an island, destroying my home and a villa are?” Lucas said, taking a sip.
    “Not my doing. Which you will probably have realized.”
    “If it wasn’t yours, then whose?”
    “One thing at a time Lucas.” She smiled. It was an unnatural sight.
    “Why did you save me? You could have let me die.” Lucas asked, before
    being interrupted by Alex, carrying food. A bowl of pasta, the chefs
    special. “No meat… I’m surprised.” Lucas said when Alex had gone.
    “Why you do you think I’m evil Lucas? Is it fear?” She said between mouthfuls.
    “You tell me. You said you could smell fear earlier.” Lucas said, helping himself to the free bread. Dinner with enemy. How unusual.
    “Yes. But… Something about you is off. You are afraid, without being
    fearful.” She said, staring into Lucas’s eyes. Her gaze was cold.
    “Because that makes perfect sense.” She chuckled, this time naturally.
    “In this world of ours, things can go from making no sense, to less than no sense, and we can still take a step backwards.”
    “That makes no sense.” Lucas turned his gaze away from hers.
    “A man of wit. Occasionally. I admit, I was impressed on our first
    meeting. Now, I have to ask.” She sipped from her glass again, eyes
    locked firmly on Lucas. “How did you escape? Since… you would have had
    to have won the duel, or you would have died, and yet the explosion
    didn’t finish you either.”
    “I shot the Assassin. Twice.” Silence. A waiter dropped something the
    other side of the room, the handful of other customers shouting at him.
    “She was always a stupid one.” Quickly the woman went back to eating, and again there was silence.

    “Emotions. In a psychopath. How unexpected.”
    “I’m not a psychopath. Some of the others are, but I am not. I was just
    raised in an environment where morals didn’t matter.” The mood had
    changed, a memorial dinner now. Lucas sighed.
    “I’m sorry.”
    “No you’re not. Don’t act like you are. I may hide behind a false image,
    but I am honest to who I am.” She snapped at him, her tranquil eyes
    filled with rage.
    “And who exactly are you?”
    “I don’t exactly have a name, and neither is this the place to tell you
    my life story. But… I go by Vannesa.” She pushed the plate to the side
    “So then Vannesa. Why am I here?” Again the mood had changed. A dinner between co-workers maybe? Lucas couldn’t quite put his finger on it.
    “Because your parents decided to have some fun.” Lucas couldn’t stop himself from laughing.
    “And you called me witty. I meant, why have we met here?” He picked up his glass of water.
    “Because in less than a week, the world will die.” The glass dropped, clattering onto the table.
    “You’re joking.” Alex looked over at the table, Lucas gestured for him to ignore it.
    “You know I’m not.” The door opened, bell ringing. Vanessa’s eyes darted
    towards it. A man, black hoodie, and hands in his pockets. Two more
    followed in behind him. “Get down Lucas…”
    “What?” Lucas asked, spinning round to look. One of the men pulled an object out of his pocket. Something clicked.

    A gun being taken off safety.

    Time slowed. Lucas ducked down, shouting for everyone else to do the
    same. Each separate shot of the Uzi’s being used seemed to space out.
    The wooden shield between booths splintered, bullets streaming through.
    Lucas reached for his pistol. Two more Uzi’s opened fire, each booth
    riddled with lead. Vanessa sprinted towards the gunmen, her movements a
    blur. A second blur burst from the ceiling body slamming into Vanessa,
    and sending her spiralling into a broken booth. A blackbody suit wearing
    faceless woman, yet another assassin. A blue crystalline blade slide
    from her wrist device. Vanessa smiled wickedly, and the skin on her left
    wrist rippled, a hooked crimson blade sliding from it.
    “Nice to see you again sis.” Vanessa said before charging, laughing like
    a madwoman. The stream of Uzi fired stopped, ammunition spent. Lucas

    Lucas rose, bringing his pistol up. He fired once, the closest gunman thrown back as the bullet struck his shoulder. One. He spun left, shooting at the furthest. He dropped to the floor like a stone. Two. The
    final gunman raised his weapon. A figure slammed into him, driving him
    into the wall with the crack of splintering ribs. It was Alex. The first
    gunman stood once again, and fired, Lucas rolling into a different

    Vanessa and the Assassin grappled. Punching, kicking, biting. Vanessa
    slashed downwards brutally, revelling in the adrenalin rush. The
    assassin slid sideways, grabbing Vanessa’s outstretched arm, and hurling
    her in a booth. She leapt after Vanessa, blade ready to thrust
    downwards. Vanessa met her in mid-air, tossing her to the ground. The
    grappled, the assassin gaining the advantage, slashing Vanessa across
    the cheek. Blood dripped from the wound, before her skin rippled,
    covering it.

    The gunner streamed lead into Lucas’s booth before stopping. He must be out. He
    rose, spinning ready to fire. The gunman fired again, Lucas howling as
    the bullets pierced his shoulder, and throwing back down. Alex’s
    opponent had him on the ropes as well, cracking his elbow down. Alex
    staggered backwards, and the gunner reached for his Uzi.

    “ALEX. CATCH.” Lucas screamed before throwing the device he’d been given
    during the night. The duel disk. Alex spun around, caught it with his
    “WHAT THE HELL?” Lucas raised his pistol and fired two shots, forcing the gunmen to duck.
    “PRESS THE BUTTON, AND DUEL.” Alex was about to question when Lucas
    pointed his pistol at him, holding back a scream. Alex slammed his hand
    down on button, and it attached to his wrist. A wave of energy fired
    out, tossing both gunmen, and Vanessa out of the ten foot duelling zone.
    It was just Alex, and an Assassin.
    “Lucas.. What the hell did you do?” Alex said, staring at the Assassin walking towards him, drawing five cards.
    “Tactical switch. Moved everyone to someone you could beat.” Vanessa
    muttered to herself, before leaping towards one of the gunmen. She leapt
    a good ten feet towards the prone gunman. I should never get on her bad side.
    He screamed before the blade founds its hold, and he fell silent again.
    She turned to face the last gunman, flicking her wrist. Droplets of
    blood splashed from her blade onto the wall. She smiled. Lucas fired, a
    clean shot, and the man fell moved no more.

    “Since it looks like I’ve got no choice faceless lady. I draw.” Alex
    shouted. Lucas let the clip from his pistol slide out, replacing it with
    his last spare. “I activate Photon Sanctuary, giving me two Photon
    Tokens.” Two orbs of light appeared next to Alex, his suit ruined by
    dust from the gunfire. “Which I then tribute to summon the one, the
    only. The mighty…” The two tokens flew into the ceiling, from which a
    portal opened. A dragon howled. Raising his hand in a highly clichéd
    manner, Alex bellowed. “GALAXY EYES-“ A gunshot interrupted him, and the
    assassin collapsed backwards. Lucas was stood directly behind her, a
    trail of smoke from the barrel of his pistol. Vanessa rushed over and
    drove her wrist blade into the device on the Assassin’s wrist.
    “Detonator linked to heartbeat. When it stops, the detonator goes boom.”
    She said, and the device sparked before all the lights died. The portal
    above Alex’s head died with it.

    “Wrist blades, super strength, and you explode, it’s like watching
    Predator.” She smiled, and the wrist blade slid back into her skin.
    “Except, I look considerably cuter than a Predator.” She stood, looking
    at the hollowed remains of the café. In one both, there was a family of
    four. They hadn’t made it. Alex was staring around the café with
    “What the hell happened here?” He said brushing his suit down.
    “Don’t worry about, they were after us, not you. You just got caught in the-“ He stopped himself. The family… “just.. go home and don’t get involved.” Vanessa laughed.
    “And that worked out well for you? He saw them, and he’s alive. They
    will hunt him down. His only hope of survival is sticking with us.“
    Lucas swore. Should have guessed.
    “Who will? You guys must be high. I mean.. come on, this is a sick joke
    ain’t it?” Alex was half laughing, half crying. He’d noticed the family
    to. Vanessa lifted up the assassins limp body.
    “This is no joke. You should be very afraid. You will be hunted down by them.” Alex laughed at her words.
    “I’ve got whatever this thing is… If it makes em duel, then I’ll just duel em.” Lucas shook his head.
    “They planted a bomb in my flat. Which is currently a burnt out wreck.
    You have to trust us here Alex.” Vanessa moved to the windows, peering
    out. A siren blared in the distance, slowly growing louder.
    “We have to move. The police would lock us away as soon as they saw us.” She said, moving towards the back of the café.
    “Why? I mean… if we just tell them what-“ Lucas started, stopped by Vanessa raising her hand. His shoulder
    “It’s not a question of us being guilty or innocent, the Police are in their service.” She gestured at the Assassin.
    “And how do you know that?” Alex shouted at her. Anger issues much.
    “It’s the Police. They are always corrupt.” She said, opening a door to
    the kitchen. Even from the other side of room, Lucas could see a pool of
    blood. Assassin must have gone through the kitchen.
    Lucas followed Vanessa, whilst Alex stayed where he was.
    “Alex… It’s a lot to take in I know. But... in the past day I’ve nearly
    been killed three times. And, whether I like to admit it or not, I would
    be dead if it wasn’t for her. So, you have to come with us if you want
    to live.” Alex looked around at the remnants of the café. The sirens
    grew louder, and the blue flash of the police cars was visible against
    the buildings. Alex followed the others. By the time the Police had
    entered the three had escaped.


    Undisclosed location. Thursday 19th July 2:30 PM

    Seven men and two women sat at a table in a dark room. All seemingly
    ordinary, and yet each of them held more power than the oppressive
    Monarchies of old. A dozen screens about the table displayed information
    from around the world, stock figures, confidential secrets, media
    broadcasts. From this one room, the world could be changed. Currently,
    the focus was on a series of CCTV broadcasts from Caliban. A broadcast
    feature three individuals escaping from a café.
    “They are alive.” Said one of the men, his voice intimidating. “This is unfortunate.”
    “It is to be expected. This Subject was always resourceful… It’s natural
    she would find competent allies.” Said another man, the German.
    “This Lucas Foreman, what do we know about him?” The third man said, the
    Englishman. Amongst this circle, names were of no importance.
    “He is unimportant. An ant who thinks himself tall.” The American, one of the two women said, flipping a coin in her hand.
    “One ant so far… but great things have small beginnings. I suggest
    elimination.” The Italian said, kissing his diamond ring. All great men
    had their own superstitions. The Russian slammed his fist onto the
    “Talk is cheap. Send operatives to crush them.” He bellowed.
    “Quite.” Stated the second woman, and everyone did as ordered. All of
    these powerful men were fearful of a twenty year girl. Her cold eyes
    stared at the figures on the screen, her mind ticking away. A minute
    passed. She pressed one of the screens, causing it to turn black. All
    the other screens did the same. “Operatives Delta and Epsilon are to
    eliminate them. They will determine if we have a potential threat. Until
    then, the plan will continue unobstructed.” She said, before standing
    and exiting. Not a single person in the room relaxed until she left.
    They all remembered the fate of the last man to provoke her rage. The
    German reached for his phone.
    “Operatives Delta and Epsilon are to intercept anomaly.” He sighed,
    years of regret heavy on his heart. “Permission to terminate granted.”
    He hung up, and left the room to. One by one, the other members of the
    group left, returning to the public eye once more. No one outside the
    room could ever know what happened within.

    pointless it may seem, as a memeber of this forum, it is only right I
    should try and improve it. And if that means trying to bring a
    relatively dead part of the the forum to life then so be it.

    So yeah, thats my quest. And I am calling to out everyone to try and help. No one is going to eat you. I think.


    "Good thing I brought my Axe Cane"

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